The Best Anti-Adblock for WordPress

Running an online shop or becoming a marketer needs you to promote your business online. However, not everyone will love when their online activities are disturbed by the ads. This is how the anti-adblock will be beneficial the most for your business. If you are a beginner in this anti-adblock world, there are some best options available out there. But, which one will be perfect for your needs? Here are the 5 best anti-adblocker WordPress plugins you can install to improve your online marketing.

The Best Anti-Adblock for WordPress

#1. AdBlock X

Generally speaking, AdBlock X works similarly to Google Analytics, but of course, for adblockers. This anti adblock WordPress plugin will make it possible for you to access a complex dashboard with a lot of percentages, numbers, and stats related to adblockers that affect your website. The tool will automatically disable unique visitors with adblockers at your request. Not only that but the interface of this AdBlock X is very friendly. The plugin will also provide you with visuals like charts and grids.

Once you install AdBlock X, you will also find the plugin is useful to make custom messages. You can even simply do this by asking visitors to your page to whitelist your site. Additionally, the tool also allows you to pick up the way you preferred the most to display the messages.

#2. Simple AdBlock Notice

This is a simple but useful plugin that shows a notification whenever there are visitors with adblock that come to your site. As the name suggests, this anti-adblock WordPress plugin comes with a very basic free version. This version will allow you to set how often the notification will pop up on your screen. For more advanced features of the Simple AdBlock Notice, they need to be upgraded to the premium version. Each feature will cost $5.

Using this Simple AdBlock Notice plugin allows you to customize notification messages. Not only that but you can also use the plugin to pick up which page that you want the messages to appear on. There is also a “Strict mode” feature available in the tool. The feature will help you to hide the entire website until the visitors deactivate their adblockers. This is a great option since you can make the WordPress website unavailable until the adblockers can’t be detected completely.

#3. Ad Blocker Notify

One of the best things about using this tool is that it allows you to have full control over the messages you put on your website. Not only that but you can also customize them. In this way, you can tweak the messages pop up in whatever way you like simply by selecting multiple animations, effects, templates, colors, catchy titles, and more. With Ad Blocker Notify, you can send messages at a specific time. It means that you can determine when is the right time for you to schedule the message to appear on your website during your clients’ visit.

Additionally, the Ad Blocker Notify will also make it possible for you to write custom CSS so that the messages look more convincing for your clients. You can also encourage your clients to focus more on the messages, thanks to the powerful visuals added. Ad Blocker Notify also comes with a few mechanisms that make it possible for you to avoid being blocked by adblockers. Another interesting thing about Ad Blocker Notify is that there is a feature that enables you to track the performance of the tool. You can do it through the statistics of the plugin related to the effects of the adblockers on your site.

#4. Ad Blocking Detector

If you are looking for an anti-adblocker for WordPress that comes with an original approach toward unblocking, Ad Blocking Detector is the answer. The tool will provide you with a few shortcodes that will enable you to engage with the visitors of your website that use adblockers. So, instead of the original article, you can show your visitors a custom message. In this way, the message will be more effective. Unless the visitors of your website disable their adblockers, they will automatically see the customized message.

Ad Blocking Detector can also be used as a widget. All you need to do is just go to Appearance/ Widget. Then, make sure to drag the “Ad Blocking Detector” widget and put it to any widget area. After that, you can pick up one of the shortcodes available. Click save to end the process.

#5. Block AdBlock

Block Adblock can be a great option to take, especially if you are a beginner in ad blocking. One of the best things about this plugin is that it can work very fast. All you need to do to operate the tool is install it and then go to “Kill AdBlock Settings”. Once a straightforward but simple window shows up, you can choose all of your preferences.

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