WordPress Table Plugins Recommendations

WordPress Table Plugins

WordPress is created with visual editor features that make it easy for its users to create ideal content. Unfortunately, on previous versions before Gutenberg, which is the most current version, WordPress is not equipped with a feature to create tables. So, users need to rely on WordPress table plugins as a solution for those who do not have HTML skills. There are endless options of table plugins that you can use to meet your standard quality.

Though the newest version has a table making feature, you cannot do much customization. For example, adjusting the column size, adding an image, or other more complex inputs. Therefore, you can use these recommended WordPress table plugins to create the most ideal content for your WordPress blog.


TablePress is a popular, responsive WordPress table plugin. More than 800,000 WordPress users have installed this table plugin. It is easy and simple to use, though you are not an expert in making HTMLs. TablePress is free. Moreover, you can also add several extensions to support better performance. This table plugin supports all kinds of file formats, including Excel, HTML, CSV, and JSON. These followings are the features of TablePress:

  • It makes it easier to input data in various file formats simultaneously without having to input them one by one.
  • It supports the use of basic mathematical formulas in each of its tables, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and so on.
  • You can add a variety of extensions, both free and paid extensions for better facilities. For example, extensions for data sort, filtering, and others.

Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables is not any less powerful than the previous option. This WordPress table plugin comes in both free and premium versions. The premium versions offer more advanced features and 3 different services.

These 3 services are Single License that costs $49, Agency License for $99, and Unlimited Agency License for $399. By accessing the premium services, you will get features of front-end table editing, drag and drop, various table colour options, being integrated into WooCommerce, connection to Google Sheets, filtering, advanced sort options, and so much more.

But the free version of Ninja Table is more than enough to create a perfect table. You can already adjust the table size, change the line shape of each column, use the sorting feature, and input various colours. These are the features of Ninja Table:

  • It has many additional tools to customize tables, making them look more attractive.
  • It can directly connect to Google Sheets.
  • You can sort each table with the drag-and-drop feature.
  • It supports import and export data in JSON and CSV formats.
  • You can complete your tale with photos and videos.
  • It is ideal for online businesses since it has been integrated into WooCommerce.

WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder is the next responsive WordPress table plugin you can try. Just like Ninja Table, this table plugin also has drag-and-drop features so that you can create tables more dynamically. You can use it to make a product comparison table, price table, table of content, and so on. WP Table Builder is also equipped with some elements that you can customize as you wish, such as text settings, photo settings, button links, and colour components.

It also has some other complex features like Header Background, Cell Padding, Border Colour, Table Border, Even/Odd Row Background, and others. Here are the features equipped in WP Table Builder:

  • Easily creating a table with the drag and drop feature.
  • You can freely change the font, size, and colour text.
  • You can add photos with various positions as well as add links on photos.
  • You can add button links in your selected colour.

Easy Table

As the name implies, this WordPress table plugin is definitely easy to use. You do not need to have special HTML skills to create an ideal table for your WordPress blog. Easy Table allows you to import and export data in the CSV format. So that you can manually create it on WordPress or upload it from Excel. What makes Easy Table different from other table plugins is that it does not provide any additional extensions or premium services.

But all features equipped in this table plugin can already help you to make a perfect table. You can do standard customization on each table, such as changing background colours, border settings, line settings, and others. The features of Easy Table are:

  • It can insert tables on all forms of WordPress pages and widgets.
  • It can import and export data in the form of CSV.
  • Free table display settings both from the selection of line types, column colours, background colours, and so on.

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

The next recommended WordPress table plugin is Data Tables Generator by Supsystic. It is an ideal plugin to create and manage tables with impressive results. You can add a variety of designs, graphics, and diagrams as you wish in order to make an appealing table. Similar to TablePress, this table plugin also offers both free and premium versions that you can upgrade at any time. Various ideal extension options are also available for business websites.

For instance, adding unlimited numbers of columns, creating a large table, format data, and merging cells. Below are the features equipped in Data Tables Generator:

  • It has been integrated into WooCommerce and other various Supsystic plugins in order to create more complex tables.
  • Data Tables Generator supports visual graphic additions such as pie charts and bar charts.
  • It can make unlimited numbers of columns and tables.
  • Various customizations are available like filtering, colour additions, pagination, and many others.
  • It supports export and import data in Excel, PDF, and CSV file formats.
  • It simplifies the calculation process with basic mathematical formulas such as addition, multiplication, and division.

Those are some recommended table plugins for WordPress. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks, but they are all reliable plugins to create tables. They all have the standard features to create ideal ones. So, which WordPress table plugin do you want to use?

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