The Best Payment Plugins for WordPress

Despite their similar appearances, not all payment plugins are made equally.

From advanced features to enhanced security, the best payment plugins find a way to distinguish themselves. If you’re serious about making money online, you’ll come to rely on these incredible tools.

So if you’re tired of wasting your time on anything less than the best, here’s what you need to know about the greatest payment plugins:

What Are Payment Plugins?

Payment plugins are really just an extension of the idea of payment gateways.

Payment gateways are pretty much what they sound like. They open a way for you to accept digital payments via your website. They’re a vital resource for anyone who wants to accept user payments via their website. Gateways are strictly necessary for online stores that want to directly accept payments for goods.

However, many sites will take advantage of payment gateways. Even if your site isn’t based around selling something, you may find cause to charge people for something. For instance, you might implement subscription fees or eventually create merchandise.

As such, it’s recommended that pretty much every website looks into utilizing some kind of payment gateway. One of the best ways to create payment gateways is to utilize payment plugins. That brings us to an important distinction.

Are Payment Plugins Necessary?

The technical answer to this question is “no.”

It’s possible to create a custom payment gateway. There are a variety of ways to do so, but it basically comes down to coding. You’re going to have to create a custom code that allows you to accept payments from a variety of sources.

This is why most websites will ultimately turn to payment plugins. Payment plugins allow you to easily create a payment gateway for just about any website. By downloading them and installing them, you can easily start accepting payments within hours. They’re versatile, easy, and practical enough to accommodate a variety of needs.

If you have the resources to do so, you may wish to create your own payment gateway. That gives you the most control possible over your payment program. The vast majority of website owners will get everything they need via plugins.

What Payment Methods to Payment Plugins Accept?

The simplest answer to this question is “all of them.” However, the technical answer is a little more complicated than that.

Most payment plugins are based on an existing payment service. The most common of these payment methods are PayPal, Stripe, and Square. Each of these services comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. For instance, Stripe has become especially popular due to its ease of and limited restrictions.
That means that you’re going to end up having a preference based on your needs. However, it’s important to remember that the general idea is that nearly all of these payment methods eventually allow you to accept a variety of payment types.

We won’t say it’s hard to go wrong with payment plugins, as you certainly can. However, by experimenting with these recommended methods, you should find the one that works well for you.

The Best Payment Plugins

Stripe Payments

payment plugins

In terms of payment plugins, it really doesn’t get much simpler than this.

Stripe Payments adds a simple stripe-based payment system to your website. In its easiest form, Stripe Payments adds a way for users to insert credit card payment fields onto your website. However, a little more work allows you to explore such features as 1-click payments and “Remember Me” options.

As a free option, Stripe Payments will never be enough for larger line stores. What it is, though, is one of our favorite options for anyone who wants a simple payment feature added to their site for basic purposes.


We’ve actually talked about WPForms when discussing the best survey plugins. However, what you may not know is that WPForms offers some basic payment solutions.

“Basic” is the word we want to emphasize here. This is not the payment plugin you want to use if you plan on processing many transactions on a daily basis. However, the fact that this basic payment program is included as part of a more expansive set of features is really the bigger selling point.

If the full range of WPForms features appeals to you and you also need payment options, then WPForms is there to help.

WP Simple Pay Pro

payment plugins

As you can tell by the name, WP Simple Pay Pro is another one of those simple payment plugins. What makes this one stand out, though, is exactly how simple it is.

WP Simple Pay Pro is so simple that it doesn’t even require you to set-up a shopping cart. Instead, payments can be processed directly on a webpage. With the help of the Stripe system, it makes it possible for users to complete basic transactions with the touch of a button. It also makes it possible to set-up basic transaction features such as donation buttons. If you want, you can even create custom payment forms.

This plugin’s ease-of-use and surprisingly versatile functionality make it a beloved favorite among many different users.


payment plugins

Here, we look at one of our first payment plugins for those with more substantial needs. Actually, it’s more of an overhaul for WordPress designed to work wth a variety of plugins.

WooCommerce is a complete online payment solution. It allows you to create nearly any kind of payment system from what’s essentially digital scratch. Along with payment gateway creations, it lets you create entire online stores complete with digital inventory.

As you might imagine, the downside of this option is that WooCommerce is a much more complicated program to navigate and properly install. Considering all of the things it can let you do, though, it’s absolutely worth the effort for those in need.


payment plugins

MemberPress offers one of the most unique payment plugin solutions that you’ll find on the digital market.

