15 Best WordPress SEO Plugins For Your Website

If you’re starting a new WordPress website, you need to immediately download some SEO plugins.

You should never navigate the SEO wild alone, and the best WordPress plugins can help you optimize your site with minimum efforts. There was a time when these plugins were simply a convenience, but the complicated world of modern SEO rules makes them a necessity. Simply put, you’re not serious about growing your website unless you’re using some of these tools.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress SEO plugins of 2019.


wordpress seo plugins
Photo: ahrefs.com

On the surface, Ahrefs is another “do-it-all” SEO plugin lost in a sea of do-it-all SEO plugins. However, this plugin actually separates itself via a few fascinating features.

Somewhere at the top of Ahrefs’ feature list is how it handles backlinks. Ahrefs can generate a detailed report on backlinks so you better understand who you’re linking to and who is linking to you. This information is invaluable when it comes to spreading out your links and utilizing any outlet which regularly features your links.

Ahrefs is a great overall SEO option (especially for keyword management) but its hyperlink capabilities truly set it apart.

All in One SEO Pack

all in one SEO
Photo: wordpress.org

Along with Yoast (which we’ll talk about a bit later), All in One SEO Pack is one of the best overall SEO management plugins available to WordPress users.

Just as the name says, this is a program that offers overall SEO monitoring options for your WordPress website. That means it will keep track of keywords, recommend ways to improve your posts, and perform other vital functions. Where this plugin distinguishes itself is via its customization options. Simply put. All in One lets you tweak nearly every aspect of its functionality.

There’s a strong debate to be had regarding the best SEO tool in this class, but for deep-dive perfectionists, this is certainly one of the best.

Broken Link Checker

wordpress seo plugins
Photo: wordpress.org

While some of the SEO plugins on this list offer sweeping benefits that offer all-in-one solutions, others do specific things very well. Broken Link Checker is one of the latter.

As you may have already guessed, Broken Link checker is a plugin that lets you check for broken links on your website. Such links are not only annoying for your site’s users, but they can gut your SEO viability over time. Broken Link Checker helps you quickly identify broken links and manage them appropriately.

This is just one of those free SEO plug-ins that you should have available for when you need it.

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

wordpress seo plugins
Photo: monsterinsights.com

When you say “search engine optimization,” you might as well be saying “Google optimization.” It’s why we’re going to look as several plugins designed around the world’s most popular website and technological platform.

That looks starts with this Google Analytics tool. Simply put, this plugin allows you to install an analytics tool directly into your website. This makes it easier than ever to understand how your content is performing and how users on your site are behaving. That information allows you to form a more effective upgrade and content strategy.

This is a plugin for anyone who is serious about using top-tier analytics to grow their WordPress website.

Google Keyword Planner

wordpress seo plugins
Photo: gretathemes.com

This shouldn’t surprise you, but Google offers one of the absolute best WordPress plugins in the world for people looking to monetize their websites.

At its most basic level, Keyword Planner lets you see how your keywords are performing and provides information that helps you choose better keywords. However, it truly shines as an advertising tool. That’s because this plugin can help you connect with advertisers in order to more effectively sell relationship opportunities based on previous performances.

If you want to better understand how keywords become cash, this is the plugin for you.

Google Search Console

wordpress SEO plugins
Photo: zendesk.com

Here’s another SEO plugin offered by Google that you absolutely need to have for your website.

Google Search Console allows you to easily see your current Google rankings. More importantly, it helps you understand why your content is ranking well or not ranking well. With this information – and a suite of tools – its easier than ever to boost well-performing content and rescuing struggling posts.

Properly utilizing this plugin can be somewhat complicated, but it’s worth learning the intricacies of the system in order to maximize its potential.

Google XML Sitemaps

wordpress SEO plugins
Photo: wordpress.org

There’s a good chance that your website is a mess. While it may look clean to you and your visitors, have you ever considered how it looks to a search engine algorithm?

Google XML essentially helps you tidy up your website for when search engines come for a visit. When you first install it, the plugin helps you organize your website so that it can be better indexed by Google and other search engines. More importantly, this plugin helps you to maintain an indexed website once you optimize it.

