All You Need to Know About WordPress

There are so many tools to create and manage a website. But up to now, WordPress is still the most popular and best website builder. Around 39.5% of websites on the internet use WordPress. Though many people use it to create a blog, you can also use this free CMS to make various types of websites, including e-commerce, portfolios, and information portals. Are you planning to build a website with WordPress? Before you build one, read everything you need to know about WordPress below.


Is WordPress a Website Builder?

Though you can use it to make a website, WordPress is actually a content management system, which is different from a website builder. But you can still use it to create a website from zero or switch your old website to WordPress. Website builders typically have drag and drop editors that allow users to change size, move, and edit various elements to build a website. With WordPress, you must use themes and custom with personal designs or coding, which is quite a hassle.

Though it is slightly more difficult than a website builder, you can still design your website and add functionalities with various types of add-ons on WordPress. Website builder tools usually involve hosting, domain names, and SSL certificates in their packages, which are more suitable for users who do not want to get bothered with technical configurations. But these tools are less reliable in terms of resource allocations, which are essential for scalability.

On the other hand, WordPress allows you to freely choose packages and hosting providers so that you can control your website more thoroughly compared to website builders.

WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

WordPress.com and WordPress.org are 2 different types of platforms. There are many technical things that differentiate one from another. But hosting is the main, visible difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.org is a website that becomes a home to the most popular Content Management System (CMS), WordPress. CMS itself is a type of software that is specifically designed for website building and content management.

In the beginning, this platform was originally developed for blogging only. However, since its popularity continues to soar, WordPress.org is then used to create various types of websites, even apps. On the other hand, WordPress.com is the custom version of the WordPress software. You can easily operate it without having to install it on your computer first. As it is said before, hosting is the main difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

WordPress.org refers to self-hosted WordPress because in order to use this platform, you need to install it on a server. Nowadays, there are a lot of web hosting providers that provide one-click installation to quickly install WordPress. Moreover, with such a service, there is no need for you to master various technical things to install and run a WordPress site. While WordPress.com provides services for software blogging.

You are required to choose one among so many packages offered, including the free version. You can focus on building a blog or website without having to install and buy hosting.

Why Do So Many People Use WordPress?

Seeing the functionalities, WordPress is the right choice for users who prioritize flexibility instead of ease. Its various features and functions make WordPress suitable for developing any projects, either a personal blog or multilevel e-commerce website. Besides, there are other reasons why so many people prefer to use WordPress. Here they are.

  • It is Open Source and Free

WordPress is open-source software, meaning that the source codes from this platform are available for anyone. Everyone can learn, modify, and try to run WordPress. You can even contribute to fix problems and report bugs. WordPress has an active community that keeps improving this platform to be better with each new release.

  • Easy Installation

WordPress is super-friendly for newbies. This platform is known as a 5-minute installation wizard. The setting of this platform is very easy without requiring technical skills. Moreover, there are hosting providers that provide the one-click installation service. You just need to click one button and enter a few personal information to install WordPress.

  • Versatile

Though it was originally created as a blogging platform, WordPress has now evolved. Now you can use WordPress to build online shops, business websites, forums, information portals, blogs, portfolios, educational websites, and many more.

  • It Prioritizes Security

A website’s security is crucial. Just like your home, you surely do not want thieves to barge in. WordPress is a platform that puts security systems on top of everything. It has hard-working teams that always keep this platform secure. Regardless of their internal security, WordPress also has great plugins with advanced functionalities. Some good plugins to secure your WordPress website are Sucuri Security and Akismet.

Note that regularly updating your WordPress website is highly recommended. The security of the platform is also updated every time you update this platform to the newest version.

  • Easy to Adjust with Themes and Plugins

Easy customization is one of the major reasons why many people use WordPress. This platform has more than 54.000 plugins in its official directory and 11.000 themes on ThemeForest only. Plugins are a code extension that you can get on WordPress to boost your website’s functionalities and performance. With plugins, it will be a lot easier for you to manage your WordPress site without having to have technical skills.

  • Supports Various Media

WordPress supports various types of media, including jpg, mp4, pdf, doc, png, gif, and many more. You can upload nearly all file formats by using its built-in media uploader. Moreover, there is a Gutenberg editor that is ideal for content with many media. You can easily use the drag-and-drop feature to add media to your post. WordPress also supports embedding like YouTube embedding.

If you want to embed a YouTube video in your post, simply click (+) on a specific block, then select the embed menu and enter the link.

That is all you need to know about WordPress. Are you interested in building a blog or website with this platform?

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