20 Best Blog Themes of 2020

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Blog themes are among the first themes that many WordPress users ever tried. After all, personal blogs were one of the early stars of the internet, and their popularity has only declined slightly over the years.

The blog may be one of the internet’s oldest content corners, but blogs have evolved quite a bit over the years. That’s why you need a theme that understands that a few posts and a catchy name won’t quite get it done these days. Thankfully, there are more than enough options out there that can help you get started in this exciting world.

Here are 20 of the best blog themes of 2020:


Blog Themes

Simple, stylish, and easy-to-use, Stencil embodies most of the qualities you should look for in blog themes.

Stencil’s clean layout means that it not only looks good at a glance but runs effectively regardless of what device you’re looking at it on. That kind of flexibility is vital if you’re going to help your blog achieve your SEO optimization goals.

This is really the perfect blog theme for anyone who is just starting off but has dreams to grow.


Blog Themes

Some of the best blog themes allow you to present a lot of information in an effective amount of space. After all, you really want to showcase what your site has to offer.

That’s one of the big reasons we love BlogNow. Its classic blog layout not only effectively displays your latest posts, but it can easily be navigated by users of all experience levels. It even works well on mobile.

Simple is sometimes best when you’re starting a new blog, and this is a tremendous example of simplicity.


Blog Themes

In a digital media-driven world, blog themes have had to adjust. Whereas text once ruled the day, now sites need to be able to effectively feature a variety of photos.

This is where NewsBlock shines. By filling your front page full of media-focused image blocks, this theme offers a tremendous amount of information at a glance. It also looks fantastic as long as you’re sourcing high-quality images.

We’re quite impressed by how great NewsBlock looks considering how easy it is to use. NewsBlock is one of those themes you’ve just got to see.


Modernism and professionalism are two things to look out for in blog themes. If you’re just starting out, you want people to look at your theme and immediately think you’re bigger than you are.

NewsNow offers that perception. It’s a diverse and rich theme that combines the best modern elements of text and layout in its design. It resembles some of the best professional themes out there but it’s much easier to use.

It’s that combination of professionalism and beginner-friendly design that impresses us most about NewsNow.


Are you looking for blog themes that know how to do more with less? Well, you may be looking for Typology.

Typology brings us back to the days of text-based blog designs. That may sound like a detriment, but not only does it mean that Typology runs incredibly well, but it means that it runs smoothly on any mobile device.

Any blogger who is trying to emphasize their work (especially longer articles) needs to check out Typology. It’s a unique and stunning option to more cluttered alternatives.


If you’ve followed any of our previous WordPress theme recommendations, you’ve certainly heard of Divi. It’s widely considered to be one of the best multipurpose themes out there.

It so happens to be one of the best blog themes to boot. The versatility of Divi means that it might not be ready for a blog “out of the box,” but that’s not the point. The fact that you’re able to use so many plugins and design possibilities to craft whatever kind of website you want means the ceiling of Divi is high.

Divi is incredible for anyone who is willing to put the work in.


Blog Themes

Much like the author it’s named after, Hemingway benefits from a minimalist style perfect for the most creative minds out there.

Hemingway doesn’t burden you with “obligation” designs. This simple 2-column website is all about the content that you put into it. While there are some fantastic (largely simple) design options available, the beauty of this theme is the clean slate it offers you.

If you don’t want to be limited by design parameters, then Hemingway is one of the best blog themes for you.


Blog Themes

Some of our favorite blog themes are those who understand the value of the scroll. By that, we mean that the design of the site is meant to encourage and reward viewers for scrolling down the main page.

Authority is one of the best in that particular category. Not only does it help showcase your work on the front page, but it’s designed in such a way as to ensure that the site effectively monetizes your work.

Just as the name implies, this is a professional theme optimized for the modern age.

Neve Vintage

“Retro” is a tricky concept. Generally speaking, there’s no such thing as good retro technology. The entire point of technology is that it’s constantly moving forward and improving upon the past.

Yet, Neve Vintage argues that retro has a place in the world of blog themes. This classically styled theme stands out from some of the busier options out there. It’s all about your latest post, which makes it great for those who want to feature longer works and similar posts.

Neve Vintage is a tremendous “pure” theme designed to be loved by all the writers out there.


Blog Themes

Astra, like Divi, is another one of those themes that is easy to recommend to just about anyone. After all, it’s a multipurpose theme designed to take advantage of advanced plugins and other modern features.

