Best Looking WordPress Themes of 2020

The best looking WordPress themes have one thing in common. They all make you say “wow.”

A good looking WordPress theme is more than an exercise in vanity. It showcases to others that you are serious about how you present your site and yourself to the world. That “wow” you draw from a visitor is what’s going to encourage them to explore and come back for more. We don’t look for the best looking themes because our sites are hollow. No, we look for them because they’re the gateway to everything you have to offer.

Here are some of the best looking WordPress themes of 2020.


best looking wordpress themes
Photo: themeansar.com

OceanWP is responsive, easy, popular, and yes, beautiful. We honestly believe it’s that last quality that may make it one of the most recommended WordPress themes on the market today.

Many of OceanWP’s demos utilize a stunning single-page vertical layout. This makes it easy to spread a variety of information throughout the site in helpful layers. Beyond being easy-to-navigate, this also results in a surprising degree of design versatility. It’s easy to plug in rich media and dynamic designs via this fantastic layout.

OceanWp is already one of the best all-around WordPress themes you can download today. It doesn’t hurt that it’s one of the best looking WordPress themes to boot.


best looking wordpress themes
Photo: organicthemes.com

Despite what you may hear, minimalism and beauty are not at odds. You can, in fact, do more with less. That’s especially true of Collective: one of the best looking WordPress themes for 2020.

Collective is primarily used by online stores due to its distraction-free page building options. It emphasizes photos and interactive layout options, which means it’s an incredible way to display whatever you’re trying to sell. Even if you’re not selling anything, you may just fall in love with its rich layout options.

This theme is a simply awesome way to put your media in the forefront without sacrificing functionality.

Sydney Pro

best looking wordpress themes
Photo: mhthemes.com

Some of the best looking WordPress themes begin with a great header. The header often serves as a declaration of design intent for the rest of your website. So far as that goes, Sydney Pro offers some of the best header options out there.

That’s especially true of this theme’s incredible video header options. The ability to efficiently embed a video header not only helps your site stand out, but it lets people know what you’re all about. Below the header, incredible block content options allow you to efficiently arrange the rest of your content.

Sydney Pro offers a classic look modernized by some smart tools and wonderful header options.

The Voux

best looking wordpress themes
Photo: wpion.com

Many people seek a “modern” layout, but not everyone knows what that really means. Generally speaking, though, a modern layout looks a little complex. It utilizes tools you wouldn’t have even seen on websites just a few years ago.

That’s what The Voux offers. It’s a little more complicated to use than some of the other best looking WordPress themes, but the effort is worth it. Via extensive drag-and-drop options, it lets you create the website of your dreams. It’s especially great at allowing you to easily create amazing galleries.

The Voux is an incredible option for portfolios, stores, photography sites, and more.

Travel Way

best looking wordpress themes
Photo: wordpress.org

Don’t be fooled by the name. Travel Way may be designed with travel sites in mind, but it’s on our list of the best looking WordPress themes for a reason.

Travel Way is designed to showcase beautiful imagery. Yes, some of its features are specifically designed for travel websites, but you’d be amazed how well this theme works for other purposes. For instance, it’s actually pretty great for photographers looking for a simple portfolio.

Travel Way excels at its intended purpose, but you’d be amazed how well it works for those with creative minds and other intentions.


best looking wordpress themes
Photo: wpzoom.com

Food websites are becoming an increasingly popular form of online media. It turns out that people really like looking at photos of food and browsing for online recipes.

Foodica is one of the better recent WordPress themes for food websites. It takes cues from years of design innovations in the field of other websites. The result is a website that is fantastic for sharing recipes but is also built to share those wonderful food photos that keep viewers coming back for more.

Even some of the best recipe sites look like they belong to another era. Help yours stand out by using Foodica: one of the best looking WordPress themes of 2020.


best looking wordpress themes
Photo: wordpress.org

It’s no surprise that online stores often demand the best looking WordPress themes. After all, we’re all trying to sell our websites, but online stores are trying to actually move products to boot.

Elite is quickly becoming a fantastic theme option for online stores. It offers extensive gallery options designed to showcase your store’s products in the best possible ways. Due to the customization offers included as part of this theme’s base package, you really have an impressive degree of control over what you feature and how.

This is just one of the best options out there for those who take the growth of their online stores seriously.


best looking wordpress themes
Photo: envatoelements.com

Along with store owners, portfolio creators are one of the groups that rely on the best looking WordPress themes the most. When you’re trying to sell yourself and your work, you need a theme that is going to stand out.

Adios happens to be one of the best looking portfolio themes you’ll find today. From striking headers to expertly placed information blocks, Adios is designed to catch your attention and never let it go.

While this theme is especially good for photographers, just about anyone will be able to get mileage out of its incredible layout and features.


best looking wordpress themes
Photo: designshack.net

Some of the best looking WordPress themes are designed to fulfill a specific purpose. There’s a much rarer breed of themes which look great and are flexible enough for various needs.

Bridge is almost in a class of its own in that respect. By utilizing design variants that emphasize headers and other rich media placements, it allows you to create a wide variety of sites. More importantly, the theme is appealing and versatile enough to look like it was designed for whatever purpose you may assign it.

If you can’t commit to a single idea but want the best looking site possible, Bridge is a more than viable option.


Photo: themes4wp.com

By their very nature, photography websites often feature some of the best looking WordPress themes. After all, what looks better than a page full of photographs.

Well, how about a page that showcases photographs in their full-size glory? Kingsize offers just that by allowing you to assign your favorite photos a full page that displays them in high definition. That makes it great for photographers, but its unique design and gallery options make it a fascinating choice for other types of site users as well.
You just have to check out Kingsize if your website will heavily feature photographs.

The Agency

Photo: envatoelements.com

There’s something appealing about a good grid-based layout. They typically allow you to display quite a bit of information in a reasonable space. This makes them especially appealing to online store owners, photographers, and anyone creating a portfolio.

The Agency offers one of the absolute best grid-based layouts you’ll find. It’s clean, responsive, and even offers the ability to utilize a great looking blog. It immediately stands out from a wave of competitors and is as functional as it is beautiful.

Among the best looking WordPress themes, The Agency stands out as a truly top-tier option.

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