Best WordPress URL Shorteners Plugins – 2022

Any idea to find the most reliable WordPress URL shorteners? With so many choices out there, it is somewhat challenging to find the one that delivers the best benefit.  But, do you really know the main function of URL Shorteners?  As the name implies, URL Shorteners is the most effective way to shorten a long link. Imagine how we can share our business link with our clients when the link is too long and looks less professional.  It means URL shorteners are highly suitable for business websites. However, they are also good for personal usage.

Basic Understanding About URL Shortener

The basic understanding of URL Shortener is actually very easy. It is a tool that website owners can utilize for the long URL of its website in order to make it short and simple to share. Yes, this kind of technology was once known as the bit.ly shortener.  Years ago, this service is free, though it seems to be one of the most reliable shortening tools with a small subscription plan.

These days, the URL shortener tool is ready from WordPress, the most popular website platform that all company owners use for their website business.  By using the URL Shortener, website owners can customize links easily. The shortened version will remove some numbers and characters which are not necessary.

The shortened version is very easy to remember, so there won’t be any difficulties for anyone to find a certain website that he or she wants to click. The best thing about using the URL shortener tool is its ability to redirect the user to the right page. Even more, the Shortened URLs won’t make any impact on the SEO ranking. Besides, it also follows the common 301 redirects.

The best benefit of having URL shortener tools is easy way to share it through emails or social media platforms. It is important for website owners to find some services of URL shortening which can provide tracking options for the easiest experience. By doing this, owners can manage the shared links for tracking the marketing campaigns without any hassle. But, mostly, website owners use a WordPress URL shortener.

Check Out The Most Recommended WordPress URL Shorteners

Without doubt,  WordPress URL Shorteners are very famous among website owners. They claimed that they enjoy the easy process of shortening their WordPress permalinks.  Now, if you are one of those WordPress owners and you want to make comparisons of features between paid or free URL Shorteners, keep on reading to find the best choice that suits your need.

URL Shortify

This tool is the most common option for newbies with new WordPress websites. This tool is a completely free WordPress URL shortener plugin.  This tool allows users to use their domain names to shorten the links. This is mostly different from other common URL shortening services.

However, the simple feature of this tool is very much beneficial, in which users can mark up their long URLs into shorter and simpler ones By sharing short URL, users can rest assured that their potential clients will check the link through emails, blogs, ads, or social media posts. This tool also allocates users to track the statistics so they can monitor the total clicks number with a click counter that is available within the WordPress admin dashboard.

URL Shortener

This is another free WordPress plugin that users can use for creating short links. The lightweight feature makes it simple to use. It is also fast so users don’t need to worry about their websites slowing down. This plugin is also very easy to create custom memorable short links for social sharing, emails, and more. URL Shortener is the best choice for beginners as its plugin is very easy to deal with.  Managing and organizing all users’ custom URLs is as easy as setting it up through one dashboard.  The plugin can allow users to keep a track of the whole clicks from the website’s visitors.  This is mostly the best choice for freelancers who want to try affiliate marketing.

Pretty Links

This is a paid plugin with more comprehensive features. It is very popular among advanced WordPress users, probably because of its cloaking plugin that allows users in creating affiliate links that they can share through various social media and emails. Most users share the link on their podcasts and YouTube channels.  The best thing about this plugin is its ability to add affiliate links right into users’ WordPress websites for automatic placement in the content. Its excellent tracking feature is outstanding. The plan varies from beginner to premium, in which the cheapest plan only costs $49/year for one license site.


The last but not least, considering ThirstyAffiliates as the best WordPress URL Shortener is very wise. It is not only an URL shortener but also a link cloaking plugin. What’s more, it can become the most reliable affiliate marketing plugin.  Users can easily generate custom affiliate links so they can easily add them to their blog posts.

Reports are ready for users who want to check their links’ overall performance. This plugin can be integrated with Google Analytics where users can also check clicks in their analytics reports. Automatic fixing for 404 errors is another outstanding feature that it boasts.  Even more, users can rest assured that their links are updated, thanks to the dependable

So, choose the best WordPress URL shorteners that you need and make the most of your website. Don’t just consider the price, but think about how you can take advantage of any of those plugins.

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