How Important Are Stock Videos For Your Internet Marketing Efforts?

Do you realize that pictures are not enough for your promotion tools? These days, almost all kinds of promotion through social media use videos to attract buyers. This is the main reason why stock videos play a major role in any internet marketing effort. Of course, stock videos are much easier to create and upload, because they only have small capacities that users can easily upload to social media.

The Importance of Stock Videos that You Might Have not Imagined Before

Stock Videos

When you are checking some short clips on any of your social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, you must be amazed by how a product can create such interesting clips. The fact is that they are using stock videos. Some brands create their own stock videos. Meanwhile, some internet marketers who are still new kids on the block might get those stock videos on some websites that specialize in them.

If you, as a consumer, are interested in watching amazing clips, then you will be interested in buying the product or using the service. When you do that, it means the company has done its marketing campaign perfectly. When a consumer decides to spend money on any product or service, then the product or service must have created such a creative promotional method through the videos.

Now let’s create another example. Say that you are still a consumer here. You see an interesting ad for a popular shampoo in the form of pictures. Then, you come across another eye-catching ad of a similar product from other brands that use videos. No doubt, you will spend more time watching the video. You would want to see the end of the video, even if you don’t plan to buy any shampoo at all. It means, the company has succeeded in attracting consumers through its well-made stock videos.

How Good Are Stock Videos For Your Effective Marketing Campaigns?

If you are a new business owner, you might have heard that the better visual elements for your product advertisement, the more attractive your marketing campaign will be. But, if you think that you will create your own videos, then you will waste lots of time. Why not choosing stock videos? They are available, whether they are paid or free. So, ready to amaze your future buyers?


This website has been in this business for more than a decade. Once known as iStock Photos that offers free and paid pictures to download, now this website is very popular among internet marketers who want to use amazing videos for their marketing campaigns. Getting videos are as easy as downloading any of them after signing up.

After choosing the subscription plan, users can also edit the videos, based on their marketing brand’s need. Choices of plans vary from Credit Packs with only $4.99, Month-to-Month with only $24.90 for ten pictures, and an Annual Plan that allows users to pay only $1,49 per image. Flexible plan options are the reason why this website is the most recommended one./


This website offers lots of free stock videos with excellent quality. Downloading and applying the videos directly to the media social is very much easy. This website already gets the public domain license so users can take the advantage of free videos for their marketing campaigns or any projects. Still, users are recommended to give credits to creators by giving thanks or following their social media accounts, even if it is not a compulsory thing to do. This website also has a ‘collection’ menu, where users can place their desired videos there.

Adobe Stock

This website is also popular for its massive choices of royalty-free stock videos. Anyone can opt for several templates and loops with 4K or HD qualities. There are always updated videos every day, so users can find any video that they want to update their social media campaigns. Users only need to choose some subscription plans, based on their needs and budgets.


Pixabay once was also very popular for its abundant options of amazing pictures. Free pictures and videos are still available, though making a subscription is still worth paying. Users can choose several options of credits that range from $89 to $1489. All the available plans are very flexible so buyers can manage their budget very well. Of course, those who want to download free videos, shouldn’t mind downloading videos with watermark. Besides videos, this website also offers high-quality illustrations, free photos, graphics, and many more.


You might have known this website as a music website. But now, it also offers excellent stock videos. The video quality depends on the price of the subscription that users choose. Choices of plans include Music, Music &SFX, as well as Music, SFX and videos. Prices range from $12.50 to $33 per month.

So, if you need to have the best stock videos that will enhance your marketing campaign significantly, then you will need to subscribe to any available plan that suits your needs. Free videos are fine, though they might not be applicable for giant-scaled businesses. Even beginners can choose any of those subscriptions so they can stand out among their competitors since the first start of their marketing campaign.

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