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There are so many things to think about when you’re starting a website. Content, hours, design, themes…we don’t need to tell you how quickly it can become overwhelming. Yet, there’s one aspect of site building that we continuously find people overlook: the web host.

We understand why you may not think much about your web host. After all, aren’t they just the people you pay so you can reserve a space on the internet? While that’s all that some web hosts offer, the best ones offer so much more. They offer the security and technical foundation you need in order to build a truly successful website.

That’s why we’re here to talk about Bluehost. We know that you may just want to find a web host, send them some money, and not think about it. However, we can think of quite a few reasons why Bluehost is the service provider you need to turn to when you’re starting a website.

Incredible Introductory Plan

We know money matters when you’re starting a new website. That’s especially true for those who aren’t trying to build an especially large website. What if you just want an online corner to call your own? Do you really need to commit to expensive plans?

With Bluehost, you don’t. Their base plan (which you can get now for $2.95 a month) is one of the best we’ve seen amongst introductory options. We usually expect such plans to shortchange you on features. That’s not the case with Bluehost. Thanks to features like an unmetered connection and 25 included subdomains, Bluehost gives you everything you’d ever need.

This is the rare case of an introductory plan which gives you everything you’d ever need if you just want a website to call your own.

Exceptional Expanded Hosting Options

Let’s say your plans for your website are quite ambitious. Typically, we’d have to point you to a different kind of web host. After all, too many services which offer great introductory plans and non-competitive expanded options.

That’s not the case with Bluehost. For just a few more dollars a month, you gain access to features such as unlimited websites, unlimited SSD storage, and unlimited domains. If you’re really looking to grow, Bluehost’s Pro plan is for you. It offers incredible features like enhanced performance, a dedicated IP, and all the data and space you’ll ever need.

It’s truly amazing to see a web host that offers you whatever you need regardless of how big you want to grow.

Unmatched Uptime

Sometimes, you don’t want a web host that’s too exciting. By that, we mean that you don’t want a web host that’s performance is unsteady and unreliable. You don’t want a web host that you have to think about too much because you’re constantly battling it.

Thankfully, that’s not what you get with Bluehost. With one of the highest recorded uptimes across multiple tests, Bluehost is something of a technological miracle. Most users and independent tests record a 99% uptime on their Bluehost websites. That means that you rarely (if ever) have to worry about whether or not your website is working as it should.

You’ve got enough work to do in order to get your website going. The last thing you need is an inferior web host that will always leave you wondering if everything is ok.

Rapid Load Speeds for Enhanced Performance

The right theme can do a lot for you. However, even the best, most responsive themes will forever be handicapped by unreliable web hosts. You’re never going to achieve the speeds you’re dreaming of if your web host isn’t capable of offering them.

Speed is what you get with Bluehost. A series of independent tests reveal that Bluehost websites are regularly among the fastest of all available options. With speeds of often less than 400ms, Bluehost boasts truly incredible response time.

Why does that matter? Well, along with offering your users a better experience, high response times can greatly benefit your search engine rankings. That means more traffic, people jumping from articles faster and faster, and exceptional mobile performance.

Enhanced Security Options

Here is another area where you expect such an affordable host to falter. After all, security is one of those places where too many other hosts cut corners in order to reduce costs.

It’s truly remarkable, then, that Bluehost features such incredible security features across its various plans. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll be supported by SSL certification. That means that you’ll be able to rely on some of the most respected, fundamental online security in the world today. You also get to enjoy domain privacy which makes it much more difficult for a hacker to access your site.

Of course, that’s just what you get with even the base Bluehost plan. Those who choose to scale their website up will also have access to advanced features such as spam protection and backup protection.

Simple WordPress Installation

Obviously, we love WordPress. It’s one of the best platforms in the world for whatever kind of website you may want to build. Unfortunately, not all web hosts treat WordPress equally. Some can actually make the installation process unnecessarily difficult.

Thankfully, that’s not the case with Bluehost. With its advanced integrated WordPress installation options, Bluehost was clearly designed to utilize the WordPress platform. That means that all of those wonderful themes that we’re constantly recommending will run like a dream on a Bluehost website.

You should never settle for unnecessary difficulty when building a website. That’s certainly not what you get here.

Advanced Set-Up Process

Not getting in your way during the set-up/install process is one thing. However, Bluehost goes well-beyond that by actively making installations easier than you could have imagined they would be.

It’s all about the options. When you build a website with this host, it asks you exactly what you want from your site. From there, it recommends the best options available in order to build the website of your dreams. Few other hosts can boast such a combination of intuitive design and advanced features.

