8 Best Places for Stock illustrations to Spice up Your Contents

Have you ever wondered why the knowledge of finding the best places for stock illustrations is crucial? Not many people understand the importance of stock illustrations, especially for a design or a website. Stock illustrations are the images or photos that can be added or used to the website’s contents. The illustrations can also be found in website homepages, blog posts, ads, media, reports, and so much more. Thanks to these illustrations, contents can be more appealing and interesting.

Best Places for Stock Illustrations and Why Use Them

So, why would you need stock illustrations, anyway? First, it is cost effective. When compared to the customized art designs, stock illustrations are basically cheaper. Some services even offer these illustrations for free. Second, it can elevate and improve your content.

People always like visuals. Some can even have better understanding with visuals than with words. After all, reading so many texts can be downright boring, so why not adding images? Third, such illustrations are easier and quicker to use. You simply browse the options, download them, and voila! Your images are ready in no time.

Best Candidates to Find Quality Stock Illustrations

There are some services that are offering free downloads, while some are offering paid membership. Depending on your needs, you can always choose the one that suits your needs. There are some candidates of the best places to get your high-quality illustrations. What are they?


Sometimes, finding the perfect place for stock media can be overwhelming. With so many different services offering their collections and expertise, it’s so easy to be ‘lost’ in the myriads of options. However, iStock can be just the perfect option to start. They have Signature Collection that contains illustrations and videos. The service isn’t free, but they are always updated and you won’t have to worry about their quality at all.

There are many reasons why iStock’s is considered one of the best in the business. First, they are actually included in Getty Images element, which speaks volumes of their professionalism and quality. Second, they have a solid commitment to work only with professional and quality artists. And third, despite the quality performance, they have a nice pricing offer. Fourth, they have amazing graphics and they offer easy search.


Who hasn’t heard about Shutterstock before? This is one of the most popular illustration and image platforms ever existed. Many graphic designers, marketers, and entrepreneurs have accessed the service because of the ease of use. Not only you can get access to its millions of images, but you can also enjoy the new addition on a daily basis.

Whatever image categories you are looking for, rest assured that Shutterstock has it all! Unfortunately, this isn’t a free service as you will have to deal with monthly subscription, but there is a free trial period for a month that you can try. It gives you ideas whether you like it or not.

Laughing Stock

The unique characteristics of this service are the stand out graphics, bold lines, and incredible visual messages. If you want to boost your contents to the highest level, this would be just the perfect site that you can access. The service presents premium quality for their illustrations. And you can also find or follow the artists whose artwork you love the most.

You can even hire the illustrators! The library comes with Rights-Managed manner, which means that you can adjust how and when you want to access the images, along with paying the (licensing) fee for only that particular usage. Don’t you love it when you can find high-quality images legally?


Unlike other places that require you to have a paid membership, Pixabay is offering free services. Not only you won’t have to pay anything for the service, but you will have enjoyable time navigating around the site. It is completely user-friendly and it has its own search bar, which will make searching easier.


As the name suggests, this service is about free vector characters and cartoons. They are available in many types of options – and with wide style ranges and picks. You may find free download files with premium contents there. However, the free contents won’t need any attribution, even for any commercial or business usage. There are tons of variants to choose from, so check the site out. You won’t regret it!


Think of it like one spot that has it all. You should be able to find a wide range of category of vectors, PSDs, images, or photos. Feel free to access the recent searches or popular searches to get what you want. This service is basically free, but it also offers paid services, in the event that you want something more branded or personal. If you don’t want other people to use the same illustration as yours, then accessing the premium subscription would be the best pick. The paid service won’t only unlock more access for you, but it will also give you no ads, no required attribution, better priority support, and also unlimited downloads.


The service has premium illustrations that are divided and categorized in various styles. These collections are free, so you don’t have to pay a dime. Not only they offer you free services, but the illustrations are high in resolution. They are coming in 4K resolution. Feel free to resize them before downloading them. If you choose the unregistered accounts, you are only able to download 5 images. That’s why it is always better to register. It is more user friendly, especially in getting what you want.  All of the images are licensed so you should be able to use them freely for either commercial or personal purposes – provided that you mention the changes and attribute the source.


Want your own storytelling? Thinking about adding custom appeal to your brand? Then Usesmash would be the most ideal pick for you. The illustrative characters are quirky and yet trendy – and they are all unique. This would be the perfect service if you want to have something unique to your style. Go to the site yourself and you will see why this is considered one of the best places for stock illustrations for your needs.

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