Fastest Loading Themes For WordPress in 2020

It’s no surprise that many of those looking for a new WordPress theme start their search with the fastest loading themes.

Few things hinder a visitor’s enthusiasm like long load times. You may have a great website, but that doesn’t mean people want to wait on it. That’s why it’s vital that you emphasize your theme’s overall performance.

Fortunately, a new generation of themes manage to focus on speed while featuring so much more. You no longer need to settle on a theme that is just good enough.

To help show you the possibilities, let’s look at some of this year’s fastest loading themes for WordPress.


Looking for a fast loading theme that is perfect for your online store? Instock should be one of the first demos that you try. 

This incredibly fast theme is designed to appeal to online store operators looking to display their goods via a responsive theme. With this theme, users will be able to quickly bounce between items in order to scope your entire inventory. Even better, this theme is great for mobile devices, which is perfect for all the mobile impulse buyers out there. 

In the world of online shopping, a quick reponse time can be the difference between a sale and a lost customer. Go with Instock when you want to feel confident in your user experience. 


The best blog and magazine themes that emphasize speed are usually all about keeping things clean. So far as that goes, few of the fastest loading themes do it better than Stencil. 

By breaking most of your content into blocks, Stencil can convey a lot of information in a little space. Not only does that result in a clean overall style that’s pleasing to the eye, but that format means faster loading times for your readers. Stencil can even handle a backlog of content with relative ease. 

Stencil offers an exciting blend of form and function that you’ll immediately love.


Just as the name says, PublishNow is all about getting content out there as fast as possible. 

By utilizing a simple (yet attractive) layout, PublishNow serves as a particularly fast theme that works especially well on mobile devices. For the reader, content loads quickly and looks fantastic. You, meanwhile, will be able to benefit from a solidly built system designed to handle a ton of content with no struggles. 

PublishNow is all about speed, which so happens to make it the perfect option for anyone who values fast loads above all else. 


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Scalia regularly ranks highly amongst the fastest loading themes, which is impressive enough on its own. However, what really impresses about this theme is how few features it sacrifices for that speed. 

With its video features and slider support, Scalia allows you to build a more elaborate website than you may expect if you’re focusing on speed. While this theme’s load times are particularly impressive, it manages to perform especially well when it comes to pure load times. 

Scalia is a fantastic option for business and more elaborate websites that still want to emphasize speed. 

The Gem

Photo: wordpress.org

We’ve praised The Gem before for its versatility and beauty. Now, it’s time to praise it for being one the fastest loading themes as well. 

One of the things the Gem truly excels at is images. Tests show that The Gem can support a vast majority of visual content and still rank high among the fastest overall themes. That’s an almost unheard of level of performance for that specific purpose. 

That quality makes The Gem a real gem for magazine websites and others which rely on more media. 


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The simply named X boasts not only great overall response time, but it features one of the best page builders among the fastest loading themes. 

X offers the choice between Visual Composer and Cornerstone for your page building needs. The option is nice, but what’s really great is that all options offer incredible speed. Being able to build your website exactly as you want without having to worry about overall speed is an amazing benefit. 

If you’re looking beyond templates and demos, then you’ll definitely want to check out what X has to offer. 


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Udesign brings up an interesting point you have to address when you talk about the fastest loading themes: features vs. speed. 

Udesign is not feature heavy. In fact, it’s probably going to not be enough for some WordPress site operators. However, if you’re talking about pure speed, then this is about as good as it gets. Udesign can load simpler pages faster than just about anything else out there. 

If you’re being honest about your needs, then Udesign may just be the fast theme that you’ve been searching for. Just be sure to leave yourself some room to grow. 


Photo: wordpress.org

GeneratePress will almost certainly pop up in any thorough search for the fastest loading themes. That’s just because it’s one of the absolute best out there in nearly every respect.

Due largely to some excellent coding, GeneratePress is about as fast as the fastest themes out there. Its response times and load speeds are just incredible. Even better, it’s a multipurpose theme, which means that you should be able to use it for just about anything. 

Larger and more ambitious sites may want to invest in the premium option, but GeneratePress tends to be exceptional regardless of the specifics. 


Photo: colorlib.com

Speed is obviously important when it comes to the fastest loading themes, but it’s not everything. There are times when you really want a feature heavy theme that so happens to be faster than most. 

For those times, there is Jevelin. This theme is certainly fast, but what’s really amazing is how fast it is for the options it offers. With so many custom animation possibilities, Jevelin is a truly modern theme that manages to be surprisingly quick. 

This will never be faster than lighter themes, but it’s incredibly fast for what you get. 


Photo: mhthemes.com

It’s obvious why online magazine operators want the fastest loading themes, but they aren’t easy to find. How do you expect to find a fast magazine theme that can handle that much media? 

Gillion is the quick answer to that question. It’s a versatile magazine theme that offers the options you’d hope to see from such a template. Despite a wealth of such features, it manages to move surprisingly fast. 

This isn’t the only quick magazine theme out there, but it could easily be the last you’ll need. 


Photo: mhthemes.com

If you want your magazine to look as modern as possible while still being fast, then you certainly need to look at what CheerUp has to offer. 

CheerUp’s footer, header, and general design options are among the best you’ll find when it comes to the fastest loading themes. You can make some simply stunning websites via this theme and most of them will operate faster than you’d normally see. 

If you’re willing to sacrifice just a bit more speed, then it’s hard to do better than CheerUp for your online magazine. 


Photo: youtube.com

Fast and simple usually go hand in hand. After all, the simplest themes usually perform the fastest across the board. 

Neve is one of the better examples of that relationship. If you’re just starting out, you’re going to love how easy it is to get a Neve site running. Even if you know what you’re doing, you’ll be impressed by how much faster Neve performs even after you’ve uploaded a good deal of content.

Those who are just getting started will love how easy Neve makes just about everything.


Photo: themegrill.com

Speaking of the fastest loading themes that are perfect for beginners, we come to the excellent option known as Zakra. 

Zakra is about as light as it gets. That’s obviously perfect for overall speed, but it also means that it’s not hard to build a site using this theme. That ease of use is complemented by some incredible available demos that do much of the work for you.

Zakra is a great set it and forget it option, but it’s deep enough to be worthy of consideration regardless of your skill level. 


Photo: wordpress.org

As another once of those themes that seems to pop up whenever we’re talking about the best themes, you may already know about Astra. Even if you do, we still need to talk about just how fast this theme is. 

Astra embodies just about everything you could want from a fast theme. It’s incredibly lightweight which reduces the strain on your users’ connections. It’s also designed as a multipurpose theme, which is another thing we love to see whenever we’re recommending a great theme. 

Astra’s blend of speed and versatility is about as impressive as it gets in terms of the fastest loading themes and just about every other kind of theme. 


Photo: smartslider.com

Finding a fast theme that offers you true design options can be tricky. After all, how can you promise speed across so many design possibilities? 

OceanWP comes pretty close to solving that particular problem. It’s not the pure fastest that we’ve seen, but when we’re talking about design options, this is one of the few fast loading themes that truly offers them. Actually, this is one of the more versatile themes regardless of speed. 

It’s hard to knock what OceanWP offers unless you’re simply looking for blazing fast speed above all else. 


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