am demo

1. Left & Right Quote – Appearance->Customize->Theme Settings->Site Header Style and Center logo with qoutes

– Left qoute image
– Left quote header
– Left quote text
– Right qoute image
– Right quote header
– Right quote text

2. Logo – Appearance->Customize->Theme Settings->Logo

3. Social Icons – Appearance->Customize->Theme Settings->Display social icons on site header

4. Primary Menu – Appearance->Menus and Primary Menu location

5. Secondary Menu – Appearance->Menus and Secondary Menu location

6. Featured Slider – how to add featured post:

featured post

7. Home Content – Appearance->Widgets->Homepage and Home Top Section widget

home top section

8. Home Content – Appearance->Widgets->Homepage and Home 3 Columns widget

home 3 columns

9. Home Content – Appearance->Widgets->Homepage and Home Carousel widget

home carousel

10. Home Content – Appearance->Widgets->Homepage and Home 2 Columns widget

home 2 columns

11. Home Content – Appearance->Widgets->Homepage and Home 4 Columns widget

home 4 columns

12. Footer Menu – Appearance->Menus and Footer Menu location

13. Footer Widgets – Appearance->Widgets->Footer Column 1/2/3/4

how to enable/disable footer – Appearance->Customize->Theme Settings->Display footer widgets

footer style – Appearance->Customize->Theme Settings->Site Footer Style

14. Copyright section – Appearance->Custmize->Theme Settings->Customize Site Footer Text/Link


Additional Features:

theme color (headlines, links, titles, hover) – Appearance->Customize->Theme Settings->Theme Primary Color

main menu background – Appearance->Customize->Theme Settings->Primary Nav Bar Color

font style – Appearance->Customize->Theme Settings->Body Font and Heading Font

how to configure blog page/all posts – wp dashboard->Pages, please create a new page and select All Posts template (Page Attributes->Template)

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