The 3 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins Available in 2021

When exactly do you need to use WordPress plugins? Actually, podcast listener figures have recently grown more than 20% in the last couple of years. Therefore, it is the best occasion for you to jump on the podcasting platform. But, before you decide on which podcasting platform that you are going to use, you need to consider some technical aspects as well, such as how will you bestow your podcast on your very own website?

Generally, the WordPress community has its own way to fulfill its own needs by creating a number of WordPress podcast plugins that will allow you to deliver a podcast on your website. However, you need to be really careful in choosing the plugins because WordPress has so many options which make it more difficult for you to select the best one to suit your unique needs.

Don’t be sad because in this post we will present you three of the best WordPress podcast plugins on the market. You can use below podcasting plugins as a reference!

Seriously simple podcasting

WordPress Podcast Plugins

The first one on the list is Podcasting. What a fascinating name, isn’t it? This one is a user-friendly podcasting solution that allows you to broadcast more than one show from the same WordPress website. Many people like this plugin because it is fairly different from others. It is equipped with an interface and short configuration process. As a result, you can set it up quicker compared to other plugins, so you can stay focused on recording your podcast. To put it simply, this Podcasting is perfect for newbies.

This plugin has several main features as listed below:

  1. It can run more than one podcast from the same site. Each of them will have a unique feed.
  2. It can be gathered through statistics using the free stats add-on.
  3. It can support audio as well as video podcasting
  4. It is equipped with podcast and series taxonomies, so you can easily manage your podcast episodes.
  5. It has shortcodes and widgets that you can use to display your podcast episode lists or even your single episode anywhere on your site.
  6. It is wholly unified with Castos podcast Hosting that can work very well with any kind of hosting.

Libsyn Podcasting

The second on the list of best WordPress plugins that is recommended for you is Libsyn podcasting. This plugin is an outstanding podcast hosting solution that can fulfil your needs. As a user you can sign up to host your own episodes, promote custom mobile apps to your listeners, study some statistics, and do so much more.

However, this plugin is only available for Libsyn subscribers only and is only available in beta. Even so, this plugin still is one of the best podcast hosting solutions compared to other podcast plugins. If you are interested in using these plugins, you need to pay around $5 per month for the cheapest hosting plan. That’s why this plugin is suitable for newbies as well as the established podcasters. Technically speaking, this plugin is one of the best solutions for any podcasters who want to use WordPress as an extension of their current Libsyn podcast.

As another best WordPress plugins, Libsyn plugins also has its own main features, they are:

  1. It has external cloud hosting
  2. It also offers their subscriber’s podcasts to be listed on the podcast directory.
  3. It is compatible with HTML5 media player
  4. It can customize mobile apps for Android, iOS and also Windows devices.


The third one is Fusebox which is brought to you by Pat Flynn. Do you know who Pat Flynn is? Pat Flynn is the one behind the Smart Passive Income, well you can say that Pat Flynn is a notable entrepreneur. Furthermore, Fusebox is a spectacularly comprehensive example of what WordPress plugins should be,l. It compacts with functionality that can easily beat other plugins. You can experience various display settings, playback, downloads and many more.

However, the most extravagant feature of this plugin is its level of design customization. It can’t be denied that many other WordPress podcast plugins don’t try hard enough to create pretty design options, and many users agree that Fusebox excel on this particular matter. For example, it provides you a color palette for the audio track bar, so you can make your podcast look like the domestic part of your website.

Not only that, Fusebox also has another feature that surpasses any other plugins which is the transcript plugins that comes with the Fusebox player. You can definitely use this feature to develop a great as well as meaningful transcript that can improve SEO as well as user engagement. Good news is you can try this plugin for free. But, if you want to enjoy more features, then you need to pay $8.00 per month.

Main features of Fuse Box is listed below:

  1. It has beautiful design customization features.
  2. It can upgrade more episode listens as well as downloads.
  3. Enable visitors to hear your podcast while they are surfing through the site.
  4. It can support all MP3 based podcast feeds
  5. It can slow down or speed up playback.
  6. Library will be updates automatically
  7. Your listeners can easily download episodes from the podcast player directly.

All in all, it can be denied that nowadays popularity on podcasting is growing nicely, and lucky for you that we have wordpress. However, you need to remember that there are a lot of WordPress plugins that you can choose to fulfill your needs, so you need to be really careful of which one that you choose.

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