Starter Tutorial

1. Logo – Appearance->Customize->Theme Settings->Logo

2. Top Menu – Appearance->Menus and Primary Menu location

3. Newsletter – Appearance->Widgets->Header Newsletter and >>Newsletter widget

4. Featured Posts – Appearance->Customize->Theme Settings->Display featured content on homepage

how to add featured post:

featured post

5. Coupons – Appearance->Customize->Theme Settings->Display featured coupons on homepage

how to enable coupons – Appearance->Install Plugins and please install and activate HappyThemes Coupons plugin

how to configure coupon (featured, coupon code, url) – wp dashboard->Coupons->Add new/Edit and Coupon Settings section:

coupon settings

6. Sidebar – Appearance->Widgets->Sidebar

7. Blog Posts – Appearance->Customize->Theme Settings->Recent posts section heading / Number of words to show on excerpt

how to change the number of posts – wp dashboard->Settings->Reading->Blog pages show at most

8. Footer Widgets – Appearance->Widgets->Footer Column 1/2/3/4

how to enable/disable footer – Appearance->Customize->Theme Settings->Display footer widgets

9. Copyright section – Appearance->Custmize->Theme Settings->Customize Site Footer Text/Link

10. Footer Menu – Appearance->Menus and Footer Menu Location

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