Top 20 Magazine WordPress Themes 2019

Magazine WordPress themes are among the most popular WordPress themes in the modern media market. They’re the go-to option for anyone looking to share news, opinions, or just the day’s best photos and videos. Because they’re so prolific, though, it can be hard to know which one to choose.

While every user’s needs are different, here are some of the best magazine WordPress themes that we’ve found for 2019.


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Here is a wonderful WordPress magazine theme that combines simplicity and customization options to offer something that’s as easy as you want it to be and as deep as you need it to be.

Astra even offers some well-designed pre-built options, but you may find that these are not strictly necessary given that Astra also works well with most page builders out there. It also offers some modern, intuitive looks for easy user interface.

Bimber (Best Magazine WordPress Theme for Media)

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As more and more publications move towards media-heavy looks (pictures, videos, banners, etc.), it’s often important to consider a WP theme that emphasizes that format. That’s part of the reason why Blimber is an increasingly popular option.

Blimber is the preferred WP magazine format for publication operators who want their front pages to be loaded with content that immediately catches the eye. What you sacrifice in writing format options, you make up for with a theme that makes it easy to host and share “viral” content.


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With so many WordPress theme options out there, it’s nice to know that there are at least some viable options out there designed for users who want to create a simple site that’s perhaps a bit intentionally sparse.

In some ways, Chronicle emulates the looks of classic online publications and even newspapers. It gives your main stories a simple space in the middle of the page while offering extensive sidebars designed to help you host everything else. It’s certainly not the flashiest option out there, but it might just be what you’re looking for if you’re trying to eliminate design headaches and get your content going.


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It’s often important that your WordPress Magazine theme passes the eye test. By that, we mean that a user should feel comfortable navigating it when they see it for the first time. More importantly, the design of the site should encourage them to continue navigating it.

Compass is especially good when it comes to that last quality. By utilizing a kind of block format that emphasizes the feature photo of your stories, Compass allows you to truly control the look of your front page and manage it in such a way that it entices the reader to dive-in further. It’s also incredibly responsive and customizable.


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If what you’re looking for is a simpler WordPress theme that still offers enough customization options to build upon, then you may actually be looking for something like Extra.

Extra is a fantastic drag-and-drop WP theme that is designed to be utilized by early users and those who are interested in slowly familiarizing themselves with a particular WP format. It allows you to customize nearly every aspect of its block format by manipulating various add-ons and modules, but in its simplest form, it’s a visually appealing layout option that still lets you emphasize the content.


Photo: gillion.com

As one of the hottest WordPress Magazine themes out there, you’ve absolutely got to check out Gillion if you’re interested in a popular theme that offers you a tone of room to grow over time.

The appeal of Gillion starts with its primary layout options. It offers a clean format that is slightly more complex than your average block-style theme but won’t overwhelm your readers with too much overlapping information. It draws further points for offering plenty of room for additional sid-bars, add-ons, and even advertising space.


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Jannah is certainly one of the more popular WordPress magazine themes out there, which is sometimes something of a concern. After all, you do want your website to stand out from the competition.

What really separates Jannah in that respect is the way it allows you to customize what is one of the best overall basic designs in the WordPress library. From notification options to support for various layout management options, Jannah makes it easier than ever to make a truly modern magazine website that you’ll be able to also make your own as your learn more.


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There are times when you choose a theme based not one what it allows you to build, but what it offers you out of the gate. After all, many people choose WordPress because they want to eliminate that hassle of having to fully-build and design their own publication.

That’s where Journo distinguishes itself. If you’re looking for a theme that offers a respectable number of pre-set options that you’ll actually want to use, then you’ll be happy to hear that Journo offers just that. Many of its modern themes are perfect for those who want to emphasize visuals on their page, but they also very much work for anyone who wants to focus on writing.

Magazine Pro

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Is Magazine Pro the best WordPress magazine theme out there? That’s certainly up for debate, but we do feel comfortable calling it one of the absolute best entry-level options of its kind for anyone looking to start an online publication.

Magazine Pro’s highly-customizable homepage options, impressive widget support, and community-driven content options make it an obvious choice for any digital publisher that wants to focus on form, function, and putting out content on a great theme as soon as possible.


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WordPress magazine theme Magazinum is something of an underrated gem in the vast market for WordPress themes, but it’s time that this excellent option got some of the attention that it deserves.

