6 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins in 2021

There are several good candidates for the best WordPress contact form plugins to help you maintain good communication with your clients or visitors to your website. When you have a business, and you are adamant about keeping a good flow of communication with the visitors (and potential customers), having a contact form plugin would be handy. Customers and visitors love it when they are given several options to communicate with you, so why don’t you give them the pleasure of having a contact form for the website?

One of the Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins – Ninja Kick Sidebar

If you are looking for a premium contact form plugin, this one would be the right pick. Not only you give your visitors the options to contact you, but the contact form itself comes with attractive design. The things to love about this plugin are:

  • It has clean design and appealing content push (animation) effects. 
  • You are able to add a visible floating button 
  • It makes the website look attractive and different from the others

However, the plugin isn’t 100% perfect as there are several flaws and downsides. First of all, it isn’t cheap. The free service is quite limited, which may force you to upgrade it to a paid service. Moreover, you may need more time to get used to it. All in all, though, the plugin has quite a nice offer which can make your website look different. 


6 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins in 2021

Looking for a free plugin? Then this one would be the right one for you. This is relatively a new plugin for contact form, but it is built within WordPress Customizer entirely. You won’t have to familiarize yourself with new UI or such thing alike. Other things to like are:

  • It is lightweight in performance and code, so it won’t add extra burden to the system
  • Not only it is free, but it is also easy and fast
  • Operating it is super easy, such as the drag and drop feature to make it efficient and fast
  • It enables you to add the forms almost anywhere, including widget, post, and pages areas
  • You can copy the message to the admin dashboard – along with the notification

There is only one downside, though. There is always a message ‘powered by HappyForms’ located at the form’s bottom side. If you are ok with it, then it may work well for you. However, if you don’t like it at all, then find other plugins. 


This is a great plugin because it offers flexibility and freedom in the arrangement for users – whether they are beginners or professionals. With this plugin, you can:

  • Customized all the features and fields to create the wanted form
  • Integrate it with any email provider that you want, including making order payments and booking collection configuration
  • Benefit from the instant notification ability for fast response 
  • Use smart geolocation data to understand (and learn more about) the visitors
  • Enjoy the offered add-ons
  • Decide whether you want to stick to the free service or the paid one

Even with the free service, you can enjoy all of the features – which are more than enough. When compared to other plugins, the free service should be enough to make your website look professional and updated. So far, there is no flaw about this plugin. 

Simple Basic Contact Form

This is another free plugin that isn’t only lightweight, but it can also deliver a fast result. If you aren’t familiar with any contact form plugin before, this would be the right option for you. The reasons why you will love it are:

  • It is completely functional and easy to manage
  • It is packed with good security feature that delivers impressive performance. When compared to other plugins, this one has better security technologies. It is able to deter spam and malware quite effectively. Not to mention that it has a captcha feature to prevent spam
  • It has optimized (clean) code for better performance and faster loading

However, the plugin itself is pretty basic – which may not be the best option for professional and advanced users. Not to mention that you can’t find the more complicated or sophisticated features from this one. A lot of users say that this plugin is suitable for the beginner users instead of the advanced types. 

Visual Form Builder

The plugin offers versatile package and service. Feel free to enjoy the free service, but you also have the option to upgrade it a paid service – with the Pro Package. The idea with the plugin is to create forms in minutes without using any complicated codes. You can even build forms without touching any code! The things to like about this plugin are:

  • It offers straightforward and direct solution. Make use of the drag and drop feature, for instance, or use a click to add fields easily. 
  • It can be used to export the forms to the CSV file while storing the forms in the (WordPress) database automatically. 
  • It has its own automatic duplication feature with one-system method – saving you time in the process

The downside is that the free service may be quite limited. Considering that this plugin offers two types of services (the free and paid one), then the ones offered for the free type aren’t as comprehensive (and complete) as the paid one. 

Everest Forms

This is a plugin that offers both free service as well as paid one, giving you the versatility to adjust the contact form as the way you like it. With this, you are able to create unlimited contact forms (as well as other forms) and you are able to do it easily. There are many things to like about this plugin, such as:

  • It has various collections of templates. You don’t have to start from the very beginning
  • You are free to change the setting of the form and customize it. There is also a preview so you are able to see how the form will look like
  • Intuitive UI and unlimited forms
  • It also support short codes, so you should be able to tweak it for the sidebars, post, or page
  • It offers advanced forms, but this is applicable for paid service

Again, the only downside is the limited features for the free service. If you want something sophisticated or with more features, you should consider having the paid service. 

Those are some of the candidate plugins for the contact form. Learn about these best WordPress contact form plugins so you know which one to choose for your requirements. 

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