15 Best WordPress Coupon Themes of 2020

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Some people don’t think about coupon themes when they’re creating WordPress websites. Maybe you’ve run across a coupon or deal website, but did you ever think that they’re built on special themes?

If not, then we think we know why that’s the case. Coupon and deal websites probably look pretty simple. They’re not usually as intricate as magazine websites or as technically demanding as online businesses. That being the case, you probably assume that you can just pick any theme, throw some coupons on it, and watch as the money comes in.

We’re here to tell you that’s not the case. Great coupon websites demand excellent features, incredible designs, and strong coding. If you’re not using a theme designed to take advantage of those qualities, you’re settling for less. If your goal is to make money with a coupon website, you’re never going to do it by using an inferior theme.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution to that potential problem. You just need to choose between some of the 15 best coupon themes of 2020. After that, you’ll find that coupon websites offer so much more than you ever thought possible.


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Just as the name implies, Starter is one of the best coupon themes for those who just started looking at expanding into this exciting business.

The beauty of Starter lies in its simplicity. As an administrator, you’ll love how easy it is to build your site and upload content using Starter. Its layout is intuitive and its tools are easy to understand. You can easily customize this site once it’s uploaded as your needs and wants change.

Even better, your users will love Starter for its lightning-fast response times and mobile-ready layout. Simply put, it’s hard to go wrong with this solid coupon theme that leaves you so much room to grow.


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Here again, we have a theme that’s best attribute is right in the name. That’s right: this really is one of the best coupon themes for those who want to maximize their profits.

How does this theme separate itself as one of the best money makers? Along with being fast, responsive, and highly-customizable, this theme supports a variety of content outside of coupons. We spoke before about how blogs and similar posts can drastically improve your SEO rankings. When you combine that content with the draw of coupons, you could be looking at massive traffic numbers

MakeMoney is a brilliant theme for the online entrepreneur.


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The beauty of Improve in relation to other coupon themes is that it’s not just a coupon theme. Actually, you could easily use this as a great blog theme.

As we noted above, that’s why Improve is an exceptional revenue generator. By using it to incorporate coupons into your online content, you greatly expand your reach and revenue potential. It certainly doesn’t hurt that this theme’s incredible response time and mobile-ready features mean that it passes all known SEO requirements with ease.

We’d be lying if we told you that Improve is the most straightforward theme from a design perspective. However, website builders who are willing to put in a little extra work will reap the benefits.


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Sometimes, great coupon themes aren’t about featuring as many coupons as possible. Sometimes, they’re really about ensuring that you incentivize visitors to really check out your top offers.

That’s one of the reasons we love KUPON. With its modern design, KUPON makes every featured deal look like a star. It inspires a call to action design with its advanced metrics and excellent media support. In other words, it ensures your coupon website instantly looks professional.

Impressively, KUPON ensures you’re able to achieve that professional look without professional skills. If first impressions matter to you most, be sure to check this theme out.


A great landing homepage can really separate the best coupon themes from the rest. People may find your coupons through search engines, but they may choose to stay based on the impression your site leaves.

The simply named Couponize truly excels in that category. Its vibrant landing page presents all of your top deals with clarity and style. It’s also quite easy to shift certain information around without compromising the overall look of your homepage and website. We especially love its “coupon carousel” feature and advanced categorization options.

Don’t let the humble name fool you. Couponize really is an excellent all-around option for those looking to make money.


Coupon themes have tobe able to handle a lot of information. It’s easy to just paste some coupons on a website, but the best themes provide the information needed to convince visitors they’re getting a deal.

So far as that goes, ReHub is one of the most intriguing options out there. This theme excels at showcasing advanced statistics such as price comparisons. While it’s easy to design it to just focus on coupons, it’s that ability to offer so much more information so cleanly that really helps ReHub stand out.

ReHub’s incredible community features and advanced statistical options make it a great information destination for those seeking something advanced.

Max Coupons

copuon themes

Clean, responsive, and simple. Those are factors you should look for in just about every WordPress theme. However, they can be especially important for coupon themes.

Max Coupons is one of those themes which emphasizes all of those factors. This wonderful theme showcases every design element with stunning clarity. From categories to the coupons themselves, your visitors will have no problem finding exactly what they’re looking for. Even better, this theme’s drag-and-drop builder makes customizing all of those elements a breeze.

Max Coupons certainly helps our coupon website stand out from some considerable competition. It’s one of the best-looking themes in its class currently available.


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Who says that coupon themes can’t look great? While many coupon websites don’t emphasize looks, that’s likely because the people who designed them didn’t bother to put in enough effort. You’re not going to make that same mistake.

