6 Best Free and Paid WordPress Booking Plugins

If you have a business where making orders or bookings is crucial, there are some free and paid WordPress booking plugins that you can use. There are several plugins that can do more than just making reservations as they can also make payments online and others. However, you should keep in mind that not everyone needs such a plugin. Not all businesses need it either. If you have businesses in ticketing service, rental service, a freelance service, or a professional practice, such a plugin can do you a big favor.

Pinpoint Booking System – Handy Free and Paid WordPress Booking Plugins

6 Best Free and Paid WordPress Booking Plugins

Generally, when a service offers free service (aside from the paid one), the features would be different and they are pretty limited too. However, you won’t find such a difference with this plugin. In fact, the free version itself offers impressive features, such as:

  • Friendly user interface that helps users enjoy their activities while using it
  • You should be able set the app and customize it the way you want to. You can even integrate it with available payment methods, promoting even easier use.
  • Good integration with WooCommerce. This feature is especially handy when you have an online business or online store
  • Customizable ability that isn’t only good for the application, but also helps you create vouchers and coupons in such a breeze!
  • It also has good support for currency preference, calendar sync, and language.


It is a simple plugin that can be set for automatic use. You can use it anytime – 24/7 for various activities, such as making online payment and make appointments. This plugin offers free and paid services. The available features are:

  • You can enjoy various flexible operations. The free service is great for startups and small businesses, while bigger businesses can enjoy the paid one.
  • It comes with integrated services; you can have it. Unfortunately, it is only available for the paid service. However, the basic free service is decent enough to create professional setting.
  • It connects you to the text messages so you can always respond quickly.
  • It has Google Calendar Sync, which can be beneficial for your employers
  • The layout is neat, modern, and well-arranged.
  • It has diagrams and graphs which can be beneficial for business performance
  • It even allows easy discount or voucher tweak

The only downside is that the features would be limited for the free – and more open (and available) for paid service. However, the free service should be enough for professional look. The features are more than enough to get your business going.


Just like the previous plugins, this one offers versatile operation with the free service as well as the paid type. The free service offers basic tool which should be enough for basic work, but you won’t get unlimited usage for staff users and online payment support. If you stick to the free service, then you should be satisfied with free bookings only. It’s pretty limited. Don’t be discouraged, though, because there are other features to enjoy, such as:

  • It is a modern plugin with sleek layout and appealing design
  • The form is responsive and customizable. It can be used by admins and also customers.
  • The features are quite complete – without you having to deal with complicated coding
  • The plugin can be used for several different providers within the booking schedules
  • It can be integrated with Google Calendar

As it was mentioned before, the free service has limited features and abilities. Moreover, Bookly feels more suitable for advanced and professional users instead of beginners. Beginners may be able to finally enjoy the features after they get used to it.

Appointment Calendar

This is a free plugin with straightforward and simple mechanism. Managing one should be easy too. You must unzip the file and then upload it right away to the (WordPress’) plugin directory. That’s it! This is a perfect plugin for those with offline business, but wanting some useful online support. With this plugin, you should be able to enjoy:

  • Easy appoint management and creation from the handy (admin) interface
  • Easy appointment’s list export
  • Convenient insert of the booking calendar to any page or post
  • Easy email notification for the appointments
  • Enjoyable time slots for certain occasions, like meeting, vacation, lunch, and others

If you are willing to pay for the premium version, you will enjoy more features, such as PayPal payment gateway, Google Calendar sync, and Dashboard Management.

Simply Schedule Appointments

This is another plugin offering free and paid service. It is easy to use with elegant layout. If you have businesses on WordPress, this plugin would be the perfect one for you. As if it weren’t enough, it has 3 paid plans, catering to whatever requirements your business needs. The more sophisticated the features are, the more you have to pay. However, if you feel that the free service is enough, there are some benefits to enjoy, such as:

  • The interactive setup wizard is helpful for your booking form creation. You can even create one within minutes!
  • It can be integrated with Beaver, Divi, or Elementor builder.
  • They have impressive support for customer service and they regularly update the system
  • With the free service, you can make customization to the site, book unlimited appointments, and others

The free service would be limited, but they should be enough to make your website look professional and chic.

Booking Calendar

This is one of the most popular plugins for making booking. With multi-language support and clean interface, it’s easy to see why a lot of people like this plugin. Other likable features are:

  • It has admin panel where you can decline or approve bookings. You can also enjoy the search feature or get email notification with this panel
  • It offers flexible operation. No sweat at all!
  • It has booking sync. It enables you to connect to various sites (TripAdvisor, booking.com, etc) and import the feeds to the admin panel.
  • You can use this plugin for various business types, like rentals, accommodation services, and even various scheduling types, such as medical, event, meeting, or others.

With these various free and paid WordPress booking plugins available, which one would you choose?

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