5 Best Free Gutenberg Templates

Working on WordPress Block Editor will be more fun with Gutenberg templates. They will allow you to skip the blank canvas and turn it into any design you want. Interestingly, the pre-made template designs are free. You only need to customize the templates you like to meet your desired designs. This is a great way to help you create a nice-looking design with minimum effort. This page will show you the 6 best plugins Gutenberg templates that you can get for free.

Otter Blocks

Free Gutenberg Templates

Speaking about the most popular Gutenberg plugin templates, Otter is perhaps the best among all. The plugin template is basically a great combination of power and ease of use. In this way, you will find its design very helpful. Otter Blocks will also provide you with access to a broad template library of Gutenberg. The library offers extended functionality of blocks and provides you with over 50 different template designs.

If you are looking for optimum flexibility to be used in your WordPress Block Editor, these Otter Blocks will be a great option to choose for. They will not only provide you with a starting point but also a wide range of customization options. This tool is an all-in-one solution and convenient to use, thanks to the block features added. Some of the most interesting features of Otter Blocks are:

  1. A lightweight template design to allow you to effectively run the site
  2. More than 20 new additional blocks added
  3. Additional animation modules and optional CSS. They will allow you to add animations and custom CSS to the individual blocks

Starter Templates

The next best plugin template of Gutenberg is Starter Templates. The tool now has been installed by more than one million users. Starter Templates are one of the popular tools due to some good reasons. This plugin will make it possible for you to use various Gutenberg templates. Not only that, but the tool also allows you to have options to use other popular page builders.

The massive installation of Starter Templates is also because of the popular Astra theme added. However, you can still use this plugin template without the Astra theme. Additionally, the recent updates of the Starter Templates have turned it into theme-independent. In this way, you can operate this plugin template by using any alternative to the Astra theme. Some of the key features of Starter Templates are:

Full templates for Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Brizy, and Elementor

  1. A wide range of themed templates will enable you to make designs for various pages that have a similar aesthetic.
  2. An option to allow you to import individual pages. In this way, you can combine different elements to meet your preferred design.
  3. Option to inactivate the plugin once you finish designing.


Even though Gutenberg is a very useful tool, you can improve the functionalities by using other block editor tools. This is how Gutentor will be very helpful. The tool will make it possible for you to weapon yourself with starter templates and customize them. As for the features, Gutenter provides you with some interesting options. These include:

  1. Perform-centric design that allows you to focus more on style without worrying about the speed.
  2. The design options of Gutenberg are dynamic and advanced. For instance, you can use videos as a background.
  3. The templates provided by Gutentor are all designed with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind.

Redux Framework

Gutenberg Template Library and Redux Framework will be a perfect option to pick up if you are interested in a library template that keeps expanding. The plugin keeps adding new templates and they are all stylish and functional. For now, there are more than 100 templates that you can find in the library. Another great thing about this tool is that it is developer-friendly. In other words, there will be more flexibility to make unique designs by using a wide range of templates that you can enjoy. Overall, the plugin is a smart option to create sites for your clients.

There are some features provided by Gutenberg Template Library and Redux Framework that you can enjoy. Here they are.

  1. An instant view that allows you to enjoy the necessary dependencies you need to make the templates.
  2. Custom page templates that make it possible for you to override parts of your template themes.
  3. Automated installation of any tools that might be useful for you in the future.


Last but not least. Another popular free plugin template you can use for WordPress is Twentig. The tool provides Guttenberg templates with basic default themes. Twentig also comes with a simple but elegant layout with a familiar theme for WordPress, making it a perfect option, especially for a WordPress beginner. There are two different defaults WordPress themes provided by Twentig. They are Twenty Twenty and Twenty Twenty-One. Meanwhile, the features provided are:

  1. A full or partial website option
  2. A team of skilled and professional designers
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