MemberPress is actually a membership plugin. It allows you to easily invite users to join whatever membership service you may create. It also lets you accept payments for any fees associated with those memberships.

Granted, that does kind of limit the functionality of this service in relation to other payment plugins. Yet, there are many site owners out there who only want to accept payments for memberships. If that’s the case, then you really don’t need to look any further than this.

Easy Digital Downloads

payment plugins

Easy Digital Downloads offers a somewhat unique package in terms of payment plugins. It’s been described as a simpler version of WooCommerce. We’d have to agree with that assessment.

Easy Digital Downloads lets you build a fairly expansive online store with a variety of features. At the end of the day, it’s not nearly as expansive as WooCommerce in terms of features. The trade-off is that it’s much easier to install.

While this plugin’s best features are locked behind a paywall, we love its combination of accessibility and functionality. Check it out if you’ve got a small store that you’re looking to grow.

WP Fluent Forms

payment plugins

Much like WPForms, WP Fluent Forms offers the ability to create forms. It also offers the ability to accept payments much like more traditional payment plugins.

What separates WP Fluent Forms is the extent of its core functionality. WP Fluent Forms makes it easy to create just about any kind of online form you could imagine. That certainly includes payment forms. In fact, this plugin lets you create some of the best payment forms we’ve ever seen while also accepting payments.

WP Fluent Forms is sure to be a hit with anyone who typically accepts limited types of payments and wants those screens to look as good as possible.

PayPal Buy Now Button

payment plugins

Truth be told, PayPal Buy Now Buttons perhaps shouldn’t be classified as traditional payment plugins. However, they’re too interesting of a solution not to highlight.

PayPal Buy Now Buttons can be inserted just about anywhere on a website. They allow users to click a button and immediately pay for a transaction. These will be valued by anyone utilizing a small stock or limited services because they make paying for such inventory incredibly easy.

If accessibility and speed matter most to your payment solutions, then PayPal Buy Now Buttons should offer just about everything that you’re looking for.

Mollie Payments

payment plugins

Mollie Payments is one of the most underrated payment plugins that we’ve come across yet.

What Mollie Payments lets you do is insert your preferred payment methods pretty much however you’d like. In fact, you can even rely on its pre-made templates in order to set-up professional looking checkout pages in record time. Mollie even offers detailed analytics and enhanced security features for whatever payment options you emphasize.

Again, using Mollie Payments to its fullest extent does demand a little more effort. Even still, it offers more features than most services for comparatively little trouble.

PayPal Pro

Truth be told, a wealth of other payment plugins have created competition for PayPal. Some say that PayPal is even one of the least developed options on the modern market.

Yet, PayPal offers features that many other services just can’t match. The most important of said features is accessibility. PayPal is a versatile service that connects to multiple types of payment methods with relative ease. Many people have access to a PayPal account, and setting up such an account takes almost no time at all.

The fact that PayPal requires users to utilize a third-party service directly is one of its biggest downsides. Still, there are good reasons why it’s often still thought of as an industry standard.


One of the most fascinating elements of Braintree isn’t how you accept payments. Instead, it’s how you make payments to Braintree.

Braintree makes it easy to accept payment methods from nearly any payment source. What makes it a bit different from other plugins in those regards is that Braintree doesn’t charge you any set-up fees. Instead, it takes a percentage of your transactions after they occur.

Is that better? That really depends. The service works incredibly well and the fees are relatively minor. If you feel like your average transactions justify the percentages, then you’re going to love what you get from this plugin.


We’ve heard some describe PayKun as one of the best overall plugins for WordPress payments. We’re certainly inclined to agree.

The first thing you need to know is that PayKun is really an extension of WooCommerce. As such, you’ll need to navigate that program and any associated fees in order to properly utilize this service. The good news is that doing so rewards you with one of the most accessible and deep payment plugins in the world.

From advanced metrics to specific refund options, PayKun is about as good as it gets for those who demand the most options possible.


Square is another extension of the WooCommerce plugin. It’s also one of the payment services you’re probably most familiar with in the modern age.

That’s because Square has become an incredibly popular mobile payment option. Many small stores utilize the service. Square also offers a pretty compelling WordPress payment alternative. For a modes fee, Square lets you process basic payments in an easy-to-use platform.

Granted, we’re still not convinced that Square is the best of the WordPress payment solutions. However, it’s absolutely something you need to know about if you’re looking for something that’s easy-to-use, popular, and generously priced.

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