Best Analytics Plugins for WordPress in 2020

Analytics plugins are among the most important additions you can make to your WordPress website.

At the very least, analytics plugins tell you how many people are visiting your website.  That information is vital enough on its own but knowing it is the foundation of growing your website. Understanding who your viewers are and why they’re there is the key to growth.

With that in mind, here are the analytics plugins you need to grow your website.

Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is much more than a recommended analytics plugin. In the minds of many, it is an essential component of modern web design.

In fact, many of the best analytics plugins rely on Google Analytics in some way. There are technically alternatives, but Google’s analytic system is the backbone of online statistics. Nobody has the raw data available to them that Google can boast. Utilizing that data is often the key to not only understanding your current traffic but growing your website over time.

Just about every WordPress site operator can justify implementing Google Analytics into their theme. Going with any other option is really a matter of preference, and even then, the validity of those analytic plugins can be debatable.

Monster Insights

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Google Analytics may be the backbone of website analytics, but it can be tricky. Inexperienced users may struggle to install and properly utilize it. Even veterans have been known to struggle with its nuances.

That’s where Monster Insights comes in. Monster Insights is truly one of the best analytics plugins when it comes to simplifying Google Analytics. It helps you not only install Google Analytics but unlock its best (and most advanced features) with increased ease. It also excels at displaying that extra information within your dashboard without too much clutter.

To be honest, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t have Google Analytics and Monster Insights installed in your WordPress system at a bare minimum. They’ll make your life so much easier.

Exact Metrics

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Here is another metrics tracker designed to do things that Google Analytics doesn’t do alone (at least not for a cost). In this instance, it grants you access to advanced information that may be vital to your site’s growth.

Exact Metrics excels at allowing you to analyze advanced events tracking. This grants you not only a clearer view of your site’s overall traffic but also a better understanding of its moment to moment views. You even get access to advanced real-time stats.

This is just a fantastic analytics plugin that grants you a much clear view of your site’s overall performance.


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Google Analytics is a fantastic plugin. As we said, it’s basically a missing part of WordPress. One thing that Google Analytics is not, though, is pretty. When you’re talking about analyzing data, looks can indeed matter.

Analytify helps improve the visual display of Google Analytics data. It offers fantastic display options and groups these stats together in easy-to-read sections. That makes it not only useful for new users but anyone who wants to better understand their stats at a glance.

Analytify’s display is so good we kind of wish it was standard for all analytical plugins. Such as it is, you should definitely give it a look.


analytics plugins
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Views matter, but they don’t tell you everything you need to know about your website. There are other statistics that can tell you more than just views alone. Clicks, for instance, can help you better drive ad revenue.

Heap excels at offering such information. It goes beyond views by offering you real-time updates for automatic event tracking. This allows you to better understand how viewers truly interact with your website on a daily basis.

In terms of displaying such information, Heap is truly one of the best analytics plugins. You’ve got to see everything it can do.


analytics plugins
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Matomo is an open-source advanced Google Analytics code. It promises you greater control over your site’s analytics information, and that’s exactly what it offers.

This plugin offers you access to information such as user log-ins, heatmaps, and other advanced data features. More importantly, it allows you to easily display and access this information via your WordPress dashboard. That combination of advanced data and easy access sets Matomo apart.

It may take a little work to properly install Matomo on your site, but the effort may be worth it for some.

Crazy Egg

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Heatmaps are an increasingly popular way for you to better understand how users engage with your website. Basically, they show you where user mouse movements occur on your website.

Crazy Egg is one of the best analytics plugins for heatmap access. With the information it offers, you’ll be able to better understand what catches your viewer’s eyes. This will not only help you with arranging content, but you may be able to use it to more intelligently position your ads.

If you’re obsessed with understanding how others view your website, Crazy Egg can be a window into their worlds.


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In an ideal world, you’d be able to speak to all of your website’s users and learn more about them. While that’s not really feasible, Mixpanel does allow you to come rather close to that goal via a couple smart features.

The first is a series of advanced tools which allow you to request specific information. For instance, you can view year over year reports or request data related to specific regions. It also grants you access to an advanced messaging system that lets you keep subscribed users informed of vital updates.

Mixpanel is one of the best analytics plugins for those who want to hear from and respond to their most dedicated users.


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Analytics plugins serve a variety of purposes, and marketing is most certainly one of them. If the promotion and marketing of your site isn’t driven by analytics, you’re doing it wrong.

Hubspot is one of the more notable analytics plugins for marketing purposes. It not only offers advanced marketing tools but its own suite of analytics that are focused on marketing. In other words, it tells you what stats matter most and how to best use them for marketing.

While it may not be good enough to stand on its own, this is an incredible tool for those looking to promote their work.

Slimstat Analytics

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Speed matters when it comes to data. The faster you are able to get more data means being able to use it sooner. Slimstat Analytics is simply one of the best at offering such information as quickly as possible.

Through a suite of customization options, Slimstat Analytics grants you an array of real-time updates regarding user actions on your website. It then goes a step further by telling you what most of this information means to you.

Slimstat Analytics is an invaluable tool for those who need as much information as quickly as possible.

Clicky Analytics

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Looking for a simplified analytics solution that enhances your site’s functionality without bogging it down? Clicky Analytics may be perfect for you.

This somewhat minimalist plugin grants you an expanded look at who is viewing your website and what they do while they’re on it. Because it’s relatively low maintenance, it even lets you use cache features to improve load speeds.

While not the most advanced tool out there, it may be one of the best analytics plugins for those trying to streamline their services.

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