3 Free Option Of Best Recipe Plugin for WordPress

Every job must have its own responsibility, same as running a food-based website it also has a lot of responsibility as well. If your skill is cooking, then discovering a way to showcase your recipe is perhaps at the very top of your list. However, it can be a little difficult to know which tool is the best recipe plugin for WordPress that suits your needs the best.

Fortunately, below is a list of recipe plugins for WordPress that you can use as reference. Hopefully, with the below list, you can choose the one that’s right for you. Without further ado, let’s get started!


The 3 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins Available in 2021

When exactly do you need to use WordPress plugins? Actually, podcast listener figures have recently grown more than 20% in the last couple of years. Therefore, it is the best occasion for you to jump on the podcasting platform. But, before you decide on which podcasting platform that you are going to use, you need to consider some technical aspects as well, such as how will you bestow your podcast on your very own website? (more…)

New WordPress Magazine Theme: FlashMagz

We’re very happy to announce that a new WordPress theme called Flashmagz has been released. Flashmagz is a modern magazine theme focused on showcasing your work in a clean and minimal way. The Flashmagz theme is excellent for a news, newspaper, magazine, publishing, or a review site.. The theme is fast, elegant, and SEO friendly. It integrates with the latest features of the Gutenberg block editor and fully compatible with WordPress 5.8+.  Below is a snapshot of FlashMagz:



Best WordPress URL Shorteners Plugins

Any idea to find the most reliable WordPress URL shorteners? With so many choices out there, it is somewhat challenging to find the one that delivers the best benefit.  But, do you really know the main function of URL Shorteners?  As the name implies, URL Shorteners is the most effective way to shorten a long link. Imagine how we can share our business link with our clients when the link is too long and looks less professional.  It means URL shorteners are highly suitable for business websites. However, they are also good for personal usage.

Basic Understanding About URL Shortener

The basic understanding of URL Shortener is actually very easy. It is a tool that website owners can utilize for the long URL of its website in order to make it short and simple to share. Yes, this kind of technology was once known as the bit.ly shortener.  Years ago, this service is free, though it seems to be one of the most reliable shortening tools with a small subscription plan.


How Important Are Stock Videos For Your Internet Marketing Efforts?

Do you realize that pictures are not enough for your promotion tools? These days, almost all kinds of promotion through social media use videos to attract buyers. This is the main reason why stock videos play a major role in any internet marketing effort. Of course, stock videos are much easier to create and upload, because they only have small capacities that users can easily upload to social media.

The Importance of Stock Videos that You Might Have not Imagined Before

Stock Videos

When you are checking some short clips on any of your social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, you must be amazed by how a product can create such interesting clips. The fact is that they are using stock videos. Some brands create their own stock videos. Meanwhile, some internet marketers who are still new kids on the block might get those stock videos on some websites that specialize in them.


8 Best Places for Stock illustrations to Spice up Your Contents

Have you ever wondered why the knowledge of finding the best places for stock illustrations is crucial? Not many people understand the importance of stock illustrations, especially for a design or a website. Stock illustrations are the images or photos that can be added or used to the website’s contents. The illustrations can also be found in website homepages, blog posts, ads, media, reports, and so much more. Thanks to these illustrations, contents can be more appealing and interesting.

Best Places for Stock Illustrations and Why Use Them

So, why would you need stock illustrations, anyway? First, it is cost effective. When compared to the customized art designs, stock illustrations are basically cheaper. Some services even offer these illustrations for free. Second, it can elevate and improve your content.


6 Candidates for the Best WordPress Firewall Plugins

6 Best WordPress Firewall Plugins

Have you ever wondered why it’s important to have solid information and knowledge about the best WordPress firewall plugin? By knowing what a firewall is and the characteristics of each provider, you can choose the most suitable one for you. All firewall plugins are designed to deliver safety and protection, but then again, each one is different from one another. Every plugin has their own strength as well as possible downsides. That’s why it is crucial to make your own research and pick the one that just fits your needs.


7 Best WordPress Captcha Plugins

7 Best WordPress Captcha Plugins

Not many people understand the importance of the best WordPress captcha plugins for their websites, but the tools can actually improve your site’s safety as well as its performance. Despite their different forms and styles, these plugins share similar traits: to prevent bot attacks and spam contents (or comments). With them on your side, you can rest assured that your site is protected and safe from bot ‘attacks’, and you won’t even have to worry that it causes lag or slowing down.


A Few Options on How to Disable Comment in WordPress

Have you ever wondered about how to disable comment in WordPress? When you have a blog (or blogs), you know that comment section can increase engagement with the visitors. Comment section has its own strength and flaw. Aside from increasing engagement with your visitors (you are able to communicate and interact with them), you can also learn more about them – what they are interested about, how they feel about your contents, and such thing alike. (more…)

6 Best Plugins To Backup WordPress Website

You probably want to know about the best plugins to backup WordPress website. When you have a site, you need a side-kick – a trusted companion that will help you with data management and storage. You CAN’T afford losing data – not if you want your business to survive and maintain its positive reputation.

It’s a good thing that there are several options or candidates for the backup – as they already have reliable reputation of their own. Each of them has their own signature style, strength, features, and even downside. It’s then up to you to narrow down the options and pick one that is the best for your needs. (more…)

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