Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2020

Social media plugins exist to make your life easier.

You need to ensure that your website is well represented on social media, but there are limits. At a time when using social media to promote your work can feel like a separate job, these tools handle much of the legwork. They exist to make social media feel almost manageable.

From plugins that automate your Twitter. posts to add-ons that inspire your users to share more content, these are some of the best social media plugins of 2020.


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Looking for a simple social media plugin that will expand your reach? You may be looking for AddtoAny.

AddtoAny is kind of like several social media plugins rolled into one. It basically adds a quite of social media share options to your webpage and lets users share to any of them via a few clicks. It’s designed to expedite the sharing process, and it excels at just that.

AddtoAny is a tremendous option for anyone who wants to expand their site’s social media reach with little few modifications required.

Instagram Feed

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Many of the best social media plugins grant you access to just about any social media platform. For us to recommend a plugin that focuses on just one platform means that it would have to accomplish a lot.

Yet, that’s exactly what Instagram Feed does. It lets you easily integrate your Instagram account into your WordPress site. The result is the ability to display your Instagram feed as published content.

For those who smartly utilize Instagram for promotion and content, this is a nearly essential plugin.


social media plugins
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Mashable is one of the most respected websites in terms of publications that emphasize sharing. MashShare helps you integrate some of the same tools that site uses.

Basically, this plugin helps you easily add vivid and functional social media share buttons to your website. These buttons are not only aesthetically pleasing, btu they’re positioned in such a way as to inspire a kind of “call to action” amongst your readers and viewers.

If you’re looking for an elegant social media plugin, this may just be what you need.


social media plugins
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Premium social media plugins should only be considered if they offer premium solutions. Fortunately, that’s roughly what you get with Monarch.

Monarch is part of the Elegant Themes network, and what you get from this plugin is certainly best described as elegant. It lets you cleanly add various social media buttons to nearly any part of your website. It’s that flexibility that makes this plugin so special.

Monarch is best for those users who demand as much control as possible over their website layout and social media interface.

Revive Old Posts

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We’ve spoken before about the value of using “old” content on your website, and Revive Old Posts is one of the best when it comes to just that.

This plugin helps you automate the process of sharing older posts via social media platforms. By setting a few simple parameters, you can easily fill downtime on your feed by sharing old articles in order to increase their traffic and engagement.

We highly recommend this plugin to anyone who wants to use archived content to maximize the growth of their website.

Sassy Social Share

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Looking to stand out amongst a sea of social media sharing options? Sassy Social Share is here to help.

This plugin allows you to easily integrate a variety of social media share buttons. It’s one of the few of its kind that emphasizes the design of the share buttons themselves. As such, it offers a variety of design styles that go beyond the simplest options out there.

While not the deepest plugin out there, this may just be a must-have for anyone hoping to maintain or achieve a certain look for their website.


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Photo: shareaholic.com

Shareaholic is one of the most popular social media plugins out there, and there’s really no mystery as to why that is the case.

This plugin is designed with WordPress accessibility in mind. It lets you easily integrate most popular social media share options and decide where to place them as you add them to your website. Most importantly, it lets you do all of that via a system that is as deep as you need it to be.

Shareaholic exists for WordPress site owners who don’t want to spend too much time looking for simple social media solutions.

Shared Counts

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Do you know those numbers you see next to social media share buttons that display engagements? One of the best ways to incorporate that design is by using Shared Counts.

Shared Counts allows you to utilize share buttons that show how many times a published piece has been shared via specific social platforms. Its especially valuable in cases where you feel like the momentum of a post will inspire further engagements.

Most importantly, Shared Counts allows you to utilize social media share buttons that don’t take up too much screen space.

Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons

social media plugins
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Ignore this plugin’s long name and focus instead on the fact that it’s one of the best out there for detail-oriented users.

Simply put, there are few social media plugins out there that offer this plugin’s customization options. You’re able to tweak nearly any details of your social media buttons’ functionality and visuals via this plugin’s considerable options.

Granted, that means a little extra work on your part, but we’d certainly argue that the results are more than worth it.

Social Pug

social media plugins
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There are many reasons to choose your next social media plugin, but Social Pug argues that responsiveness may be the most important of all.

This plugin adds a series of minimalist social media share options to your WordPress site. These options are designed to have as little impact on your site’s response time as possible, and they’re valued by site operators who look to optimize performance whenever possible.

Social Pug isn’t perfect, but it’s one of the better options out there if you’re looking for what it values most.

Social Sharing by Danny

Photo: howtowpblogging.com

If you find that the other social media plugins out there are just too busy and cluttered, then you should consider downloading Social Sharing by Danny.

This plugin is all about adding social media sharing options to your website via simplified buttons that require little effort to use or bandwidth to run. That makes them especially valuable to site operators who emphasize the mobile experience, as well as anyone who just wants a simpler and quicker solution.

This is just a fantastic minimalist plugin that still offers all the functionality that you’d ever need.

Social Warfare

Photo: warfareplugins.com

Sometimes, you need more than just a few social media buttons on your website. Sometimes, you need a plugin that will offer a more complete social media solution.

That’s roughly what you get with Social Warfare. This plugin is all about completely integrating social media share options into your website via stylish buttons complete with customization options and analytics. It’s a total social media system designed to offer slightly more complicated solutions for complicated needs.

It’s not the best for anyone who doesn’t want or need much from their social media plugins, but it’s fantastic if you want to dive deeper.

Swifty Bar

Photo: plugintests.com

Most social media plugins utilize a fairly familiar series of buttons and options. Swifty Bar exists for those who want to do things a little differently.

This plugin adds a static bar to your articles that constantly displays social media share options and other relevant information. This keeps the idea of sharing content in the reader’s mind wherever they may browse. It also helps you share a little more info about the article, your site, and the author.

This won’t be for everyone, but it’s a brilliant alternative for some users out there.

WordPress to Buffer

Photo: buffer.com

Automation is an appealing word to many site operators out there. That’s especially true in the case of social media. After all, nobody likes manually sharing multiple posts multiple times a week.

WordPress to Buffer offers a fascinating solution to that problem. It allows you to add your WordPress site to your Buffer account. From there, you can use Buffer to automatically share content via several popular social media platforms.

While some sites may be too complicated to take full advantage of this plugin’s best features, it’s an amazing option for smaller sites and certain operators.

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