You can save yourself some trouble, though, by just installing this plugin right away and ensuring your site is well-mapped.


Wordpress SEO plugins
Photo: medium.com

Google Keyword Planner is one of the absolute best plugins for optimizing your keyword strategy. However, it’s not the only option available to you.

Actually, KeywordTool.io may be better for users in certain circumstances. It greatly simplifies the process of searching for keywords for any of your posts. This not only helps you choose the right keywords for published content, but it helps you understand what content to create based on keyword popularity.

The simplicity of this plugin’s keyword search features combined with its analytic options makes it a compelling alternative to more popular options.

Rank Math

wordpress SEO plugin
Photo: rankmath.com

Yoast may be the gold standard for all-inclusive WordPress log-ins, but some compelling competition has emerged in recent years. Few of those competitors are quite as intriguing as Rank Math.

Rank Math helps expedite the SEO process by easily importing data from other plug-ins and completely integrating itself into your website design. It simplifies some complicated concepts, but it doesn’t sacrifice many features in the process.

That combination of ease and depth of features makes this an especially appealing option for SEO newbies trying to optimize a fresh site.

Republish Old Posts

wordpress SEO plugins
Photo: plugintests.com

If you’re just letting your old posts sit on the backend of your website, you’re not managing your content properly. Consistently updating old posts is a key part of ensuring your site is properly optimized.

Basically, this plugin allows you to set macros that will automatically update the publish dates of particular previously published pieces of content. This helps ensure that content maintains its high ranking without you needing to constantly manually update it.

If you plan on designing a site with a healthy amount of evergreen content, you need this plugin.


wordpress SEO plugins
Photo: wordpress.org

Simply put, SEMRush may just be the best overall SEO plugin of its kind for those obsessed with deep diving into their sites’ analytics.

SEMRush generates detailed reports regarding just about everything on your website that relates to SEO. Whether you’re trying to find keywords or understand why your post isn’t getting a front-page ranking, SEMRush is there to tell you absolutely everything you need to know about optimization.

This is the SEO plugin you need if you plan on relying on metrics to build your website and explore true SEO options.

SEO Optimized Images

wordpress SEO plugins
Photo: kinsta.com

SEO Optimized Images has a bit of a redundant name, but when it comes to managing images on your website, it’s one of the best SEO plugins.

Basically, this plugin helps you manage your image titles and attributions in order to ensure that they are SEO optimized. That might not sound like a big deal, but you have to respect how poorly optimized images can tank a website’s rankings.

This plugin simplifies the annoying and redundant process of image text manipulation. That makes it an essential tool in any SEO kit.


wordpress seo plugins
Photo: upbuild.com

We’re cheating here a bit as this technically isn’t a WordPress SEO plugin. It’s actually an extension that you can add to most popular browsers. However, the information that this extension offers is too valuable to ignore.

SEOquake allows you to examine the basic SEO efficiency of any website. This means that it not only allows you to see how your website is performing but better understand how websites similar to your own are performing.

Any smart site admin will be able to use that information to help take steps to ensure their website steadily climbs up the rankings.

WP Review

wordpress SEO plugins
Photo: wordpress.org

Snippets are kind of the cover letters of SEO. Everyone knows what they want to say in them, but few people are sure exactly how to word them.

What WP Review does is help you publish better snippets by using reviews. This comprehensive tool not only helps users feel more engaged by allowing them to review pieces of content, but it parlays those reviews into richer snippets that will draw more attention from search engine users.

This plugin may not be applicable to all websites, but those who can take advantage of its features will find a lot to love.

Yoast SEO

wordpress seo plugins
Photo: wordpress.org

We finally arrive at what is considered to be the gold standard of SEO plugins. For quite some time WordPress users have relied on Yoast to help them optimize their content.

Competitors have come and gone, but Yoast remains one of your best SEO options. It’s constantly updated, it allows you to easily tweak all your posts, and it provides a comprehensive breakdown of how your posts will look to search engines.

Yoast SEO is probably still one of the SEO plugins that you want to download if you’re looking to learn more about how SEO affects your website while still creating content in the process.

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