ForProfit Pro

1. Header – Appearance->Customize->Theme Options->Header->Enable sticky header

2. Logo – Appearance->Customize->Site Identity->Logo (or Retina Logo)

3. Social Menu – Appearance->Customize->Menus->Main

4. Search Form – Appearance->Customize->Theme Options->Header->Enable search button

5. Homepage Container Layout – Appearance->Customize->Theme Options->General->Container

6. Homepage Panel – Appearance->Customize->Theme Options->Featured

7. Subscribe Box – Appearance->Customize->Theme Options->Callout

(Note:  Mailchimp does not support form import, but can be created by: https://www.mc4wp.com/kb/create-mailchimp-sign-up-form/)

8. Content (Blog) Layout – Appearance->Customize->Theme Options->Blog Layout

9. Sidebar – Appearance->Customize->Widgets->Primary Sidebar

10. Sticky Sidebar – Appearance->Customize->Theme Options->General->Enable sticky sidebar

11. Content (Blog) Pagination – Appearance->Customize->Theme Options->General->Pagination Type

12. Footer Widgets – Appearance->Customize->Widgets->Footer 1/2/3

13. Copyright section – Appearance->Customize->Theme Options->Footer->Footer Text

14. Footer Right Content – Appearance->Customize->Theme Options->Footer->Footer Right Content

15. Footer Menu – Appearance->Customize->Menus->Footer


Additional Features:

Homepage Layout – Appearance->Customize->Homepage Settings

Color Customization – Appearance->Customize->Theme Design->Colors

Heading, Body Fonts – Appearance->Customize->Theme Design->Fonts

Content Layout – Appearance->Customize->Theme Options->Pages or Post

Background Color or Image – Appearance->Customize->Theme Design->Background

Theme is fully compatible with Gutenberg Block Editor and WordPress 5.0+

NOTE:  In the one theme import, WordPress default widgets may appear in sidebar or footer content, which may interfere with the migrated content.

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