15 Security Tips to Stop WordPress Hackers

Do recent WordPress hacks have you worried about your site’s security? You’re not alone.

The truth is that security breaches are always going to be a concern. The ever-changing world of online security and hacking means that you can never be complacent. Protecting your site means constantly staying on top of things.

While vigilance is the best defense against security breaches, that doesn’t mean you have to be reactive. There’s no shortage of things you can do in order to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible regarding the state of your site regardless of what new threats may emerge.

To start, here are some basic security tips that every WordPress site owner needs to know.


Best Security Plugins for WordPress in 2019

WordPress security and WordPress security plugins are one of those things that some people think about only when it’s too late.

WordPress is a well-designed platform, but it’s still an online platform. That means that it’s still vulnerable to a frightening world of breaches and attacks. By the time that many WordPress site operators realize this, they’ve already become a victim to the worst of these attacks. At that point, it may be too late to do much about the problem.

That’s why you need to be aware of WordPress security plugins while you’re setting up your website. These plugins allow you to integrate valuable security options into your website. These functions not only protect your website now, but they keep your site up-to-date in the ever-evolving world of online security.

At the end of the day, any extra level of security for your WordPress site is desirable. However, when it comes to ensuring your website is as secure as possible, you’ll want to download one of the best WordPress security plugins of 2019.


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