Most Responsive Themes for WordPress in 2020

Truly responsive themes are among the most desired themes for WordPress.

What is a responsive theme? The term means many things, but the basic idea is that user inputs are registered quickly on the theme. A responsive theme encourages users to stay on a website because they’re so easy and enjoyable to navigate. They’re also typically essential for truly great mobile websites.

Unfortunately, not all themes are truly responsive. Some are just awful, but many are merely ok when what you need it something exceptional. As far as truly exceptional themes go, there’s an elite class of options that set themselves apart from the pack.

Today, we present you with a few of those options. Here are some of WordPress’ most responsive themes for 2020.


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Divi has been called the most popular (and sometimes the best) WordPress theme ever released. A few minutes with the theme show why that is the case.

Divi is a highly customizable and responsive theme that doesn’t sacrifice accessibility for versatility. You can use it to design the website of your dreams, and you’ll constantly be impressed with how well the website runs once you’ve finished it.

While it may be a premium theme, you really get so much more than your money’s worth with one of the most responsive themes available today.


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You tend to lower your expectations with free themes, but that’s not really necessary with Hestia. It’s not only one of the most responsive free themes out there; it’s one of the best.

While Hestia offers a premium version, you only need the free version to access many of its most notable features. It’s highly-customizable, easy to edit and change on the fly, and unbelievably responsive.

There are great reasons to invest in a premium WordPress theme, but if you don’t want to go that route, you’ll be more than happy with Hestia.


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If you’re looking for responsive themes designed to work across a variety of devices, you would certainly do well to look at Astra.

Astra can be used to build just about any website that you want. It’s limited only by your imagination rather than a particular theme. Best of all, it runs incredibly well on nearly any device you can think of.

Astra represents one of the best combinations of versatility and effectiveness that we’ve seen from a modern WordPress theme. It’s on a very short list of the absolute best all-around options.


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Trying to launch a media-heavy website and you’re shopping for responsive themes that can handle the upload burden? Start your search with Tusant.

Built with podcasts, web shows, and music uploads in mind, Tusant elegantly displays your latest uploads for a wide audience. Best of all, it manages to cleanly handle even the most daunting of media uploads with surprising ease.

It’s not easy to find responsive themes that remain reliable with more than just text, but that’s just what makes Tusant so special.


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A customizable and diverse website that is also responsive is a great thing. Realistically, though, it’s sometimes best to shed a little design weight in order to achieve some truly impressive response times.

That’s the basic hook of Neve. It’s an incredibly lightweight theme that utilizes a simple one-page set-up to minimize clutter. While that limits its potential somewhat, it also means that you truly maximize your site’s responsiveness.

Neve won’t be enough for everybody, but it will be more than enough for the right user who knows what they’re looking for.

Sydney Pro

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It’s rare to find a more minimalist theme that affords you a notable degree of customization. However, that’s part of the reason why Sydney Pro is so special.

Sydney Pro utilizes the stripped down one-page format that is great for responsive themes. Remarkably, though, it also affords you a range of options that doesn’t force you into that format. That means that it’s more likely to grow with your website than other, similar themes.

While Sydney Pro is excellent for starter sites, you’ll be surprised how well it grows for larger platforms.


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True to its name, Customify is a fantastic multi-purpose responsive theme that benefits from a variety of options.

Customify is particularly great for stores, but as a multi-purpose theme, it really suits any purpose. It’s especially great for mobile websites due to its custom header options and other excellent features that result in an overall top-tier response time.

Customify takes into account an impressive number of factors that greatly helps its response time. It’s a tremendous options regardless of what your needs are.


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Want to utilize a minimalist design but worry about your website looks? Shapely may offer some fascinating solutions.

Shapely manages to balance response time, looks, and features better than most other themes that you’ll find. It will capture viewers’ attention, but where it really impresses is with the range of features it offers for such a fast set-up.

There’s a lot of things to love about Shapely from an all-around perspective. It’s just one of those themes you can commit to early and stay happy with no matter how your website grows.


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As one of the more responsive themes that is actually user-friendly, Webify certainly stands out from the pack.

One of this theme’s most remarkable features is its drag-and-drop design options and pre-set themes. Such things can slow down a website, but Webify manages to retain an impressive speed while still offering you the chance to build a website that won’t demand full-time hours.

Even so, we wouldn’t just call this a “starter site.” It’s just a great option for a variety of different sites and users of different experience levels.


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Are you really just interested in a theme that offers an array of pre-set options while remaining responsive? Well, you’re going to want to dive into the possibilities of Salient.

Salient boasts 250+ templates. While that number is impressive in its own right, what should really catch your attention is how well each of those templates perform and how good they look. Here’s a theme that lets you pick your dream website out of a list, easily tweak it, and simply enjoy as it operates optimally across various devices.

Unless you want total control over your site’s design, there are few reasons to not take a look at Salient’s options.


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Does your new website focus on clothing and shopping? If so, then Tyche is truly one of your best options if response time matters most to you.

Tyche is loaded with features designed to appeal to online fashion sellers. From shipping options to expanded log-in abilities, Tyche is designed to help you create a professional looking store with at little effort as possible. For our purposes, it’s also a ridiculously fast theme that responds quickly to its various input options.

This may be a niche theme, but it excels at what it does.

Newspaper X

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Online magazines and similar digital publications are among the most popular WordPress themes on the market today. They allow you to create your own blog with styles and features you just don’t get through less specialized themes.

Newspaper X certainly offers all of those features, but what really impresses us is its response time. It is capable of displaying an array of information across various sections without compromising speed and accessibility.

This is just one of those responsive themes that looks and performs better as you build upon it. That’s always a feature to look out for.


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Creating an online business starts with finding a site that is both professional and functional. Antreas excels at both of those categories.

Thanks to tools like shortcodes and expanded plug-in support, you can really make Antreas anything that you want it to be. It’s also easy to play with the format and site animations options in order to add your own voice and personality to the layout. Despite so much customization potential, Antreas remains a remarkably fast theme that works well across a variety of devices.

We wouldn’t recommend this for blogs and portfolios, but it’s simply brilliant for many other purposes.


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Here we have a blog theme option that emphasizes response time in a rather fascinating way.

Blaskan is, in essence, a minimalist theme. However, you really wouldn’t know it based on how stylish its base form is and how much information you can pack into each section. We’ve rarely seen a theme of this style that so intelligently utilizes relatively little design space. Of course, that also means you get to benefit from a format that responds quickly thanks to minimal clutter.

Blaskan is nearly perfect for smaller blogs looking to grow.

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