15 Best Portfolio Themes For WordPress in 2019

The perfect online portfolio starts with finding the perfect online portfolio theme.

The right portfolio theme is the theme that works as hard as you do. It’s the theme that shows the world what you have to offer and how proud of it you are. you know that your work is good. You need the right theme to grab every else’s attention so that they can know it too.

The problem is that there’s no universally “right” theme for everyone. Finding the right theme is about finding the right theme for you. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down a sizable field just a bit to help ensure that you don’t have to spend too much time finding your perfect portfolio theme. After all, you’ve got work to do.

Here are 15 of the best portfolio themes of 2019.


Photo: athemes.com

First impressions matter when you’re talking about WordPress portfolios. When it comes to first impressions, few do it better than Adios.

Adios’ design emphasizes “at a glance” browsing. That is to say that it compiles quite a bit of information in relatively few sections. As a result, professionals are able to easily compile their work across a series of easily navigatable sections. Better yet, those sections flow brilliantly and encourage user discovery.

This is an especially desirable design for visual artists, but most professionals can benefit from this layout. It’s a versatile and beautiful theme that also gets the job done.

Ambiance Pro

portfolio themes
Photo: studiopress.com

Simplicity generally tends to work well for portfolios. Your portfolio is supposed to be about your work. A complicated theme that makes your portfolio about its design isn’t always desirable. As such, minimalist themes tend to be all the rage.

Ambiance Pro is simply one of the best minimalist themes out there. It breaks down your work into vivid photos and wonderful font. This makes it an appealing option for photographers and visual designers who are looking to put their final work front and center.

This theme is a wonderful way to show off your work without looking like you’re trying to show off your work.


portfolio themes
Photo: bateauxtheme.com

Sometimes, WordPress themes are like giant whiteboards. They exist to help you showcase your content. What some of the best themes do is find ways to advance the whiteboard concept using clever technology.

Bateaux is one of the most clever examples of that concept. This WordPress theme emphasizes white spaces on the perimeters and in the center. That simple design decision means that this theme is more about what you upload to your site. Writing feels like you nailed it to the church door for the town to see. Photos pop and add life to any page. Again, it’s an evolution of the whiteboard concept.

Even better, this theme grants you an incredible level of control over your layout settings. There’s just so much to love here.

Camera 7

Photo: themeforest.com

While we love a versatile portfolio WordPress theme, they’re not always an option. By that, we mean that some themes just emphasize certain works better than others. If you happen to be promoting such works, then these themes are best for you.

As you can probably tell from the name, Camera is all about photos. Camera allows you to cleverly place your various photos across its expansive layout options. Your photos are then given plenty of room to breathe so that every page is about the picture that’s on it. Even better, you’re still able to add wonderful typography to your photos and configure simple menus that don’t clutter the screen.

Camera should quite simply be near the top of your list if you’re a photographer or a designer trying to build an online portfolio.


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Photo: elegantthemes.com

As we said, there are times when we love a versatile portfolio that can truly do it all. Divi is one of the portfolio WordPress themes that comes close to achieving the lofty goal of true versatility.

Because Divi can be so many things, it’s difficult to sell it on the basis of a single design decision. However, you should know that Divi is one of the most flexible WordPress themes of any class. As a result, it’s fairly easy to build the portfolio theme of your dreams by using its versatile toolset.

Just know that you will need to put a little more work into building that dream theme. If that doesn’t scare you off, then you should absolutely give Divi a shot.

Expose Pro

portfolio themes
Photo: themesinfo.com

At the end of the day, your photography portfolio is only as good as your photos. However, choosing the right theme can help your photos shine even more than they would have otherwise.

That’s kind of what Expose Pro is all about. Its design emphasizes a “gallery” look that helps you easily display your photos across a few pages. This theme also allows you to include slightly more information than some competing themes thanks to a variety of clever menu options.

If you want to elegantly showcase your photos without limiting navigation options, this may be the theme for you.


Photo: themesinfo.com

Fevr is yet another WordPress theme designed with versatility in mind. That is to say that it lets you create a variety of portfolio themes using a series of tools.

Where Fevr separates itself from the pack is when it comes to its smart portfolio design options. From testimonial tools to team landing pages, this is a portfolio theme designed by a team that has seemingly thought of everything. If you can picture your perfect portfolio, you can build it with Fevr.

