Best WordPress Podcast Themes For 2020

The best podcast themes showcase why you need a great WordPress website for your podcast.

Podcast themes are designed to give your podcast a true home. They help you host, promote, and grow. Perhaps most importantly of all, they help you establish a brand, community, and identity for your podcast. At least that’s what the absolute best podcast themes in this class do.

To help you discover what these themes have to offer, here are the best podcast themes for WordPress in 2020.


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While it may not be a dedicated theme, Viseo offers several features that make it one of the best overall podcast themes for WordPress.

First off, Viseo features an always welcome “drag and drop” interface. That means you can easily build a site with it regardless of your coding skills. More importantly, its basic layout is incredibly friendly to podcast site creators. With its slider header features and media-rich sections, it’s easy to ensure that your latest podcast is front-and-center while your library is easily accessible. Actually, all of Viseo’s pre-made front page layouts are perfect for uploading any kind of media.

Viseo offers a simply solution that doesn’t require you to sacrifice style or professionalism.


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As you can probably tell from the name, Podcaster was specifically designed to meet the needs  of modern podcasters. As such, it offers some of the smartest features of any podcast theme.

The real star here is the media integration. Podcaster’s fantastic layout makes it easy to embed everything from full episodes to favorite clips. Episodes are easy to add to the archive section, and everything is designed to help you promote your uploads. Everything looks like it was made for podcasts, because that’s exactly what everything was made for.

There’s really no way you can go wrong by choosing this theme. Its simple, deep, and it simply looks fantastic.


podcast themes
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When it comes to podcast  themes, simple is usually enough. After all, the podcasts are typically the star of the show. Logic dictates you don’t need much else. Even still, there are times when you may wish for something with a little more flair.

That’s what Rekord offers. Its smart menus and various media display options will likely make people think that you’ve made your own Spotify website. Yes, it really looks that good. More importantly, its interface is intuitive enough to ensure that just about any user will be able to easily navigate your site no matter how much content you upload.

Rekord is an especially brilliant option for those who plan to upload more media than just podcasts. It just so happens to be absolutely brilliant for those as well.


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There’s no denying that Vice is one of the most popular WordPress themes among those who work with audio. From DJs to podcasters, this has become the go-to option for millions.

Understanding why that is the case isn’t that difficult. There are simply few other podcast themes out there that boast such a clean layout and so many desirable features. Vice is especially well-designed for those who intend to focus on mobile users. Its responsiveness and interface are just exceptional for that platform.

Vice is one of those rare podcast themes that’s entirely professional but has style to spare.


podcast themes
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We’re a big fan of minimalist themes on this site. They’re clean, simple, and often surprisingly stylish. It’s odd, then, that you don’t see many great minimalist podcast themes.

Dixie is certainly one of the best in that category. This wonderful theme helps you make each episode the star. That means that episode descriptions and other relevant details fill the page as users listen to new episodes. It’s a wonderful set-up that keeps everything in focus.

This isn’t the deepest theme we’ve seen, but it’s fantastic if you’re looking to emphasize individual uploads.


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We tend to recommend relatively easy-to-use WordPress themes. They’re not only easily accessible but they tend to look just as good as some of the more complicated options that are out there.

Sonus is a little different. It’s not exactly complicated, but it will require you to work in a little coding knowledge in order to maximize its potential. The good news is that the ceiling on this theme is actually quite high. Its interface allows you to build the complex podcast site of your dreams.

If you can get past the initial learning curve, this might just be one of the best podcast themes for you.


podcast themes
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While we’re not saying any of these themes are the absolute best of the bunch, some do stand tall above even the rest. So far as that goes, Satchmo is simply one of the best podcast themes that we’ve ever seen.

Satchmo is another theme that emphasizes minimalism. It doesn’t feature much in the way of fluff, which means that it’s both easy to set-up and navigate. More importantly, it features an excellent audio player which is easily accessible regardless of how many episodes you upload.

This theme simply has nearly everything that you want and little that you don’t. Definitely check it out.


podcast themes
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If you’re going to choose a feature-heavy WordPress theme, you’d better choose one that emphasizes the right features. Otherwise, you risk ending up with too much clutter.

Audonic is one of the feature-heavy podcast themes that truly makes the most of its extra options. We’re especially impressed with its events options which offer you an excellent way to promote upcoming episodes and other scheduled events. It also offers some incredible playlist options and other features designed to handle massive content uploads.

Considering that Audonic also sports some of the better video upload options out there, this really is one of the great podcast themes for experts.


podcast themes
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If you’re looking for podcast themes that emphasize professional designs, you need to start your search with a look at Megaphone.

First off, Megaphone is one of the most responsive podcast themes that we’ve seen. Its players work well on mobile devices, it features automated upload options, and it works well on every browser. Equally important is the fact that Megaphone features excellent custom coding options perfect for designing advanced features.

Everything about Megaphone is clean and designed to emphasize quality. It’s simply great.


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Tusant isn’t just one of the best podcast themes. It’s also one of our favorite overall WordPress themes and one of the best looking WordPress themes regardless of function.

Fortunately, it’s not all about looks. Yes, Tusant is striking, but its visuals truly stand out when you realize how they enhance the user interface. Said interface makes it easier for users to access this site’s plugin support and other deep interaction options.

Add a fantastic drag-and-drop builder on top of it all, and you’ve got arguably the greatest podcast theme out there.


podcast themes
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As one of the specialized podcast themes designed specifically for that purpose, it makes sense that Castilo would be perfect for podcasters. What might surprise you is how well it works for new podcasters.

Castilo is fairly easy to set-up in general, but its the little things that make it great for most beginners. That’s especially true of its extensive import options which allow you to easily upload episodes from outside websites or other sources. It also boasts an incredible array of widgets that enhance the experience of the users and uploaders.

This is a fantastic overall option for anyone looking to expand their reach and bring in content from an outside source.

Podcast Master

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We end our look at the best podcast themes with a theme that is headlined by a rather bold title. While we’re not sure we’re ready to say that this is the master of podcast themes, it is a kind of “best of” candidate.

Podcast Master is easy-to-use, puts the focus on content, makes uploads easy, and even easily allows you to add advertisements. In short, it features just about everything that we’ve praised other podcast themes for supporting. It’s even great for new users but deep enough for experts.

Other themes do little things a bit better, but it’s hard to go wrong with Podcast Master as a great all-around option.

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