20 Best Survey Plugins for WordPress

Survey plugins can be a great way to interact with your website’s visitors efficiently and effectively. At their best, surveys offer the kind of feedback you need to grow your website.

The problem is that surveys are rarely at their best. Too many fail to engage participants in a meaningful way. Not only do such surveys not lead to results, but they can actively hurt your website’s image.

With that in mind, we’ve chosen to highlight some of the survey plugins that are responsive, reliable, and generally proven to be more engaging. Here are 20 of our favorites:


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HubSpot offers more than most survey plugins. From forms, to live chat, to CRM features, this plugin is really all about managing how you interact with users.

Truth be told, though, this plugin really excels at surveys and other user data. Yes, Hubspot lets you collect data directly from users. However, it also lets you indirectly collect similar data through user interaction statistics. It’s an all-in-one way to learn more about your site visitors. We highly recommend it as a general solution.

Survey Anyplace

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Generally speaking, survey plugins are about collecting data. As such, they can tend to be a little dry. That can be a real problem if you’re trying to encourage people to actually participate in surveys.

That’s where Survey Anyplace can help. This brilliant tool helps you create elaborate surveys that utilize various forms of questions. It can even help you manage what kinds of questions you ask in order to maximize your participants’ time. It is certainly possible to get useful data from this plugin, but that’s not where it stands out. It actually makes surveys fun.

Gravity Forms

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It’s true that surveys can be relatively simple. That’s why most survey plugins are also pretty simple. However, there are times when you need something more from your survey forms. For those times, you may need Gravity Forms.

Simply put, this is one of the most advanced form creators you’ll ever find. Granted, that also means that it’s a little more complicated to use. Still, even inexperienced creators should be able to navigate it. In any case, the brilliant, useful, and visually creative surveys you can make with this plugin more than make up for any learning curves.


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As one of the most popular survey plugins, you probably knew that WPForms would be featured on this list. Some things really are just that good.

WPForms stands out thanks to its combination of usability and features. This plugin walks you through even the most advanced survey creation processes. It’s one of the best ways to add a little personality to even “dry surveys.” It even grants you access to real-time polls and some incredible result breakdown sheets. It’s hard to go wrong with this plugin.

Formidable Forms

survey plugins

Formidable Forms is another one of those survey plugins that offers more than you may think. Actually, this plugin lets you do things like optimize your directories and spice up your contact forms.

Yet, the surveys really are the star of the show. Formidable Forms shines in that respect thanks to a drag-and-drop survey builder. That simple interface makes it easier than ever to create incredible surveys that are as informative as they are visually appealing. Despite its simple interface, Formidable Forms lets you create complex forms that feature things like branching paths. Needless to say, this one comes highly recommended.


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Like Formidable Forms, Forminator allows you to create surveys via a drag-and-drop interface. That means that anyone can create incredible surveys that look exactly like they want it to look.

Forminator is also one of the best looking survey plugins out there. Whatever your choices, the final results are striking, useful,and easy to navigate. That doesn’t mean you can’t collect a great deal of data, but the surveys won’t look like they were designed simply for data collection. That means that Forminator is also great to use for “fun” surveys that feel less corporate and structured.


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We’re pretty sure that you’ve heard of SurveyMonkey if you’ve spent any time looking for survey plugins. SurveyMonkey is seen as one of the most professional and well-rounded survey options out there.

We’re not going to argue against that reputation here. SurveyMonkey is simply one of the most well-rounded plugins regardless of category. “Professionalism” really is the keyword here. SurveyMonkey is a nearly unrivaled option for those who want the most complete data possible from their surveys. Survey creation is easy and results in good looking forms, but it’s the data collection and analysis that earns this tool its legacy.


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The point of most survey plugins is to create surveys and hope that people answer them. It’s a seemingly simple process that can be undone by one key factor. What if the answers aren’t enough?

Hotjar offers an important workaround to that potential problem. Hotjar doesn’t stop at analyzing answers. It also analyzes how people interact with your surveys and your website. While Hojar’s forms are some of the most helpful that we’ve ever seen, it’s truly rare that one of these plugins doesn’t entirely rely on user participation. Then again, Hotjar is a plugin of truly rare quality.

Social Polls by Opinion Stage

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What do you think of when you think of surveys? Forms willed with simple questions that prompt simpler answers? If so, then Social Polls may just help change your perceptions.

Social Polls stands out from other survey plugins through the options it offers. Yes, you can use it to create simple forms. However, you can also use it to create a variety of beautiful polls and other kinds of data collection survey options. These are the kinds of surveys that look like they were created independently by a team of professionals. However, they’re really your own creations.

Ninja Forms

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Ninja Forms is somewhat odd compared to other survey plugins. On the surface, it looks like another easy drag-and-drop survey builder. However, Ninja Forms actually requires a little more finesse and experimentation to use properly.