While it’s not as stylized as other blog themes, again, you really get what you put into this. Astra can be turned into the website of your dreams if you take the time to learn it.

That may not sound like a glowing recommendation, but the joy of Astra comes from growing it over time using the best tools available.


OceanWP is regularly referred to as one of the best free WordPress themes out there. Yet, a quick look at the theme may not reveal why that is the case.

The beauty of OceanWP, though, is in the details. It’s steady, it offers full-page design options, it features a variety of menus, and it generally features everything you want from a modern website.

Even a simple OceanWP site is going to look incredible. What’s really impressive is how the options it offers puts it neck-and-neck with the best specific blog themes out there.


Blog Themes

Here we have yet another multi-purpose theme that we find ourselves recommending time and time again. Just as it has been before, the great thing about such themes is that you can turn them into whatever you want.

Where Hestia really stands out, though, is in its looks. This is one of the best looking multipurpose themes that you’ll find on the modern market. With little customization required, you can design an incredible layout worthy of a theme demo.

Hestia’s looks and versatility make it hard to ignore.


We’ve mentioned it before, but you can’t overlook the value of plugins when you’re designing your WordPress site. Plugins can ultimately help you design whatever kind of website that you want.

That’s one of the reasons we love Bento. This multipurpose theme is infamous for supporting an astonishing number of plugins, which happens to make it one of the most versatile themes you could ever hope for.

There are other blog themes that offer more out of the gate, but Bento’s flexibility is a truly special thing to behold.


Blog Themes

We’ve recommended a few minimalist blog themes in this post, and we’re not going to stop now. Minimalism and blogs tend to go together so long as the theme is done well.

Go is certainly one of our favorite stripped-down themes. While some actually recommend it as a portfolio theme due to its clean layout and call-to-action design, its features are a fantastic way to let new readers know what your site is about.

Whether or not Go has what it takes to scale with your work is up to you, but its design is undeniably fantastic.


Do you want to start a new blog but don’t want to build one from the ground up? Jevelin just may be the theme that you’re looking for.

This multipurpose theme is beloved for the number of pre-designed options it features. There’s no shame in relying on a demo, and there’s really no shame in turning to demos this good in order to build your website.

Jevelin is an incredible way to build an incredible website with little effort required. Mind you, we really don’t mean that as a bad thing.


As one of the most highly-recommended blog themes in the world, we absolutely have to tell you about Newspaper and everything that it can do.

Actually, that’s kind of an impossible task. The beauty of Newspaper is that its many demos and customization options are all designed with blogs and magazines in mind. That means that it offers hundreds and hundreds of possibilities that you can easily access via a clean drag-and-drop interface.

From its design demos to its plugin support, Newspaper is designed from the ground up to meet your needs.


Blog Themes

Kalium is another one of those themes that many people actually use to build portfolios. However, we really like it as one of the more underrated blog themes out there.

What makes this theme stand out is its clean formatting. Everything it laid out in front of you as cleanly as possible. Every post has room to breathe and it’s easy to instill personality in every post.

Personality is really the word that we want to emphasize here. While we love technical features this site offers (such as hover effects) it’s the way you can turn those features into personality traits that really makes them shine.


You can probably guess what you get with Simple. It’s another minimalist blog theme in a sea of minimalist blog themes.

However, it’s when you dive into Simple that you really began to understand its value. Prized by store websites, Simple works as a blog theme because it allows you to easily build content around rich media. If you want to put the focus on your contributors, screenshots, and other front-and-center elements, Simple can help you get there.

Simple is simply one of the best options for anyone who loves jaw-dropping visuals.

Blog Way

Blog Themes

Not everyone is trying to turn their blog into the next big thing. Sometimes, people just want a simple blog they can use to share their passions with the world.,

That’s where Blog Way comes in. This is a stripped-down blog theme that really emphasizes making things as easy on the user as possible. No, it’s not very deep, but honestly, it offers everything you’d need for a simple blog.

So if a simple blog is really all you want, then Blog Way should be one of your first looks.


Blog Themes

Blogs can sometimes grow to be encumbered by media and other design elements. When that happens, you really start to value performance.

Overlay excels when it comes to performance. From response times to media management, this is a simply incredible theme when it comes to ensuring the smoothest user experience possible.

If you’re all about operating the most efficient website possible, then Overlay has to be near the top of your wishlist.

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