This theme is thematically something of a successor to those old, simple, early WP magazine themes. By that, we mean that it offers a largely vertical format split between some rows. What we really love about this theme, though, is the way it allows you to easily create an obvious “cover” content header that will emphasize your biggest story (or media) of the day.

MagPlus (Best SEO Magazine WordPress Theme)

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MagPlus is one of those WordPress magazine themes that will immediately make your publication look like a professional production. It emphasizes the “online magazine” idea by offering a format that resembles the digital version of classic magazine pages.

What’s truly special about this theme, though, are all the things it’s doing on the backend. By emphasizing things like SEO formatting, MagPlus makes it easy to simply work on your website’s content and layout without putting too much effort into traffic optimization.


Photo: athemes.com

When it comes to content layout options and overall design, there are few WordPress Magazine themes out there quite as good as Newspaper. It’s seemingly designed to emulate the popular look of many major publications and succeeds in doing so thanks to some excellent content bars and top-tier response time.

What makes Newspaper even better are its amazing navigation options and a suite of customization features built right into the backend. This is absolutely one of the best out there when what you want more than anything is a WordPress magazine theme that feels professional.


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Contrary to popular belief, managing a successful online publication is about more than just loading your website with content. Having said that, it helps to have quite a bit of content so long as you properly manage it.

Sahifa excels when it comes to content management through optimized formatting. It allows you to prominently display a variety of posts and related media through both its built-in format options and an incredible amount of drag-and-drop interface customization options. This theme is all about easily adjusting to whatever content you’re actively publishing.

SimpleMag (Best Minimalist Magazine WordPress Theme)

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Don’t underestimate the appeal of a minimalist WordPress format. They’re great for sites that post a smaller amount of content. They’re also perfect for sites that emphasize long-form features. It doesn’t hurt that they also just look fantastic.

SimpleMag may be your new favorite WordPress magazine theme if you want something clean and beautiful. Every post is given space to stand out, and each area of the format affords you complete control. For the right kind of publication, this may be your best theme option.


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If you want a popular online magazine format that resembles the “Buzzfeed” format, there are no shortage of options. Those options do get a little shorter, though, when you want something that offers that format but is much easier to manage.

That’s kind of what SmartMag offers. Its various format options utilize popular modern styles, but simplifies the format in such a way that ensures you don’t have to constantly manage your site options just to keep everything together.


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There’s something to be said about older WordPress magazine themes that focuses on “at-a-glance” content that was easy to manage. If that’s the kind of format that you’re looking for, then check out Soldedad.

Soledad offers a ton of format options, but nearly all of them are designed to ensure your site looks professional while being easy to manage. It’s easy to build your site out from Soledad, but we especially recommend this for anyone who is just starting out and wants to be able to rely on pre-built themes.

The Issue

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Pay attention, because this is one of the absolute best digital magazine WordPress formats out there

What separates The Issue is how it lets you treat your site like a monthly publication. That means that you can emphasize all of the content on your site even if you rotate it on a daily basis. Unlike other sites that are all about the homepage, The Issue lets you truly build each story’s page and give everything its own personality. This is highly recommended for fans of deep-dive themes.

The Voux

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The Voux is considered to be one of the best overall WordPress magazine themes among the publishing community. Why? Well, it comes down to a few things.
First off, The Voux offers simply beautiful layouts. You’ll find nothing to complain about if you’re looking for a gallery-based story and media management. Its clean, professional, and immediately grabs your attention. What’s better, though, is the way it lets you manage a host of add-ons for nearly every part of your site. This is the theme for those who want to dive into customization.

Tribune (Best News Magazine WordPress Theme)

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Sometimes, you just want to focus on designing a pure news website. For those times, you need a WordPress magazine theme like Tribune.

In its simplest form, Tribune lets you load a page with various headlines and news stories similar to older newspapers. It’s kind of like the format the Huffington Post and similar sites use. This is an ideal option for those who plan to cover a variety of smaller stories and want their front page to feature as many as possible.


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Big, bold, and brilliant is what we think of when we think of Venus. Actually, some people use this theme for their professional portfolios due to its large, eye-catching visuals design.

It works quite well as a magazine theme, though. It’s especially good for those who want to run an online magazine that is regularly going to emphasize a series of major stories complemented by “daily runs” and news posts.

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