Is that extra effort worth it? We’d argue it is. Ninja Forms lets you create deep surveys that will still be incredibly easy for users to navigate. It’s especially good at letting you make multi-page forms that feature data collection options. Ninja Forms takes a little time to figure out, but we think you’ll be happy with the results.


Many survey plugins rely on either sending users surveys or asking them to voluntarily take one. It’s a fine system, but sometimes, it’s a little too dependent on factors outside of your control.

GetSiteControl offers some interesting alternatives to that concept. For instance, it lets you trigger a survey when a user has spent enough time on a page. That’s just one example of how GetSiteControl rethinks the traditional nature of survey engagement. That also happens to make it a fantastic option for those who don’t want to just throw surveys out and hope for the best.

Modal Survey

Modal Survey certainly offers what many other survey plugins offer, but its ace in the hole is actually in the results section. Specifically, Modal Survey offers some of the best results when it comes to user quizzes.

Yes, quizzes. Modal Survey is one of the best plugins when it comes to offering quizzes. Much like traditional surveys, these quizzes can help you better understand user actions and desires. However, these quizzes can also help your users better understand what they want from you. It can even help recommend products and other content based on what users choose in the quizzes.


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We’ve mentioned some other survey plugins that offer incredible looking surveys. Yet, there are few options in this category that offer quite as much as Typeform can in terms of style.

Thanks largely to its template creation designations and multimedia support, Typeform’s surveys go above and beyond in the style department. While that’s nice from a visual standpoint, that style is even better in terms of user engagement. People are just more willing to fill out better looking surveys. On top of that, these surveys will help your site feel, look, and perform more professional than you think your budget may allow for.

Quiz and Survey Master

When you’re talking about Quiz and Survey Master, you’re really talking about features. In terms of features, this offers more than most other survey plugins ever could.

One of the best of those features is certainly the ability to add hints to questions. Hints can help guide participants along and help you push them for more informative answers. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lead their responses, but it can help make your answers much more clear. The downside is that accessing that (and other advanced features) does require you to navigate a more complicated creation process. Still, it’s really not that hard.

Google Forms

It feels a little strange to recommend Google Forms on a list of the best survey plugins. Why? Well, it’s not even really a survey plugin. It’s an outside tool that you can embed into your site.

So why do we recommend it? Well, it’s one of the easiest to use survey creators and analyzers for both users and creators. Despite being simple in that respect, Google Forms still offers all of the information you could ever need. Because it’s made by Google, it’s also reliable and offers complete results. This is just a great overall option for those who want something unintrusive.

Responsive Poll

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Not every survey needs to offer incredibly deep options. There are times when you just want to get a quick poll out there for some instant feedback. Are there survey plugins out there that can help you with that?

Yes, actually, and that’s what Responsive Poll is all about. It’s a survey plugin that offers quick hit surveys that come in a variety of forms. These quick polls can not only be completed easily, but they offer detailed information on relatively simple subjects. Granted, that doesn’t make it ideal for some assignments, but it works well for brief polls.

Form Maker

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As you might be able to tell from the name, Form Maker isn’t necessarily loaded with thrills and frills. Actually, it’s pretty basic compared to other survey plugins out there.

That’s kind of why we love it, though. Form Maker lets you create nearly any kind of basic survey you can think of. It even lets you do that via a drag-and-drop interface. That means that the sometimes complicated process of making deeper surveys is boiled down to its purest form. We don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for, but if it is, then this is what you need.

YOP Poll

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Polls are typically the easiest kinds of surveys to create and complete. Yet, there are many survey plugins that don’t necessarily emphasize them quite as they should.

YOP Poll makes up for that relative lack of options. This plugin lets you create basic polls you can monitor in real-time via your dashboard. While you can certainly use this for information gathering, we actually like it as an entertainment tool. Such polls updated regularly can give your users something to interact with and give you a better way to measure true engagement.


Surveys can be used for many purposes, but one of the most common involves wanting to improve the services that you offer. If that’s your goal, then you should really take a look at Diker.

Diker is a lightweight plugin that adds simple survey functionality to your website. It focuses on everything that you’d ever need in order to create basic surveys which people are encouraged to interact with. Because this plugin doesn’t demand many resources, we recommend it to anyone who wants to occasionally use surveys without going too far.

Reputation Management

It’s a simple fact of the modern age that the reputation of your site, service, or business is not limited to your own materials. People will go elsewhere if they want to leave feedback regarding your service.

Reputation Management embraces that idea. It basically helps send your users to third-party review sites in order to encourage them to leave a review and help them to do it. That makes this one of the best ways to encourage engagement with sites that are typically out of your control. If you rely on such sites, then we highly recommend checking this out.

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