Best Grammar Checkers For WordPress in 2022

Grammar checkers are a necessity for just about anybody who runs a WordPress site.

Modern grammar checkers offer so much more than spelling checks. They tell you how to improve your writing by utilizing more advanced grammar techniques and creating more engaging content. Simply put, they make your content better than ever before.

Because you need one, here are some of the best grammar checkers for WordPress.


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Considered by many to be the gold standard of online grammar checkers, Grammarly should be your first stop on this tour.

Like every other grammar checker on this list, Grammarly can help identify and correct spelling errors. That’s pretty standard. Where Grammarly really shines, though, is in how much else it offers. For instance, Grammarly can check for advanced grammar errors that include things like sentence structure and perspective. It will even help you set writing goals and offer you weekly progress reports on how much writing you’re doing. 

Grammarly is great for professional writers who really want as much assistance and information as possible. Everyone else might want to settle for the free version or something a little simpler. 


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Even the best writers sometimes forget essential elements of sentence structure. Even worse, there are times when you’re so locked into what you’re writing that it can be difficult to really read it from the perspective of another person.

Ginger helps you with both those issues and so much more. Along with basic spell checking functionality, Ginger offers advanced grammar tools that check your writing for more complicated problems. It’s like having a particularly skilled editor by your side at all times. You’ll be amazed with the things that Ginger catches that you would have otherwise never thought of. 

With its deep features and simple interface, this is one of those grammar checkers that we would recommend to anyone. 

After The Deadline

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Do you remember when you would turn your work into a teacher and get detailed feedback about what was right and what was wrong? Do you miss being able to benefit from that level of editing? After the Deadline may be able to recreate that level of editing involvement. 

After the Deadline is another one of those grammar checkers that goes beyond spelling. It combs your work and looks for various types of possible issues. When it finds one, it highlights it using a color-coded system and offers possible fixes. That system of easy visual identification makes it easy to immediately identify what’s wrong and how to fix it. 

This addon’s simple design makes it a favorite amongst users who like deeper analysis but hate interface clutter. 

Hemingway App

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Hemingway is another one of those grammar checkers that utilizes a color-coded system to highlight specific issues. Unlike other grammar checkers, though, it specializes in helping you adopt the benefits of a particular writing style. 

Much like its namesake, Hemmingway App is all about writing efficiently. What does that mean? Well, it’s really about a few things. For instance, this app can alert you to things like hesitant language and complicated words. The idea is that such suggestions will eventually allow you to write much more effectively and say more with less. 

There is some debate about whether or not such writing should be the standard and whether everyone will want to write in that style. At the very least, though, this app can teach you writing techniques that you may have otherwise never considered. Give it a shot. 


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Grammarly may be considered a “gold standard” so far as all-in-one grammar checkers go, but it’s not the only option. Actually, some consider WhiteSmoke to be a better overall alternative. 

You should know that WhiteSmoke lacks a few of the features seen in Grammarly. It’s also arguably not as smooth in terms of its UI. However, it makes up for some of those missing features by offering a cheaper premium option than the competition. Impressively, you still get most of Grammarly’s best features for that price. You even gain access to better international language grammar options. 

Put it all together, and you’ve got a grammar checker that should offer more than enough for most users out there. At the very least, it offers an appealing alternative. 


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Yes, we’re back to talking about good ole Jetpack. One of WordPress’ best all-around plugins checks in again as a fascinating alternative to the standalone grammar checkers out there.

To be clear, that means that you shouldn’t expect Jetpack’s grammar checking tools to be as robust as the alternatives. It’s got some great features, but it will never be on that level. However,  that’s really not a huge issue when you consider that you’re probably using Jetpack already anyway. As we’ve said before, running to many plugins and add-ons can slow down your computer and site. Using one application for multiple functions can help you reduce clutter.

If you just need simple grammar checking features and care about response time, then Jetpack could prove to be exactly what you want. 

Language Tool

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Depending on your needs, you may find that many of the best grammar checkers don’t help that much with multiple languages. That can be a problem if anything but English is your native language or if you simply need the ability to check other languages. 

That’s where Language Tool comes into play. As a pure grammar checker, it’s ok. It offers most of the basics, but you shouldn’t expect too much from it otherwise. Where it really stands apart, though, is when it comes to international language support. Language Tool is compatible with some of the most prolific languages in the world; a feature that helps it instantly stand out from the pack. 

Language Tool may simply be your only real option in certain circumstances. Even then, it’s actually a pretty great one. 


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It feels a bit strange to recommend OnlineCorrection. After all, it’s not a plugin or add-on. It’s just a website that you go to in order to double check your grammar. 

Theoretically, that makes it one of the less appealing grammar checkers out there. However,  OnlineCorrection is another one of those rare grammar checkers that allows you to easily check your work across multiple languages. As we’ve said, that’s a rare ability you can’t overlook. It’s also sometimes nice that OnlienCorrection is a separate website as that means it won’t slow down your backend. Besides, not everyone needs to always check work in a foreign language. 

For its versatility and ease-of-use in certain respects, this is a tool that you should be aware of. 


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In recent years, grammar checkers have been defined and rated less by their spell checking abilities and more for their deeper analytics. So far as deeper analytics go, you’ll have a hard time finding a grammar checker that offers more than ProWriting Aid.

It’s almost impossible to tell you everything that ProWritingAid can inform you of. From alliteration to eloquence and plagiarism, ProWritingAid breaks down your work in ways you probably would have never thought of. Some will find that level of detail to be annoying, but across 20+ reports, ProWritingAid helps you become a better writer by looking at your writing through a sharp critical eye. 

If grammar means more to you then spelling, then you’ll find that this is simply one of the most complete grammar checkers out there. 


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Advancements in AI have led to some wonderful technological advancements in recent years. While most grammar checkers are using some form of AI, none of them boast that feature as often as GradeProof’s creators do. 

Maybe that’s because GradeProof is capable of some special things. Like the competition, it will generate detailed reports that point out grammatical errors and other problems. Where this plugin really shines, though, is when it comes to plagiarism checks. GradeProof excels at scanning documents and looking for any possible plagiarism problems. This makes it a particular favorite amongst editors who need to ensure that their contributors’ work is genuine.

GradeProof works well for just about anyone who needs grammar checkers, but it truly shines for professionals who want to ensure contributions are clean and original. 

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