All You Need to Know About WordPress

There are so many tools to create and manage a website. But up to now, WordPress is still the most popular and best website builder. Around 39.5% of websites on the internet use WordPress. Though many people use it to create a blog, you can also use this free CMS to make various types of websites, including e-commerce, portfolios, and information portals. Are you planning to build a website with WordPress? Before you build one, read everything you need to know about WordPress below. (more…)

Reasons for Using WordPress Platform for Better Websites

What is the WordPress platform? Since building a website is not an easy task, we need to find the right platform to create a website. There are so many website platforms that offer you their services with their cons and pros. Most people eventually choose WordPress for some good reasons. It is a popular website platform with a huge fan base. For all of you who want to make a website but are confused about the best website platform to use, you can start by using WordPress. (more…)

Top 6 Features and Benefits of WordPress for Websites

Starting a new website to promote your business can be quite challenging, especially if it is the-first-ever website you create. But, with the right choice of Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, you can get the backup you need. Whether it is for business websites, eCommerce stores, blogs, or even personal sites, these platforms can benefit from using WordPress.

Take a look at the features and some more reasons why you need to use WordPress for websites to bring brand awareness to your business here. (more…)

New WordPress Blog Theme: AudioCast

We’re very happy to announce that a new WordPress theme called AudioCast has been released. AudioCast is a clean and responsive theme for blog-focused sites using audio podcasts. The AudioCast theme is excellent for individuals or businesses to promote their services along with using blogs and audio messages to educate their clients. The theme is fast, elegant, and SEO friendly. It is integrated with the latest WordPress release, and is optimized to work with the Gutenberg editor.  Below is a snapshot of AudioCast:



Latest Download Speed Tests

In order to backup the claim of delivering the most responsive themes,  speed tests are run for all of our recently released themes.  As we optimize them in terms of SEO, we realize that a key factor is fast-load times (We also continually test our own site to optimize it with the most recent wordpress developments).  As the internet traffic continues to increase and more mobile-users are on-line, it is becoming vitally necessary to benchmark the speeds of our themes.    In the speed numbers presented below, please note that they are not constants.  There are several major factors beyond our control that could affect your site’s speed:  your host server, the content (especially the images), and the plug-ins that you are using with your themes.   In terms of hosting, we recommend WPX hosting.   We are very ecstatic about the speed of the servers as well as their customer service .   Their 24/7 on-line chat with a live customer support representative resolves problems within minutes.


6 Best Plugins To Backup WordPress Website in 2021

You probably want to know about the best plugins to backup WordPress website. When you have a site, you need a side-kick – a trusted companion that will help you with data management and storage. You CAN’T afford losing data – not if you want your business to survive and maintain its positive reputation.

It’s a good thing that there are several options or candidates for the backup – as they already have reliable reputation of their own. Each of them has their own signature style, strength, features, and even downside. It’s then up to you to narrow down the options and pick one that is the best for your needs. (more…)

5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins in 2022

You need to use WordPress SEO tools to attract more traffic to your website. The most important thing is that you know the best WordPress SEO plugin based on your need. Here, we give you a list of the best WordPress SEO plugins you can use to improve the SEO of your website.


How to Overcome ‘509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded’ Error

Does your website suddenly screen at you saying ‘error 509 bandwidth limit exceeded’? This is a common error message that appears when the bandwidth usage on your website exceeds the limit provided by your hosting provider. Bandwidth itself is maximum data exchange at one time that your website can accept. In order to know the amount of bandwidth your hosting provider gives, you can check it through cPanel.

If the bandwidth used on your cPanel exceeds the limit, the error message will appear. The main factors are related to high traffic volumes, too many plugins, excessive large file themes, and setting files. We will take you through easy ways to eliminate the error.

5 Best Free WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugins (2022)

Top 5 WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugins

Performing ongoing maintenance is always a must for any active website. While under maintenance you do not want to put your website viewers in an awkward position of seeing unfinished work.  It leaves a negative user experience and from a marketing standpoint user experience is everything.

Our Top 5 WordPress Table Plugins

WordPress Table Plugins

Pitfalls of WordPress Tables

WordPress is created with visual editor features that make it easy for its users to create ideal content. However, it seems that the makers did not want to tables to be an easy add. Pre-Gutenberg, WordPress was not equipped with a feature to create tables so without knowing HTML users had to rely on plugins. Even with Gutenberg’s recent release customization is extremely limited, so plugins still seem to be the best option. Therefore we have curated a list of simple, beginner-friendly WordPress table plugins for use on any website for any need and price points.

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