The Most Popular Types of WordPress Themes in 2020

While there is certainly no shortage of multipurpose WordPress themes out there, some of the most fascinating themes exist to cater to a specific purpose.

Whether you’re trying to advertise your freelance services or want to share your knowledge on a specific subject, the odds are good that there’s a WordPress theme specifically designed to make it happen. While you can build just about any great website with multipurpose themes, few of those themes offer what a specialty theme can provide in terms of features and support.

Here are some of the most popular types of WordPress themes in 2020.


WordPress themes
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Are you an artist, writer, or other kind of creator who wants to share their work online? Well, you may want to focus your search on portfolio specific WordPress themes.

Portfolio themes are designed to allow you to showcase your work as effectively as possible. They’re typically slightly smaller themes that rely on a few key sections which allow you to better organize all of your important information. Most will feature an impressive-looking homepage that allows you to put certain pieces of work front-and-center in order to immediately draw your visitor’s attention.

Good portfolio themes should look fantastic, but that’s not always the most important element. What you’re really looking for is a theme that is responsive and easy-to-use which allows you to easily update it. Thankfully, many of the best portfolio themes feature all of those elements.


WordPress Themes
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Blogs may not be the cornerstone of the internet that they once were, but blog themes remain incredibly popular.

Actually, if you’re really interested in a blog, you should also look into magazine themes. Both are pretty similar, but magazine themes tend to allow for greater growth and more content. If you’re just looking for a more traditional blog, you’ll be able to find those fairly easily as well.

In any case, you want a theme that leaves you plenty of room for the written word. Media is obviously important, but make sure your theme properly formats text around your various photos and videos.


WordPress themes
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Whether you want to become the next Amazon or just sell a few homemade goods, you’re going to need a good eCommerce theme. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of viable options out there.

As you might imagine, the best eCommerce themes are all about their online stores. However, since most of the heavy lifting there will be done by plugins, you’re really looking for some other things. Namely, you want to make sure your theme is able to handle a ton of media and is easy to navigate. This ensures that users feel comfortable and can easily view your products.

For additional support, be sure to check out our list of recommended eCommerce plugins that will make your life so much easier.

Employment/Job Board

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Things always change when it comes to the internet, but job boards remain an online staple. Thankfully, there are tons of WordPress themes out there that help you help others find their next job.

While information relayed via text is the most important element of online job boards, don’t overlook the impact of media and layout. If your website just ends up looking look a wall of text, then your users are going to have a bad time. Consider a theme that allows you to easily break up all of your information into sections that feature manageable layouts.

In any case, you’ll also want a website that is easily accessible via mobile devices. Thankfully, that shouldn’t too hard to find.


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You may wonder why we didn’t include this section under portfolios. After all, aren’t most photography sites usually trying to promote the photographer?

That may be the case in many instances, but it’s not the point. Photography websites typically need to emphasize rich media more than any other type of website. There may even be times when said websites need a single photo to take up a single page. As such, photographers need themes that focus on photos above all else.

While the needs of a photographer are unique, there are some truly excellent photography themes out there designed to meet them.


WordPress Themes
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You might think you don’t need a dedicated WordPress theme for your podcast. After all, podcasts are largely an audio format that can be uploaded to various existing services. What’s the upside?

The upside is that podcast themes are designed to offer an optimal hosting platform for your show. Websites not only offer optimal hosting, but they greatly improve your podcast’s SEO viability. Furthermore, podcast themes are designed to better organize your catalog.

You should absolutely have a website for your podcast, and there are a ton of great themes out there that can help you find one.

Coupon Sites

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Coupons haven’t become any less popular in the digital age. It’s just that we no longer have many physical coupons to clip and collect.

That’s where coupon sites come into play. Coupon sites let you digitally compile a curated collection of online savings. They often draw fantastic traffic and are generally low maintenance. For a theme, you’ll want to look for something that is able to support a ton of information efficiently.

It also doesn’t hurt to find a theme that showcases a little flair. After all, there are a lot of coupon websites out there and they can start to look somewhat similar after a while.


wordpress themes
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“Wikis” have become one of the internet’s most popular and reliable tools over the years. They allow people to compile known knowledge on just about any subject.

Building a Wiki from scratch can be tough, but there are quite a few WordPress themes out there that make the process significantly easier. These themes attempt to help you organize large amounts of information as easily as possible. Front-end interface is clearly important, but don’t overlook the importance of the backend interface. You want something easy and very efficient.

Style matters a little when you’re talking about Wiki themes, but we’d tend to say that you should value response and interface above all else.


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The age of social media has obviously had an effect on the popularity of traditional forums. That being said, forums are usually preferred by those who want to focus on specialty topics or otherwise like the sense of community they offer.

Luckily, there are still quite a few traditional forum WordPress themes out there. You’ll know you’ve found the right theme when you find one that supports the most plugins and offers excellent section-to-section navigation. It’s ok if it looks a bit simpler, but you definitely want to find something that makes user interface as obvious as possible.

Building a forum can be a lot of fun, and the right theme certainly takes a lot of pain out of that process.

Auction Websites

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Auction websites are another slightly “niche” platform that has risen in popularity over the years. Despite the fact that there’s no shortage of options out there, auctions allow people to find rare and specialty items with relative ease.

Auction themes require similar needs as traditional stores, but they emphasize a few different things. First off, you’ll want to find a theme that allows for top-end user interface and supports rich photos. Second, you want to make sure that response time is as good as it can possibly be as you’ll sometimes be dealing with time-sensitive auctions.

Such aspects are typically important for any website, but the best auction WordPress themes really focus on the unique needs of this format.


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On the surface, Q&A websites may appear to resemble Wikis. However, they actually differ in that Q&A websites are designed to allow people to pose their own questions and receive answers from other community members.

As such, you’ll want to focus on WordPress themes that emphasize internal navigation and response times. A theme that allows you to easily create pages that manage answers and related topics in a visually appealing way is a top priority.

Q&A websites can be fun to build (especially for specialty topics), but be sure to stay on top of your community management to keep them vibrant.

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