Thankfully, CouponHut does much of the same work for you. We’ve rarely seen a coupon theme that emphasizes vibrant media as much as this one does. That means that images of food or new technology look especially appealing in this format. On top of that, this theme grants you access to an incredible rating system and customized deal timers.

CouponHut really excels in its looks, functionality, and response time. Be sure to take it for a spin.


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There’s a typical style that many coupon themes follow. That is to say that many of them lay out the available coupons on the front page and minimize the level of “flair” that could get in the way. It’s not the most elaborate or unique way to do things, but it certainly works.

Couponis is one of the better examples of that design philosophy. It clearly lays out your available coupons via a front-page format that anyone can follow. While it offers categories, it doesn’t distract from whatever you are choosing to focus on with your front page content.

It’s not all about simplicity, though. Actually, Couponis offers an incredibly advanced feature that lets users submit their own coupons for your approval. It’s that combination of visual simplicity and surprisingly advanced features that has so many people turning to Couponis for their new website.

Coupon XXL

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Wow. That’s all we have to say whenever we take a look at Coupon XXL. That’s probably because of its incredible splash page which immediately lends it a “magazine” kind of look. It’s certainly more eye-catching than most of the other coupon themes out there.

Once again, though, we’re not just talking about looks. Coupon XXL has everything that you’d ever need when it comes to building the advanced coupon website of your dreams. That starts with the ability to feature both coupons and deals as part of a bundle package. Regardless of what you pick, you can take advantage of features such as a credit system, group deals, and specialized vendor accounts.

If you intend to one day host a massive coupon website, then Coupon XXL will scale with you. It’s a beautiful and advanced way to share the hottest deals in whatever format they may take.


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To be honest, Froday is a bit different from the other coupon themes we’ve looked at thus far. That’s because it’s not really strictly a coupon theme at all. It’s actually somewhat closer to what you may think of as a deal theme.

Yet, Froday offers a lot of things that we’d value in any coupon theme or similar theme design. Froday is prized by those who want to showcase their own, customized deals on an independent platform. However, it’s also entirely possible to share outside deals via this platform as well. What’s great about that arrangement is that you really get to highlight individual coupons as deals. This makes call-to-action campaigns through website design that much easier.

Froday is a fantastic theme for anyone who wants to highlight deals or treat coupons with more of a sense of urgency. It’s also technically sound in every way that matters.


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Don’t overlook the importance of a community for a coupon website. While you may not think such sites lend themselves to community design, that’s just not true. It’s just that many coupon themes don’t really emphasize such features.

Couponer is a notable exception to that trend. It features extensive built-in community features that allow you to truly grow a membership base. Along with a full membership system, it offers the ability for your users to submit their own coupon offers. Not only does this greatly expand your knowledge base, but it means that some users can perform valuable work for you. Users even get their own profiles.

On top of all that, this theme offers advanced search widgets and other custom components. Again, though, this is a fantastic theme for those who hope to grow an involved community of users.


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Some of the best themes are those that don’t make you commit to a design. While there are some great stock designs out there, most website operators are going to have to change with the times if they want to keep up.

Comre is one of those coupon themes that excel in that category. With its Visual Composer functionality, Comre makes it easier than ever to change your layout. Mind you, we’re not talking about just long-term changes. If you want to alter your design to spotlight a deal or just because you feel like it, Comre makes it easier than ever to do so.

Comre isn’t just a great theme for those who care about looks. It’s a tremendous option for anyone who wants true flexibility and versatility in their website design. This one is for all the designers and detail managers out there.


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Ultimately, your coupon theme should shine quite a bit of light on the coupons themselves. While supplementary content can be amazing, it’s ultimately the coupons that will drive traffic and build your brand.

ClipMyDeals excels at putting the focus on the coupons themselves. Its design is simple but elegant. It offers functionality that anyone can understand regardless of their experience. More importantly, it includes some of the best features we’ve seen in any coupon theme. For instance, this theme actually makes it possible to create special cash-back deals for your users.

Its ideas like that truly separate ClipMyDeals from the pack. Check it out if you’re looking for a simple design that includes some exceptional features.


We don’t see many multi-purpose style themes that meet the unique demands of coupon websites. Then again, we don’t see many multipurpose themes like TopDeal.

This theme’s design instantly cries out “modern” and “professional.” Its rich media options highlight available deals, while its excellent backend design ensures smooth performance. It offers multiple homepage design options for those who want freedom of choice. You can even create custom countdown timers and other highlighted, limited deals.

There’s a lot to love about this theme, but we really recommend it if you want something reliable, simple, and feature-rich.

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