Best SEO Themes For WordPress in 2020

When you’re looking for the best WordPress SEO themes, you’re really looking for some of the best overall SEO themes.

A great SEO theme typically embodies aspects you should demand from all of your themes. They’re fast, responsive, light, and accessible. They scale well, and they’re designed to keep up with trends. Most importantly of all, they’re engineered to ensure that as many people as possible get to see your hard work.

That’s why we’re happy to share what we think are some of the best SEO themes for WordPress.


Scaleup is a business theme designed to grow as your business does.

This theme’s SEO friendliness is based on the fundamentals. It’s responsive, it’s cleanly designed, and it’s built to grow, which means it can handle a variety of content additions and updates. On top of that, it supports Elemontor Pagebuilder, which means you can easily tweak it while taking advantage of its excellent coding.

If you want something easy-to-use that is designed to last, Scaleup may just be for you.


Some of the best SEO themes are also the best themes for maximizing your income.

That’s certainly what you get with Keyword. This blog and coupon theme is optimized for maximizing partnership and promotional materials. That also means that it excels with integrating and promoting URLs. That’s an ability that is almost always valued regardless of current SEO rules, so you can stay confident in this theme’s ability to keep up.

If you’re looking to start a coupon website (or even retail site) you owe it to yourself to check out Keyword.


If you’re regularly posting news, it’s vital that you strive for high search engine rankings.

The importance of SEO for magazine themes is why we love PublishNow. Visually, this theme dazzles with its block-based design which affords each major post its own space. Technically, this theme really pulls ahead courtesy of some incredible optimization. The world-class response time and clean coding of this theme mean that it will always be valued by search engines.

It’s never easy to start the next great blog, but PublishNow does so much of the SEO work for you.


Few things are more important than a website’s “flow.” If your site’s content doesn’t mesh easily together, your readers (and search engines) will notice.

So far as that goes, Improve has some of the best flow of the great SEO themes out there. This blog and coupon theme allows you to easily categorize content and make it as accessible as possible. That also means that search engines can easily identify, rank, and index all of your posts.

Again, this is a brilliant theme for those looking to run a profitable website.


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Jevelin is not just one of the best multipurpose themes but one of the best SEO themes as well.

Jevelin suits a variety of purposes, but it excels when it comes to commerce. This thing is fully-equipped to handle all of the best eCommerce plugins and store add-ons. That certainly makes it an appealing option for the online entrepreneur, but that also means that it’s built to excel for just about any needs.

It’s hard to go wrong with some of the best multipurpose themes, and that’s certainly what you get here.


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Few website operators prioritize SEO themes quite as much as blog and magazine owners. Considering the amount of competition there is for headlines these days, you need a theme built with SEO in mind.

That’s certainly what you get with Gillion. This website’s unique (and customizable) theme expertly spaces content across the page. That design not only makes it easier to read, but it makes it easier for search engines to spot your work as well.

Gillion is great for those who not only prioritize SEO but user experience and style as well.


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We’ve referred to Soledad as one of the best magazine themes out there, and we certainly stand by that. However, it just so happens to be one of the best SEO themes as well.

Again, it’s all about the layout and programming. Soledad is designed from the ground up with SEO in mind. It’s designed to ensure that your headlines and keywords are as accessible as possible. Even better, it features one of the most accessible (and best looking) front pages that we’ve ever seen.

It’s a rare kind of theme that we can recommend for just about anyone, and Soledad is certainly one of those themes.


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Divi is another one of those themes that you’ve undoubtedly heard us talk about before. Well, the reason we recommended it in the past is the same reason we’re recommending it now: its customizability.

Divi is the kind of theme that you can really do just about anything with. Its wealth of options means that you can make the website of your dreams, which is always a good thing. That also means that it’s easier than ever to adjust your theme to ever-changing SEO trends.

Regardless of which changes you make, you should come away with a truly excellent looking website that performs just as well.