Again, those who prefer a set style may want to look elsewhere, but this is about as good as it gets in terms of theme builders.


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Photo: mhthemes.com

Sometimes, you want a static portfolio theme that resembles a resume. Other times, you want a theme that is simply beautiful to look at. There are other times when you want your theme to be closer to a PowerPoint presentation.

Grafik excels at that last idea. This clever portfolio theme allows you to build a kind of guided presentation of your work. Essentially, that means it makes it easy to build multiple portfolio pages that cleanly flow into each other.

For the portfolio builder that wants to actively tell a story with their page, this is one of the best options in its class.


Portfolio themes
Photo: themeforest.com

The grid layout has become an increasingly popular option among portfolio builders everywhere. It’s a simple, clean, and versatile way to showcase a variety of your work.

Kalium just so happens to offer one of the best grid-based portfolio options out there. The star of this theme is the extensive content builder that makes it that much easier to design an expansive portfolio. Your layout will look as professional as your work but will be much simpler to create.

This is one of those portfolio WordPress themes that makes building a professional personal site as easy as you want it to be.

Massive Dynamic

portfolio themes
Photo: wpfixs.com

When it comes to combining a versatile site builder with tremendous pre-made options, Massive Dynamic may just be the best there is.

As a theme builder, Massive Dynamic features all of the tools you could ever want. Where this theme really shines, though, is in its pre-made selections. Not only do these sections make it easier to expand parts of your portfolio, but they’re honestly good enough to easily assemble what is basically a pre-made site.

Massive Dynamic’s pre-made and custom build options mean that it basically offers every design option you could ever ask for.

Modern Portfolio Pro

Photo: sridharkatakam.com

Looking for a portfolio theme that features a clean and professional layout? This may just be the one for you.

This is another one of those themes that emphasize simplicity above all else. In this instance, that means a theme that presents all your relevant work in a clean grid spread across multiple customizable pages. It’s an elegant look that doesn’t ask you to break your back in pursuit of a truly professional portfolio.

This is simply an elegant solution for anyone who feels that their work will speak loudest and that their portfolio needs to be responsive, clean, and accessible.


portfolio themes
Photo: pinterest.com

The best “pre-made” WordPress themes are rarely pre-made. More often than not, they allow you to combine pre-made ideas with customizable options. That way, you can make your theme your own without having to put too much work into it.

Oshine is by far one of the best examples of that idea. If you’re just looking for pre-made pages, you’ll find them here. However, Oshine really sets itself apart by how it lets you tweak these pre-made settings on the fly in order to optimize them for your needs. You can even preview the changes as you go along.

Oshine is the perfect example of a WordPress theme that encourages you to be creative without demanding you make something from scratch.


portfolio themes
Photo: topnotchthemes.com

There are quite a few people out there who consider Pile to be the absolute best WordPress portfolio theme available. To be honest, there aren’t many reasons to disagree with them.

Pile is all about style. It emphasizes maximizing full pages that are easy to navigate between. What that means for you is a brilliant “slider” system that allows you to build wonderful full pages with unintrusive interface options.

You can build complicated pages with this portfolio themes, but you don’t have to. Anything you build with this theme’s simple toolset is going to look and perform brilliantly. This is just a top-tier portfolio theme that has so much to offer.


portfolio themes
Photo: colorlib.com

TheGem is the WordPress theme you’re looking for if you want to maximize style and minimize effort.

TheGem is one of those portfolio themes designed for anyone that wants to jump straight into content creation and not design. That’s not to say that the designs offered by this theme aren’t beautiful, though. They are actually quite striking. More importantly, they’re easy to work with and preview your content as you go along.

Those looking for a style-conscious portfolio theme that doesn’t demand too much work should start their search with TheGem.


portfolio themes
Photo: werkstatt.fuelthemes.net

Want a minimalistic theme that puts your work front-and-center without sacrificing style? Werkstatt may just be one of the best portfolio themes for you.

Werkstatt’s pages are almost closer to business cards. They display almost all necessary information in a variety of ways that immediately catch the eyes of whoever may be viewing them. Incredibly, though, the designs of the various pages available to you don’t overwhelm the viewer. Their ability to stand out without dominating makes them an incredibly powerful resource.

Werkstatt is perfect for the young professional looking for modern and informative portfolio themes.

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