15 Best WordPress Photography Themes For 2020

Photography themes are among the most popular WordPress theme options for the modern marketplace. Why? Well, there are a few reasons, but the main draw of such themes is their beauty.

At a time when packing a visual punch can often mean the difference between attracting and retaining viewers or driving them away, photography themes often pack the most visual punch. They’re not only desired by professionals but multimedia publications looking to ensure that photos define the look of their site.

Whatever your needs may be, you’ll find some of the best WordPress themes out there by feasting your eyes on the best photography apps.


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Photo: undsgn.com

Despite being one of the most popular photography themes for WordPress, Uncode isn’t actually a dedicated photography theme.

What it is, though, is a reasonably priced premium WordPress theme that is worth the money. Due to its fantastic layout options and content placement features, you can easily create a wonderful photo portfolio using this theme.

Best of all, because this isn’t a dedicated photography theme, your site won’t look like a carbon copy. It’s that versatility that really sells this theme as something special.


photography themes
Photo: colorlib.com

Designing a photography website that’s unique is certainly an appealing prospect. However, there is something to be said for photography themes that offer an array of appealing templates.

That’s basically what Photosy is all about. It offers an array of pre-formatted templates designed to showcase your work. Each template is expertly crafted but leaves plenty of room for your own vision. In fact, you can even combine elements of each template.

This is a mostly simple theme that still offers you the opportunity to craft a site of your own design.


photography themes
Photo: themeforest.com

Kalium is a kind one of those photography themes that is tough to talk about. Why? Well, it’s one of those themes that isn’t really just one thing.

This wonderful theme offers you an array of customization options you won’t find with many other themes. More importantly, the options it offers allows you to create some truly dynamic layouts that are almost as impressive as your photos.

This is one of the best photography themes for professionals who want to immediately capture people’s attention the moment they view their website.

Massive Dynamic

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Photo: wpion.com

Looking for a photography theme that offers you almost total control over your website? You may be looking for Massive Dynamic.

Actually, this is more than just a theme. It’s closer to a fully-fledged website builder. The amount of freedom you get within the various layouts presented to you is nearly unheard of when it comes to photography themes. That does mean a little more work on your end, but you may find that the results are worth it.

With a little know-how, some time, and some patience, you can craft a truly beautiful website with Massive Dynamic.


photography themes
Photo: wordpress.org

In terms of layout and features, there’s no denying that Moon is a top-tier option. It offers an array of wonderful design options that will surely catch people’s attention.

However, this theme’s most notable draw is its responsiveness. That makes it especially appealing to any site creators that are interested in focusing on mobile functionality. Considering how important mobile compatibility is, that means this theme should certainly be on your radar.

Moon is a generally great theme, but its enhanced mobile support certainly puts it over the top.


photography themes
Photo: colorlib.com

We’ve talked about the appeal of photography themes that offer notable pre-set templates. However, even the best of such themes can suffer from relatively limited theme selections.

Oshine certainly doesn’t have that problem. Boasting an impressive 40+ theme demos, it’s entirely possible to find your next photography website via this theme’s selection of pre-made options.

It’s a great theme for anyone who wants to stand out without spending all their time crafting (or looking for) a layout that will allow them to do so.


photography themes
Photo: colorlib.com

TheGem is one of the few notable photography themes that has been invented and refined by photographers. Of course, the benefits of that approach would be lost if the theme suffered from technical and design flaws.

Thankfully, that’s not what you get here.This is a wonderfully responsive theme that benefits from some spectacular layouts. You even get access to some features that help you promote your work.

Simply put, this is a theme designed with professionals in mind. That makes it one of the best photography themes for portfolios.

Photography Wiso

photography themes
Photo: youtube.com

There’s no shortage of great photography themes that benefit from stellar layouts. As such, finding the right theme for you can come down to which one offers the best features.

That’s certainly where Photography Wiso stands out. From gallery proofing to PDF creation, this theme is loaded with smart features designed to maximize its appeal to photographers everywhere. It’s an intelligent way to beautifully display your best work.

As an added bonus, Wiso offers an exciting array of pre-set layouts. All things considered, it’s a tremendous overall option.


photography themes
Photo: themeforest.com

Not all photography is made equally. While that idea speaks to the quality of the work itself, it also applies to the genre and intent of the photos and the photographer.

Framed is a photography theme that understands all of that. It features seven finished demo websites that all emphasize particular styles and genres. For the most part, that means that you should easily be able to find one that works with what you’re trying to accomplish.

Framed isn’t quite as deep as some other options on this list, but it’s great if you fall in love with one of its presets.


photography themes
Photo: designorbital.com

The appeal of the “minimalist” theme is the way that such themes often put the focus on your work. The downside of such themes is often their lack of features.

Solstice offers an appealing kind of middle ground for that problem. First off, it’s a simply beautiful theme that looks especially good on high-end mobile devices and displays. Second, it allows you to play with a surprising amount of features and preview them via real-time updates.

Put it all together, and you’ve got a surprisingly deep minimalist theme that looks amazing.


Photo: colorlib.com

As a responsive theme designed to reliably operate across many devices, Jevelin is certainly a favorite amongst professionals looking to promote their work.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with Javelin’s layout, the primary draw of this theme is certainly its professionalism. From top-to-bottom, this is a photography theme that is designed with the needs of the modern portfolio in mind. It even emphasizes your work through its wonderful profile options.

Javelin needs to be on the shortlist of anyone looking for a portfolio photography theme that they can rely on.


Photo: photocrati.com

Are you the type of website creator who isn’t intimidated by options? That’s great, because few photography themes boast the options offered by Photocrati.

With over 60 homepage design options, Photocrati doesn’t hesitate to showcase the things it can do. However, that number really only scratches the surface. Here’s a theme that allows you to customize and tweak nearly every element with widgets, sliders, and a dazzling array of layout possibilities.

It’s a lot to process, but anyone who isn’t intimidated by the prospect of an in-depth creation process may find the perfect theme in Photocrati.


Photo: pagecrush.com

Simple, elegant, and diverse are just a few of the words you could use to describe Folie. However, such results really depend on what you choose to put into this theme.

That’s because Folie is built around some of the most powerful creation suites available to WordPress users today. While it’s possible to design a great looking website just using some of this theme’s simpler creation options, the true power of this theme is found by diving deep into its possibilities.

Folie should be looked at by any WordPress users looking for more than a static layout.


Photo: fuelthemes.com

There’s nothing wrong with picking a theme that mainly focuses on putting your photos front and center. After all, the idea often is to ensure that your work is the first thing that someone who visits your photography website sees.

There are few photography themes that focus on your photos quite as well as TwoFold. Its many layouts and options are designed to focus on your work and ensure that every photo is given as much space as possible. It’s basically like you’re running a portfolio that’s actually a mini art gallery.

TwoFold is one of the most beautiful photography themes you can download. Definitely check it out.


Photo: winningwp.com

Let’s face it. Sometimes, what you really want in a theme is something that’s going to offer you as many benefits as possible with as little work as possible. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we’d be lying if we told you actually finding that theme is an easy process.

Then again, there’s always Bridge. This theme allows you to easily import your existing information and turn it into simply stunning pages that emphasize your work through minimalist design.

There’s so much to love about Bridge, and this theme offers all of it with very little input required.

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