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There are a few things that separate the best SEO themes. However, one of the most important elements is a theme’s “weight.” The more a site is able to do with fewer components, the better it will generally perform.

Neve is certainly one of the better lightweight theme options. It’s a versatile theme that is blazing fast, perfect for mobile, and yes, SEO optimized. It looks great to users, but what’s really impressive is how easy it is to manage.

This theme offers so much regardless of your needs that it’s worth at least checking out its free version.

Hestia Pro

Photo: wordpress.org

“Simple and awesome” is the regularly used tagline for Hestia Pro. To be honest, we can’t really think of a better way to explain the virtues of this theme.

As we said, SEO themes often rely on simplicity. With its single-page layout, Hestia Pro is about as simple as it gets. Thankfully, in this instance, simplicity doesn’t mean a lack of features. You can do quite a lot with this theme and it supports most major plugins.

If you’re after a one-page layout, then Hestia Pro absolutely should be on your list.

MH Magazine

Photo: mhthemes.com

Here we have another magazine option. As we said, SEO themes are often most valuable to the magazine and blog operators of the world.

MH Magazine earns its stripes on the back of some expert engineering and design. It’s designed to ensure that search engines can comb your posts as efficiently as possible. Even better, its design makes sure that your viewers are easily able to scan content.

That combination of appeasing human eyes and search engine automation crawls makes MH Magazine one of the more complete SEO themes out there.

SEO Crawler

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With a name like SEO Crawler, you can probably guess what this theme specializes in. However, you might be surprised by just how many features it includes outside of the obvious.

Everything about this theme is designed to enhance your SEO presence. From its incredible font selections to its brilliant SEO plugins support, SEO Crawler is designed to appeal to search engines. Granted, you lose some visual style in the process. But the drop-off is honestly not that bad.

If you need a fairly simple website that will emphasize SEO and responsiveness, this is certainly one of the first SEO themes you should demo.


Photo: colorlib.com

When you’re looking for SEO themes, you’re probably actually looking for themes that aren’t that complex. In other words, you really just want a theme that is going to do as much legwork as possible for you.

That’s what you get with TheGem. TheGem benefits from some incredible code which naturally enhances its response time and SEO viability. Remarkably, it also features over 100 excellent pre-set demos which utilize that technology and offer a variety of viable style choices.

This is truly one of those great “set it and forget it” themes that new WordPress designers should absolutely consider.


Photo: wordpress.org

We’ll be honest. If you’re looking for a free business theme that is also SEO friendly, your options aren’t great. Most businesses that are either larger (or hope to grow) will look for premium options.

That said, Astra is a more than viable free alternative. Its designed to give businesses a strong online presence without having to pay outrageous up-front themes. It’s clean, it’s professional, it scales relatively well, and it’s responsive enough to rank among the better SEO themes out there.

You might ultimately need more for your business then what Astra has to offer, but it does actually offer quite a lot.


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When we’re talking about Webify, we’re really talking about speed. Speed and response time are two of the most valuable SEO elements, and Webify emphasizes them like few other thermes can.

This theme is designed to appeal to more inexperienced users, but you’d be surprised how high it ranks in most relevant categories. It works well for most modern browsers, and it’s really quite excellent for mobile users.

Honestly, this is just one of the best SEO themes out there if you’re looking to emphasize response time above all else.


Photo: colorlib.com

We end with another theme that is bold enough to put SEO in the name. While that can sometimes be a trap, this is absolutely one of those themes that puts its best feature on the marquee.

SEO WP excels as the versatility that you need in order to succeed in a search engine driven market. With relatively little work, you can adapt this theme to whatever new SEO needs may arrive. It’s not quite as “accessible” as alternatives, but you’ll appreciate that extra complexity when you realize how well it scales with whatever you demand from it.

For website owners who are serious about growing their site in an ever-changing SEO world, this is really one of the best SEO themes out there.

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