Again, it’s hard enough to start a website without having to deal with extra problems. The options offered via this service eliminates as many of those problems as possible.

Weebly Support for Easy Site Design

You should feel great for finding a host, finding a theme, and getting your website going. However, you also know the job isn’t done yet. Now you have to navigate the difficult world of website design.

Bluehost helps make that process easier by offering full Weebly support. Weebly is one of our favorite platforms for designing a website with absolute ease. Its drag-and-drop interface ensures anyone can design a website without having to settle for less. You get to make a professional website without having to put in unnecessary work.

This is just one of the ways that Bluehost clearly understands that the challenges of building a website should come from your ambition and not through unnecessary hurdles.

A Money-Back Guarantee

The world of online content is always changing. What was hot one week is outdated the next. Frankly, you should always be making changes if you’re hoping to keep up.

Bluehost seems to understand that things can change. They even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you choose to cancel your service member. Some conditions apply, but the idea is that they’re not going to lock you in just because you’ve changed your mind.

We wouldn’t recommend a service unless we felt confident that it might be for you. That being said, we always praise any service that offers some kind of financial guarantee. If nothing else, it offers you that peace of mind needed to confidently do what is best for you in your pursuit of the best website possible.

World Class Customer Service

Along with a money-back guarantee, few policies are more welcome than strong customer service. While reliable systems like Bluehost rarely require much technical support, that’s not all a great customer service system can provide.

For instance, the Bluehost customer support team can help you use the service’s tools to build the perfect website. They can alert you to features you never knew existed. With their help, you’ll never have to feel overwhelmed even if Bluehost is the first web host you’ve ever used. If you’ve ever worked with a host that didn’t offer that level of support, you’ll know what an asset that level of support can be.

If you only think of customer support as something you turn to when there is a problem, Bluehost will help show you what is possible.

Bluehost Offers a Wealth of Features Regardless of Your Plan

As we’ve mentioned before, Bluehost offers a variety of plans for your needs. What we really need to emphasize, though, is that Bluehost offers many of the same incredible features regardless of what plan you choose.

Bluehost offers all of its subscribers the incredible customer support, security, and user experience options we noted above. Starting with their $5.45 a month plan, they also offer unlimited websites, unlimited SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth to all their subscribers. On top of that, all subscribers can benefit from advanced features such as free website scripts and advanced eCommerce solutions.

Those are not features you ever “expect” to get at such a low price. Take our advice and don’t find out the hard way that most of the competition can’t truly compete.

One of the Best Control Panels in the Business

What good are all the features in the world if you don’t know how to use them? While Bluehost’s customer service team can help you there, the service offers an even quicker way to truly master your website.

Bluehost’s enhanced cPanel functionality is quite simply one of the best we’ve ever seen. This pop-in panel will allow you to instantly access nearly any part of your website. It compiles many of the best Bluehost features in a single space. Not only does that mean you don’t have to dig for the feature you’re looking for, it means that you have unprecedented access to those features even after you’ve learned them.

It’s hard to go back to a service that doesn’t offer this feature once you’ve started using it. It’s one of the many reasons we advise looking at Bluehost first.

Expanded Software Support

It’s always hard to recommend a service that doesn’t offer nearly full support of add-ons. Add-ons are one of the best ways to keep up with the incredible demands of the online content world. They allow you to be truly flexible.

Bluehost emphasizes its add-ons in an encouraging way. It makes them easy to install, easy to use, and easy to find. You’ll rarely encounter any hurdles when trying to install the add-on you need. That’s not something that’s always easy to find. After all, even companies like Apple guard their hardware to such a degree that you’re basically forced to deal with whatever updates they offer.

Instead, you should choose a hosting solution that understands you know what your website needs better than anyone. You can’t let limited support hinder your vision.

Bluehost Is a WordPress Recommended, Proven Success

You don’t want to mess with too many unknowns when you’re building a website. There are enough factors out there trying to limit your success and potential. When you’re just starting out, there are only so many chances you can really take.

Maybe that’s the best reason to choose Bluehost. As an official WordPress host, they have the recommendation of a service that has become arguably the backbone of the internet. More importantly, they have the passionate support of millions of users. The internet is filled with thousands of recommendations from Bluehost users who know the host makes their life easier.

Nothing says success like success. The fact is that Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosts for the reasons we outlined above and many more. When you don’t want to have to worry about your web host, they’re the provider you need.

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