Best Ad Revenue Plugins for WordPress

Ad revenue plugins are not the kind of thing you want to think of when you think your site is big enough. They’re the kind of things that you want in place right away if you hope to see your website grow.

These plugins help you navigate the tricky waters of ad revenue. While such revenue is often a necessity, incorrectly implementing it can harm your site in the long and short terms. You’ll need help if you’re going to properly monetize your site, and that’s what these plugins offer.

If you’re serious about making money, then you’ll want assistance from these ad revenue plugins for WordPress.

Google AdSense

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As the definitive name in ad revenue plugins, Google AdSense is basically a must-have add-on.

AdSense is basically a “do everything” style of plugin. It allows you to easily add SEO-friendly advertisements to your website and start keeping track of revenue. More importantly, it keeps track of how people interact with your ads and what kind of attention they receive. This combination of stats not only helps your website become more profitable; they help you understand how your website truly works.

Google AdSense offers a variety of reliable ads and is generally trusted to pay you the proper amount on time. Again, it’s nearly essential.

Advanced Ads

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Sometimes, it’s important to be able to customize ads on your website as well as allow them. Beyond customizing them, you need to have a greater measure of control over them in order to ensure you’re maximizing their presence. Advanced Ads offers such measures of control.

Advanced Ads allows you to easily manipulate ads in order to control their placement on your site and how they display. This better allows you to ensure they don’t interfere with your content while still being as appealing and effective as possible. It also expands the functionality of Adsense as well as WP’s built-in ad features.

This is one of those wonderful ad revenue plugins that makes you feel in control of your site’s ad system.


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Some time ago, a plugin called Quick Adsense was among the most popular of all ad revenue plugins. As the name promises, it allowed users to quickly customize and manage the ads on their websites. Sadly, Quick Adsense’s updates have been few and far between over the years.

AdSense Plugin WP QUADS is essentially a revitalization of Quick Adsense. It utilizes a similar code in order to offer a hassle-free way for users to integrate and customize ads on their website. While it’s not the deepest option out there, you’ll find few alternatives out there that are designed to make that process quite as easy.

Besides, there’s a chance that this add-on may be a necessity for those using an outdated version of Quick Adsense. In any case, it’s worth a look.

Corner Ad

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The invasiveness of an ad is an often overlooked feature. Invasive ads not only turn away users, but they can make your website look worse. It’s why more website owners are looking into ways to make their ads as unobtrusive and “fitting” as possible.

Corner Ad is a plugin that helps with that goal. In its simplest form, it allows you to place ads on the corners of your website where they are visible but not in the way of content. Once they are there, you are afforded an incredible degree of control over the details of the ad. It even works with other popular ad revenue plugins that offer further options.

This might sound like a relatively small plugin, but when it comes to online advertising, the little things can start to add up.


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As we previously noted, many of the best ad revenue plugins are really just expansions of basic AdSense functionality. There’s an army of plugins out there that help make the already excellent AdSense program better than ever.

AdSanity is one of the best of those plugins. It’s a light addition to your WordPress site that is designed to make online advertising easier than ever. It accomplishes that via excellent tutorials, appealing graphs, and expanded publishing options. It’s basically your hall pass to the more advanced features of Google AdSense.

Even those who already excel at using AdSense may find they love this plugin’s excellent interface. It truly shines as a companion for new users, though.


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AdRotate has long been one of the most popular ad revenue plugins for WordPress. Even after years of development and no shortage of competition, it’s clearly one of the best AdSense companions on the market.

What makes AdRotate so special? Well, if you’re looking for one blow away feature, you may struggle to find it. AdRotate’s scheduling abilities are certainly exceptional, but the real draw here is how AdRotate does nearly everything so well. From ad placement to engagement management, it offers you expanded control over your ad platform. More importantly, it makes control of that platform easier than ever.

There are some who consider AdRotate to be a missing piece of AdSense. It’s hard to argue against that theory.

Insert Post Ads

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Insert Post Ads is a somewhat controversial program that still must be mentioned when you’re talking about the best ad revenue plugins.

Insert Post Ads allows you to easily insert ads into your posts. By that, we mean that you can place them before or after published pieces, or even between paragraphs. Other services offer similar functions, but none really perform them quite as well as Insert Post Ads does. Besides, such ads are generally agreed to inspire the most “engagement.”

The reason this plugin is somewhat controversial is that there are those who feel that ads placed directly into content can be too aggressive. What it really comes down to is how you use this plugin. Smart management of such ads can drive up revenue without compromising your content.

Ad Inserter

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There is no shortage of ad revenue plugins for WordPress designed to make things easy on beginners. What if you’re not a beginner, though? What if you (or someone you’re working with) really know what they’re doing?

In that case, you’ll want to check out a plugin such as Ad Inserter. Basically, this plugin allows you to insert and modify HTML ad code for your website. It essentially affords you the right to fully customize an ad and place it where you please. It does what nearly every other ad revenue plugin attempts to do, but it does it better than most.

The trade-off is that Ad Inserter requires you to have an understanding of how HTML coding works on a deeper level. If that’s not a problem, though, then this is the plugin for you.

Geo Ads Switcher

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The incredible scope of the internet can sometimes be difficult to process. It’s easy to forget that your website is a global property and that ads can target a global audience.

Geo Ads doesn’t forget that. It offers expanded metrics that help you understand the reach of your ads as well as the needs and wants of global viewers. In other words, it helps you to not only analyze how your ads perform on a global level but to improve their performance.

You may be able to find another ad revenue plugin that offers something similar, but this specialty tool excels at what it does.

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