Best eCommerce Plugins for WordPress in 2019

The wide world of eCommerce plugins is there to help you navigate the often harsh world of online sales.

WordPress is more than capable of supporting even larger online stores, but without the right suite of eCommerce plugins, you’re never going to see your store grow like you know that it can. While we’ve warned you in the past about the dangers of overloading your site with plugins, some of the best eCommerce plugins are absolutely essential.

Which ones are we talking about? Well, here are 15 of the best eCommerce plugins that we absolutely recommend to anyone who want to set-up their own online storefront.


If you’re looking for the definitive eCommerce plugin for WordPress, look no further.

What does WooCommerce do? The easiest answer to that question would be “everything.” This total conversion plugin will help turn any WordPress site into an eCommerce hub. That means a store, metrics, shipping solutions, and total extension support.

We highly recommend you “shop around” for eCommerce plugins, but there’s very little reason to not download WooCommerce if you’re looking for one of the simplest solutions available.

Easy Digital Downloads

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Many modern online stores will rely on digital downloads and similar transactions. If you happen to be running such a store, you need to know about Easy Digital Downloads.

“Easy” and “digital” are the two keywords here. Unlike other eCommerce plugins that overload you with options, this plugin makes creating an online store incredibly easy. Part of the reason it’s able to do that, though, is that it focuses solely on digital commerce.

While that means that you don’t get many physical shipping options with this plugin, it’s a near-miracle for anyone operating an entirely digital store.


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BigCommerce offers a couple of advantages over its notable competition.

First off, this plugin can be easily integrated into most WordPress sites. That’s particularly appealing considering that some users are looking to convert existing sites into eCommerce sites. Second, it grants you access to a variety of features that scale extremely well with the growth of your website. It even grants you access to other sales channels.

This is a fairly painless total sales solution that benefits greatly from its conversion features that allow you to easily access a variety of features for little to no cost.


As you’ve no doubt noticed, there’s no shortage of subscription services on the market today. Subscriptions have become a profitable and ingenious sales solution.

MemberPress allows you to easily set-up a subscription service using a WordPress site. That includes everything from monthly subscription services to PPV transaction options. Because it’s based on subscriptions, this plugin also offers top-flight membership and security options. It’s one of the eCommerce plugins for any site that relies on user accounts.

This isn’t the only option out there for anyone who wants to set-up a membership site, but it’s absolutely one of the best out there.


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Some of the best eCommerce plugins out there aren’t about directly “buying” anything. Instead, they help you run a better online store by solving common issues and enhancing existing features.

That’s where OptinMonster comes into play. Basically, this plugin offers you advanced solutions for customer retention. Specifically, it excels at allowing you to access newsletter and e-mail solutions that allow you to stay in contact with your customers (or just help establish a relationship outside of transactions).

Communication is key in sales, and this is a great communication option for every eCommerce proprietor out there. .


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Logistics are the bummer of every online enterprise. Simply put, the bigger and better that your online store is, the more you’ll have to worry about logistics. In the case of sales, your biggest logistical problem will often be inventory management.

Veeqo helps you handle your inventory management problems. This plugin allows you to access a constantly updated inventory sheet that is altered by every sale, return, and transaction. Obviously, some manual input is required, but you’d be amazed how much this plugin handles the inventory process.

It’s hard to imagine the online sales benefit that wouldn’t benefit from using this plugin.

Envira Gallery

Anyone who has ever walked the streets of Manhattan knows how important the right inventory display is. Properly showcasing what you have to offer is a big part of attracting and maintaining customers.

That’s where Envira Gallery comes into play. This plugin greatly expands the gallery creation options available via WordPress. Specifically, it allows you to create excellent store display galleries that perfectly showcases inventory of just about any type.

This is one of those eCommerce plugins that offers an incredibly front-facing solution for a common eCommerce need.

Cart66 Cloud

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Elegance is a strange, but important, word when you’re talking about setting-up an online store. An elegant online store is one that you often need to never think about. More importantly, it’s one that the customer never needs to think about while they’re browsing it. It should just work.

Cart66 Cloud understands elegance and works to allow you to achieve it as easily as possible. By organically incorporating a variety of features naturally into your site, this plugin allows you to access a variety of functions without adding additional plugins.

That means that your customers will be able to benefit from a faster, more responsive, and elegantly designed WordPress online store solution.

WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce is often considered to be a direct competitor/companion to WooCommerce. To be honest, it’s kind of tough to tell you why you should choose one over the other.

What it all comes down to is what features you prioritize. WP eCommerce offers a different suite of features than WooCommerce and other eCommerce plugins. While you may be better off choosing WooCommerce for its free features, the premium options offered by WP eCommerce are truly stellar.

What we’re saying is that WP eCommerce is well worth a look if you’re going for a total conversion plugin option.


Once your online store reaches a certain size, you’ll probably want to rely on more manual input. By that we mean that you’ll want to rely less on systems that promise to do much of the work for you.

Until then, you should absolutely consider downloading Shopify. This plugin allows you to either automate or expedite much of the online store creation process. It’s a miracle option for true beginners that are coming in from the cold and want to hit the ground running.

Shopify needs to be at the top of your list if you’re worried about learning the ropes while still making money.

Jigoshop eCommerce

“Old” is usually not the word you want to use when you’re trying to sell a piece of technology. The word “old” usually translates to outdated. As such, we don’t blame you for not getting excited when you learn that Jigoshop is one of the oldest eCommerce plugins on the market.

You should be excited, though. The Jigoshop team have been fine-tuning and improving this plugin over a period of years. The result is a brilliant free store solution that allows you to comfortably operate a (mostly) simple WordPress store.

This is another great option for beginners who are looking to confidently grow their online store.


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So, you’ve got your inventory, you’ve got people to view it, and you’ve even convinced them to buy some of it. You should feel good, but you’re not home yet. There’s still the matter of the checkout page.

Ecwid allows you to more easily create a functional and attractive checkout page. It really shines once you start to view its international options and realize that Ecwid is the kind of plugin that can take you from local to global.

This is one of the most essential eCommerce plugins out there for users everywhere.

Quick and Easy FAQs

You really can’t overestimate the value of a good FAQ page. Even if the majority of your customers don’t need one, 99% of those people who do will leave your site if you don’t have a quality FAQ page available.

Just as the name implies, this plugin allows you to easily create handy FAQs. These FAQs not only limit the number of direct support questions you receive but will help you better realize where some flaws in your site design may be.

Again, there’s really no reason to not utilize this plugin or something similar to it.


Website analytics are important regardless of your site’s functionality, but they’re the lifeblood of eCommerce sites. Knowing how people behave on your site is often vital to your financial success.

MonsterInsights’ particular data cocktail has proven to be one of the most appealing to online store operators everywhere. Even the free version of this plugin allows you to view a helpful snapshot of how your site is functioning and what people are truly using it for.
There’s certainly no shortage of analytic plugins out there, but it’s hard to find much fault in what MonsterInsights offers regardless of your size.

Product Countdown

We arrive at an eCommerce Plugin solution that offers something as specific as it is desirable.

As you may already know, limited-time sales and events create a sense of urgency. The idea that an offer may only be available for a limited amount of time at least creates engagement on the part of the shopper. Well, this plugin makes it easy to create, maintain, and end those limited offers that often make a terrific site header.

Even if you don’t regularly use this plugin, it’s certainly great to know about should that need ever arise.

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