7 WordPress Security Plugins To Pick

The WordPress Security plugin is a crucial thing for WordPress website owners. It protects the website from any cybercrime issues. Nowadays, there are so many plugins to pick from. You may be a bit confused to find out the best one. You have to ensure that the plugin features work effectively to lock up your website. Here, we have some tips to get the right WordPress security plugins and some worth it options you can try.

Guide To Get the Right WordPress Security Plugins

Pick Based on the Need of the Website

Speed is the issue of websites with a security plugin. The site’s speed can be decreased significantly due to the use of a security plugin. By deciding the need of the website, you can choose a plugin with the most effective features. As a result, you can keep the website running well, yet you give extra protection.

Check the Hosting Service

The next thing to consider is the hosting service. Some of them provide users with features, such as backups, updates, firewalls, and malware scans. You don’t need to use a security plugin with these features if the provider has provided them for you. It makes the features useless and even decreases the performance of the site.


Now, check the budget you have. You can get a valuable security plugin with a tight budget. It depends on how you choose it. Let say you can try to use several free or low-cost plugins to limit the budget. Applying an all-in-one premium security plugin is costly, yet you get the protection that your website needs. Investing in a good-quality plugin is another alternative. Then, you can only focus on the features your website needs the most while checking the money to invest in.

Recommended Security Plugins for WordPress Websites

Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security is on the top of the list due to its experience. WordPress website owners love to use this plugin due to its activity auditing, file monitoring, and malware scanning. The premium version offers great features to give websites extra protection. Let’s say you can only use firewall and SSL support by using the premium version. The good thing is that the free features are also worth it enough to secure your website. The provider offers two packages, which are limited and full access. You only have to spend $9.99 per month to use the limited access. Invest $199.99 per year in this product to get full access to the Sucuri platform.

Wordfence Security

WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress website owners also use Wordfence Security if they are looking for an inclusive security plugin. The features are similar to Sucuri Security, including a feature to block malicious traffic, scan malware, apply 2FA or two-factor authentication, and analyze traffic in real-time. The interesting part is that you can use these features for free. The features are also easy to use. It is a good option for website owners who need an affordable plugin. The provider offers the premium version for only $99 per year. You get better scanning, protection from spam, and other advanced features you don’t get in the free version.

MalCare Security

Other security plugins may only help you to secure the website without giving a solution after an attack. In contrast, MalCare Security offers a feature that helps you clean up the website after an attack. You can also easily do it with a single click. This feature is only for premium users. Other premium features are including firewall protection, remote malware scanning, malware removal, and white labeling, and client reports. How about if you want to know the performance of this plugin first? Use the free version. It has a good basic scanning feature. You can upgrade it into the premium version by only spending $99 per year.

iThemes Security

iTheme Security is also one of the trusted WordPress security plugins. It has a variety of powerful features, including a feature to prevent brute force attacks, scan malware, detect 404 errors, and enforce strong passwords. The premium version even offers stronger protection features, such as two-factor authentication, malware scans, Google reCAPTCHAs, and others. It is the cheapest plugin option compared to the above references. Imagine that by only spending $80 per year you don’t need to worry about the safety of your WordPress Website anymore.

All In One WP Security and Firewall

Do you need a free WordPress security plugin? All in one WP security and firewall is the answer. This service doesn’t offer a premium version. It means that the features are completely free. The features this service offers to website owners are including a feature to prevent brute force attack, protect file, edit, backup, and restore. You can also protect your website from Firewall, front-end copy, and spam comments. This WordPress website security service also helps to scan if there is an uncommon file change.


It is also another affordable security plugin you can try. You can’t expect more from the free version. The premium version helps to protect your website by using 2FA, scanning core files, preventing brute attack prevention, and blacklisting IP addresses. You even get regular reports, an advanced scanning system, and audit logs from the premium version. You only have to subscribe to the service by spending $49 per month. The provider gives you a WPMU DEV membership to access all the premium features.

Jetpack Backup

Jetpack Backup is suitable for those who are running WordPress and WooCommerce sites. It helps to detect the broken site and figure out the one who broke it. You can also use this plugin to restore and backup data with only one click. It allows you to backup from any device, including a desktop or a mobile device. The provider offers a daily backup plan and real-time backup plan if you need to use a daily backup system. The cost of this service starts at $8 per month and they will send you the bill annually.

Various WordPress security plugins in the market help you a lot, yet it makes you get confused to pick the best one. Use the guidance or the reference above to classify and get the most effective WordPress security plugin for your websites.

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