Latest Download Speed Tests

In order to bring you the most responsive themes as we have consistently claimed, we are now conducting speed tests to ensure that all our newly-released themes are optimized sufficiently in terms of SEO as well as minimizing the angst of your users.   In an age where the bandwidth of the internet increases (especially in these times where many are isolated in their homes), it is critical to optimize your sites for speed.   Please note that there are two other factors that could affect your site’s speed:  your host server and the plug-ins that you are using with your themes.  We use WPX hosting and we are very happy with the speed along with the support that they provide.  Their always available on-line chat with a live customer support representative is critical and problems are usually resolved within minutes.  Here is our site’s latest speed test:


Big Changes to HappyThemes

Happy 2018! We’re glad to announce some big changes to HappyThemes: From now on we’re providing FREE versions for all our current and upcoming premium WordPress themes. You can use our free WordPress themes without any cost, or upgrade to our premium versions for more awesome features.

What happened to our existing customers?

No changes. Paid customers can always access the Pro & Free themes from our member area. We have 17 WordPress themes before we published this post and we renamed all these themes to Pro Versions without feature changes. We reduced a few features from the Pro themes and make them as Free Versions. So there is actually nothing changed for existing customers, you don’t need to re-download or re-install your existing themes.

Why we provide free versions?

Because we want to attract more users try our themes. Free themes are good for beginners who only want a simple theme or those who want to test our theme’s quality before they pay for the Pro versions. However, only the Pro versions come with all great features and our professional theme support. So we recommend to everyone that if you like our themes, just join us at a very affordable price.

If you still have any questions regarding our site changes, feel free to contact us.


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