Best Video Themes For WordPress in 2020

Video themes exist to counter the culture of YouTube and other popular alternatives. They are there to give you a platform where the videos (and rules) are your own. For some, that’s a tremendous incentive for total freedom.

Of course, that means the process of setting up your own video website can be intimidating. Fortunately for all of us, some of the best video themes out there not only make the process easier but show you why all of your effort is worth your while.

Here are the best WordPress video themes for 2020.


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When it comes to video themes, you sometimes just want something that makes sense. By that, we mean that people should be able to look at the theme and have an idea of how to navigate it.

That’s one of the things we like best about VideoNow. With its excellent category-based design, VideoNow allows you to easily separate content and show people what’s available. The fact this theme is reliable and fast is really just a bonus.

This is a fantastic theme for beginners and anyone who wants to keep it simple, but it’s deep enough to scale with your growth.


Video Themes

Most video themes should be able to host large backlogs of videos. However, there’s something special about a video theme that excels at putting new content front-and-center.

FastVideo is a great example of that concept. This theme’s wonderful header and excellent front-page design options means that it’s great at ensuring that time-sensitive content enjoys prioritization. By that, we mean that this theme is great when it comes to allowing you to build a front page of videos.

If you’re constantly keeping up with new video content, FastVideo will offer you what you need to stay topical.


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Mobile-friendliness and response time are vital qualities for video themes. With so much video content on your site, you need to ensure that it is fast and usable on just about any device.

That’s what you geith with VideoHost. This theme’s strong coding foundation means that it runs well regardless of how much content you upload. Even better, its compact design means even small screen users will be able to see everything with few to no sacrifices.

If your eyes are on the mobile market, you’ll find a lot to love about VideoHost and how versatile it is.


Video Themes

Video sites can be lucrative, but it’s only the best video themes that let you truly capitalize on that potential. If you’re not using them, then you’re potentially missing out on quite a bit of money.

With its full WooCommerce support options, VideoCloud automatically stands out as one of the most potentially lucrative themes on the market. Its potential in that respect is only amplified by its incredible response time when greatly improves the user experience.

Those who want to grow their monetized video site will certainly want to check out VidoeCloud


video themes
Photo: mhthemes.com

Having a wealth of video content is great, but the best video themes are sometimes about more than that. Sometimes, for instance, you want to prominently display your videos.

For times like those, you need Vlog. Vlog is great for vloggers because it emphasizes your latest content and displays it beautifully. Every video on the front page is given a place of prominence, and they all run smoothly.

This is a fantastic option for anyone who plans on regularly uploading time-sensitive material.


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Are you searching for the best video themes but don’t know what your site will ultimately look like? You might want to look at something like VideoBox.

The big advantage of VideoBox is its versatility. This is a multi-purpose video theme that accommodates a variety of design options. That means that you can really turn it into whatever you need it to be as you understand what you want out of it.

VideoBox offers a wealth of features that any video site will love as well as enough design options to fit any needs and wants.


Photo: WPion.com

Video news is quickly becoming an increasingly popular style of content. The problem is that there are few video themes out there that can truly accomodate the needs of such a demanding style of content.

PenNews is uniquely capable of handling such demands. Its wonderful layout displays all your latest posts with ease while a strong coding infrastructure keeps everything running smoothly. This theme is surprisingly light to load and just feels great to use and view.

When it comes to pure video magazine themes, there are just few better options than PenNews


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Photo: Envato.com

Video themes are incredible, but they sometimes require a bit of a commitment. What happens when you just want a great theme that also supports videos?

That’s about what Videoly offers. While its emphasis is still video, its wealth of custom design options means you can get as much out of its design as you put in. That’s great news for anyone who wants to build a site that’s about more than just video hosting.

Videoly’s beautiful design options help separate it from a legion of video themes that end up looking too similar.


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Hey, we hear you. You want one of the best video themes, but you don’t want to have to build a complicated site just to have something professional looking. For you, we can easily recommend VidoRev.

It’s nice that VidoRev is easy to use, but that wouldn’t matter if it wasn’t also stylish and solidly design. Thankfully, VideoRev checks those boxes while offering design layout options that let you easily manage content with little effort required.

Everything about VidoRev emphasizes the user experience for both the site builder and your viewers.

Reel Story

Photo: creativemarket.com

You don’t see quite as many video themes that emphasize portfolio possibilities. Many themes are more about spreading content across your site rather than emphasizing the creator.

Even if there was more video portfolio options out there, Reel Story would likely still feel like one of the best. If you’re someone who uploads their own videos and needs a site to build their brand, you’re going to love the design of this site and how it allows you to put your work and yourself at the forefront.

Reel Story is as good as it gets in terms of personality-driven video content. Check it out.


Photo: wordpress.org

Are you a blogger who relies on videos to keep up with breaking news? Are you looking for video themes that can keep up with the pace of constant content? VideoStories may have everything that you’re looking for.

VideoStories is a responsive, SEO-friendly way to publish video content on a daily basis without being overwhelmed by technical demands. Everything looks clean, runs fast, and you can even build fantastic profile pages for your contributors.

This is a modern looking online magazine option that grows as you demand more from it.


Photo: pinterest.com

We end our look at some of the best video themes with one of the most stylish and versatile options out there for online magazine operators.

The words that come to mind when we think of Vipress are style and options. From headers and sliders to thumbnail generators, Vipress offers a simply remarkable number of ways to make your video publication your own. Even better, it manages to be fast, secure, and reliable despite all the options it makes available to you.

Vipress is just about as good as it gets when it comes to that combination of functionality and personality.

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